Sam Winchester could hear the loud boom of the fireworks in the distance but, to his dismay, couldn't see them through the small motel window. John was off on another hunt, leaving his children in the small motel room with a strict warning to not leave for anything, save for fire of course.

Dean watched his seven year old brother stare gloomily out the window. He knew how bad Sammy wanted to see the fireworks, Dean wouldn't admit it but he did too. "Dad said to stay in the room though", Dean thought to himself. "And dad knows what's best, right?"

Dean could feel himself losing faith in his father faster and faster when Sam turned his kicked puppy look on his big brother.

"Deeeaaannn." Sam whined. "I wanna go see the fireworks!"

Dean sighed. He knew this wasn't going to be easy. "Dad said we have to stay in the room Sammy." Sam's face fell, his bottom lip beginning to tremble and Dean crumbled.



Dean held tight onto Sam's hand as he weaved through the crowd that gathered to watch the fireworks. Sam's eyes round as saucers, focused on the bursts of light in the sky. "Dean, look!" Sam squealed pointing upwards. Dean rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Children these days are so easily amused."

"I see it, Sammy." Dean mumbled, finally stopping at a clear patch of grass and laying down the small blanket he had brought along. He pulled Sam down on the blanket with a stern warning to stay put.

Dean could vaguely remeber the last time he had been to see the Fourth of July celebrations. It had been right after Sammy was born. He, Mary and John and little Sammy had all went out into the backyard of their home in Lawrence, where the local park's firework display could been seen. Dean had sat on his father's shoulders and had watched in awe. He remembered he had been a little frightened but John and Mary's gentle reasurances had the four year old quickly over his fear.

"Sammy won't get scared. " Dean reasoned with himself. He must have spoken too soon...

A huge burst of red, white and blue light exploded overhead, accompanied by a loud boom louder then all previous ones. Sammy, completely forgetting his fascination with the fireworks, whimpered and buried himself into Dean's shirt. "Dean, I wanna go home!' Sam cried. "It's scary!"

Dean smiled and patted his baby brothers quivering back. "It's not scary Sammy. You'll be ok!" Sam shook his head and buried himself further into Dean's shirt as another set of foreworks burst overhead. Dean grinned, remembering his own fear of the fireworks and what his mother and father had said to make the fear disappear.

"Don't be scared Sammy, I'm here. Nothing bad will ever happen to you while I'm here."

Sam lifted his head out of Dean's T-shirt. "Promise?" Dean nodded, he would do anything to keep his baby brother safe.

"I promise."