The highway spanned through the countryside, cutting a path through an array of trees and fields. A army of an impossible mix of vehicles drove in formation down one side, staying close together, led by a Mack truck. In its group was everything from vans to sports cars.

Trailing behind, a green Jeep was enjoying the scenery. Hound was never the fastest, but he liked it that way. He rather appreciated taking in the majesty of nature. The sun warmed the metal on his body as he drove, putting him in a good mood. The fighting was over for the day. He looked forward to relaxing once he got home.

"Hound, hurry it up!" A voice cut into his thoughts. A yellow Volkswagen braked a little to match the pace of Hound. "You're trailing behind."

"Sorry," came the reply. "I'll catch up."

The car would have nodded if his head was visible. Instead he blinked his lights twice and sped off to catch up with the rest of the team.

Hound sighed inwardly and increased his speed to the posted limit. Always in a rush, he mused. Never time to stop and smell the -

A deer bounced out on its narrow legs, crossing right into Hound's path. He jerked back to reality and braked hard, but it was too late. He could feel the warm body slam into his grill, the dull thud deafening to his receptors.

Skidding from the impact, he quickly implored his body to transform. Metal parts shifted and reassembled into the form of a very upset, bipedal robot.

"Oh no no no no no..." he moaned, running over to the tan body gasping for life on the asphalt. A pool of crimson spread from under it, staining the pavement red.

"I... I'm so sorry.."

Blood dripped from its mouth and grew into small bubbles at every exhale. Its brown eyes were half closed and it shook in pain. One leg was broken underneath it, twisted at a painful angle. It looked up at the foreign creature standing over it, but did not move.

Hound was at a loss. None of his kind really knew how to repair organics, and even if they did, he was out of range of the communications link. He kneeled, regarding the deer sadly. So small.. so fragile.. and again.. again this war caused another Earth casuality. Their alien race caused nothing but grief for their host planet.

The animal closed its eyes, its breaths becoming more and more labored. Hound placed a finger gently over where its heart would be. The beats were slowing, gently vibrating his fingertips. The autobot gently stroked its body, petting it gently. Its body stopped shuddering, as it took a long, shallow breath.

Hound watched, but it took no more breaths. The heartbeat had faded and was still. He gently slid the body onto his palms and carried it over to the forest. Kneeling, he laid it under a large tree.

A droplet of liquid glistened in the corner of his optic as he turned and headed towards home.