Dangerous Beings

Summary...Sam finds out the hard way that supernatural beings aren't the worst things out there. Sam's 13, Dean 17. Rated T. This fic does have child abuse, but it wont be graphic, if you don't like please don't read.

Disclaimer... all owned by Kripkie the Y.E.D.

Chapter 1. Sammy's point of view.

The day started normally enough, he and Dean had been left alone once again, in an unforgettable motel, in an equally unforgettable town, while their dad had gone on a hunt with Caleb. After playing the Pac-man machine at the local seven-eleven until they were out of quarters, they'd started a game of one on one at the basketball court of the school they were currently attending. Laughing and joking they were making the most of the late September sun. Sam had just managed an outstanding three pointer when he noticed a group of Dean's friends approaching.

"Hey Winchester, what's up?"

"Not much guy's, what you up to?"

"Was thinking of having a game but we're one short? You want to join?"

Dean hesitated he really did want to play but that would mean Sam would be left out and given his brothers very short attention span that wasn't a very good idea. Thinking on his feet he came up with a plan.

"Hey Sammy, why don't you go get us some soda's and check out the movies pick one out for tonight. Call my cell if you have any trouble".

"Okay Dean." Sam replied.

Feeling a bit guilty for using Sam's need for a bit of independence against him he gave his brother ten bucks before turning back to the guys. Sam walked away feeling immensely tall, his big brother was allowing him to go to the mini mart on his own, normally he would have a hard time being allowed to do after school activities let alone walk anywhere by himself, even if it was less than five hundred yards away. Practicing basketball moves with an imaginary ball he role played a game in his head oblivious to the two sets of eyes watching him from across the other side of the park. Making it to the store he greeted the young girl behind the counter.

"Hey Sandy, how are you today?"

"Doing okay Sam, it's a bit quiet though. Where's the handsome one today?"

Sam chuckled "Playing basketball I just came for sodas and a movie."

Picking up two cokes he went to check the videos. Noting the lack of choice he picked up aliens, they hadn't watched it in a while and they both liked it. Paying for his purchases he wished Sandy a good day and exited the store, turning the corner he took the short cut through the alley to get back to the courts. A woman with dark hair and glasses was approaching him coming from the park walking her dog. Getting closer the dog started to wag its tail and dashing at his feet, within seconds he was tangled up in the leash, bending down he attempted to untangle himself whilst keeping the dog from licking his face.

"I'm so sorry." The woman said. "He's just very affectionate."

Chuckling softly to him self Sam didn't hear the footsteps behind him, didn't see the shadow of the arm that forced the cloth over his mouth and nose. Fear gripped him and he struggled in vain as the chemical coursed its way through his system. His last thoughts before unconsciousness grabbed him were of Dean and his father. Dean for the worry this was going to cause him. His dad for forgetting all his training. Rough hands picked him up as he finally succumbed to the darkness.

Startling awake Sam noticed three things, he was exceptionally cold, he was bound, gagged and blindfolded, and he wasn't alone. His sense of hearing was very good, but take away his other senses and it became exceptional, the barest scrap of fabric over floorboard had him jumping.

"Don't worry son, you'll be all better soon."

Sam's breath hitched as he recognized the voice as belonging to the lady from the park, his mind going into overdrive, what was going on?, what type of supernatural being was she?, why was he taken?, and most important of all what did she mean when she called him son?. The caresses on his face and neck had Sam cringing and panicking all the more, so much so that he almost missed the sharp sting on his arm as the needle entered. The drug worked quickly and he was submissive and compliant within minutes.

When he awoke he noted that he had been moved and he was no longer tied up, he was in a room that housed a filthy mattress on the floor and nothing else, checking the door he found it to be locked, the windows nailed shut, in the corner was a small empty closet. Sitting back down on the mattress he hugged his legs to his chest and lost the battle to keep the tears that now coursed down his face inside. It was some time later when he heard voices approaching. The door opened and the lady from the park entered closely followed by a guy.

"Its dinner time son, I made your favorites".

Placing the tray on the floor she turned back to the guy who bent down to kiss her hair, bolting up quickly Sam sensed his opportunity and dashed for the door. Unfortunately the man reacted as well, just managing to grab a handful of Sam's hair before yanking him viciously back and throwing him to the floor. Sam was immediately impeded as the man straddled him.

"You will behave boy otherwise you will be sorry." He spat out before proceeding to hit Sam repeatedly, by the time he had finished Sam was covered in bruises, had a swollen eye and busted lip and broken fingers from trying to defend him self. Kissing him softly on both cheeks the guy left the room.

"Oh son, it's for your own good if you'd just behave he wouldn't have to punish you so." The park lady cooed.

"I'm not your son, my name is Sam Winchester and my family will be worried and looking for me." Sam spat back.

"I don't think they will. They have got tired of always looking after you, they can't afford you anymore, they don't want you anymore, so they decided that you should stay with me and Graham. We'll make sure that you see what a normal life is like, it's going to be so much fun." She carried on in her cheery, creepy voice.

"They love me and they will be looking for me." Sam cried back, but his tone hinted that he didn't quite believe it himself.

Fondly stroking Sam's cheek the woman seemed to dismiss Sam's ranting. Reaching down she removed Sam's shirt and t-shirt and started assessing his battered body, his stomach rolled alarmingly when her administrations turned suddenly to caresses and her hands roamed around his chest and neck. Starting to panic, Sam started fighting back, his attempts were thwarted when Graham, the guy returned. Tying his hands behind his back, Graham moved down and helped the woman remove the rest of Sam's clothing, keeping hold of his legs whilst she finished her molestation, leaving Sam feeling nauseous and disgusted at his own body's reaction.

Crawling into the smallest ball he could make when they'd both finished and untied him, Sam prayed for Dean. The woman spooned against his back before soothingly murmuring.

"You see my son, your going to enjoy living with your new mum and dad. It'll be so much fun."

Feeling the pinch of the needle entering his skin, Sam welcomed the drug as it advanced through his veins, and cried himself into a disturbing sleep.


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