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Sirius Black had seen it all. He saw Wormtail blast the neighborhood into oblivion. He saw Voldemort kill James and Lily, and no matter how loud he screamed he couldn't do anything about it. He stood in the middle of the destroyed street with his wand out and a bundle tucked against his left side, shell-shock immobilizing him completely.

"He killed them!" the Minister—no, the Junior Minister of Magic howled. "He killed them all!"

"No—" What was the his name again? He couldn't remember it. All he could see were the blank eyes of his best friends. What had he done? His decisions and indecisions had cost the lives of James and Lily Potter.

"Murderer! Murderer!" the Minister was absolutely hysterical, but couldn't bring himself to actually approach Sirius. There was fear in his bulging eyes. And who wouldn't be afraid? There were bodies everywhere, some still moaning, some begging for mercy and crying helplessly, and worse yet, some not moving at all. The sight he must have made!

There was a bubble of laughter tickling the back of his throat, not one that would come out entirely pleasant. But he swallowed it back and looked down at the bundle crooked in his arm, which squirmed at all the shouting.

"Put your wand away, Cornelius!" Dumbledore boomed. Sirius started in surprise—Dumbledore hadn't been there before. He must have apparated, but Sirius had no recollection of the familiar crack that accompanied that sort of magic. Dumbledore descended down the crater, gently taking the wand from Sirius's lax fingers. When he reached for the bundle, Sirius backed up a step. Dumbledore raised his hands in a sign of peace.

"I see Hagrid didn't follow my directions," Dumbledore said. "Or were you able to get to Harry before he was?"

"It's not his fault," Sirius said weakly, holding the infant closer to his chest. "You know me. Fastest talker in Hogwarts." But he didn't attend Hogwarts anymore. His voice was flat.

"Sirius," said Dumbledore, soothingly. "It's all right. We saw—" He paused and took off his glasses to clean the lenses. "We saw Pettigrew."

It felt like a huge weight was lifted from his chest, but what followed immediately was a wave of guilt. "No. No, it's not all right. James and Lily—"

Dumbledore had nothing to say to say to that. All he could do was put a reassuring hand on Sirius's shoulder as the man too young for such responsibilities crumpled to his knees and cried with the baby Harry Potter held close to his chest.

All Mod Cons
Chapter One: For Propriety's Sake
by Clara

"Do I haveta?"

It was what Remus called 'Harry's Favorite Phrase,' and Harry cheerfully proved this to be a fact by repeating it at every chance. Sirius's days had become one long line of 'Do I haveta's,' until he snapped and promised Harry he wouldn't see dessert for a week if he didn't stop. Then his days became one long wail.

"Yes," said Sirius, sweeping Harry up. "Stop fiddling with your tie. Remus just got that perfect."

Harry jut out his lower lip and squinted at Sirius. He frowned and made a mental note to get Harry's eyes checked. "Don't wanna." He completely ignored Sirius and tugged uncomfortably at his tie.

"Me either," Sirius said honestly. "But unfortunately, we're rather stuck."

"Lavender said Draco was mean," Harry said, as if this Lavender's word was gold.

"He is," Sirius assured. "And I thought you didn't talk to girls? I thought girls were 'gross'."

"They are," sniffed Harry, tilting his head up. "I wasn't talking to her."

"Eavesdropping, then?"

Harry gave him a puzzled look and Sirius shook his head, starting to the door. "Like it or not, Draco's my nephew of sorts."

"I thought I was your only relative," Harry said jealously, narrowing his eyes.

"The only one that matters. Come now. It'll be quick and painless."

"Why isn't Remus coming?"

"Because he isn't obligated to. The quicker we get this done, the better. We'll just stop by, give our regards and drop off a present, and piss—" he caught himself, "er, I mean, ah—off."

"Piss off?"

Sirius closed his eyes. "Please don't repeat that in front of Remus."

The small smile on Harry's lips let Sirius know that Harry was well-aware that he head learned something new that he should not know, and Sirius sighed in resignation.

Malfoy Manor was as disagreeable as it was the last time Sirius had seen it. It wasn't quite as awful as 12 Grimmauld Place, as the Malfoys had delusions of 'class', but it was right up there as far as Sirius was concerned.

"Woah," Harry breathed, tightening his grip on Sirius's hand. Though they had access to fortunes, Sirius and Harry lived in a small, pleasant home away from society. Voldemort had fallen, but there was still that risk, the one that hung over Sirius every day and caused him to check Harry at least two times in the night. It was ultimately better for them not to mingle much, but Sirius didn't believe in cutting Harry off completely from society. He took Harry to the neighbourhood wizard school (which, of course, did not teach magic but was separate from muggle schools—Sirius did not segregate Harry from the muggle-world completely, but he felt it was much better for Harry to be in a more familiar setting instead of in a world that believed magic was a 'hoax') on a regular basis, though kept Harry home-schooled.

"Sirius," a smooth, cultured, and horrible voice greeted him. Narcissa smiled coldly at him. "It's so good of you to stop by. And I see you've brought the young Potter with you, yes?" There was a spark of interest in her cruel eyes, and Sirius tugged Harry a bit closer.

"We're just stopping by for propriety's sake," Sirius said cooly. "'Cissy," he tacked on, because he knew she hated that.

"Hi," Harry said, as amiable as ever. He offered a toothy grin, but Narcissa's eyes flashed over him disinterestedly before snapping back to her cousin. Harry's smile fell.

"Mother, who's here?" And blond boy walked over, tugging on Narcissa's robe. He stared at Harry. "Hello, who's this?"

"Draco, dear." Narcissa said, discreetly pulling her robe from her son's hand. "This is Harry Potter."

Draco's eyes shot immediately to Harry's forehead. He wasn't quite as cultured as his mother just yet. Indeed, unlike Narcissa, Draco's face only had the beginnings of a pinched look. "Blimey," Draco breathed out in surprise, and Narcissa shot him a look. Draco colored slightly.

"Hi," Harry tried again, smile now self-conscious. His efforts were rewarded this time as Draco smiled back, before schooling his face in a poised look that appeared snobby all about.

"Hello," Draco said sophisticatedly. "Want cake?"

Harry's eyes lit up. "Yeah!" He looked up at Sirius for approval and Sirius winced an okay. It was almost worth it when Harry bounced up to Draco's side and took his hand, despite the horrified look both Narcissa and Draco were giving him. But Draco didn't shake him off.

"You can meet my friends," Draco was saying to him, "Crabbe and Goyle. They're really named Vincent and Greggory, but I like their last names better. I think I'll call you Potter. I like that. Potter. Father always refers to everyone by their last names, and my father knows everything."

"Okay!" Harry agreed cheerfully as he dragged Draco towards the house, which was absolutely backwards, but neither of them seemed to mind.

"I'll be following them in," Sirius said casually. There was no way he was going to leave Harry to himself in Malfoy Manor.

Sirius circled around to the back of the house where the party was being held. Nymphadora and her mother and father, Andromeda and Ted, were separate from the main group of purebloods. Most were watching Harry with discreet interest and greed. Ted looked distinctly out of place.

"Propriety ain't all what it's cracked up to be, eh?" Andromeda asked as she exchanged kisses with Sirius.

"Hardly. I guess you could call this a proper Black family reunion, though. It isn't a true reunion unless half the family's packed away to Azakaban and the rest want to kill each other."

"I never quite understood why Narcissa insists we all go to her dreadful boy's birthday parties. She hates us."

"Because she's off her rocker, that one. So caught up in appearances that she doesn't realize that this can only end in blood shed." Sirius shook Ted's hand and reached down to give Nymphadora a hug.

"Too right." Andromeda sighed. "It looks like Draco's taken quite a shining to your boy, though."

It was true. Draco was holding a magicked statue of a dragon up for Harry to see, patiently explaining the mechanics and worth and meaning of such a toy. The dragon lazily stretched in Draco's hand, arching its back like a small cat. The two boorish friends of Draco—Greggory and Vincent, were watching with interest. Once in awhile Draco would acknowledge them, but most of his attention was focused on Harry, who reached forward tentatively to pet the preening dragon. It bit him and Harry started, not crying but gently sucking on his finger. Draco looked affronted and contrite, tossing the toy to the side with a mumble of, "It's a stupid toy, anyway."

"It's sweet," Andromeda said with a smile. "In a really, really weird, extremely disturbing sort of way."

"You could say that," Sirius said, rubbing his temples.

What was supposed to be a quick social call turned into an entire day trip. Harry and Draco were immediately inseparable, much to the horror of Sirius and—well, everyone else. Every time Draco passed his mother, she would tut disapprovingly which seemed to confuse Draco to no end. He saw no wrong in playing with a guest.

It wasn't until dusk was falling that Sirius was able to pry Harry away from Draco, and that was only because Harry yawned once and Sirius leapt to the opportunity. He snagged Harry up and shifted him under an arm, smiling graciously at a surprised Draco.

"We should get going," Sirius said with false cheer. Draco looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Don't you want cake to take home?"

"No, no. It's quite all right. Thank you muchly, of course. Harry, say goodbye to Draco."

Harry stretched his arms out towards Draco, still tucked under Sirius's arm.

"What's this?" Draco asked.

"He wants a hug," Sirius whispered discreetly. A look of shock passed over Draco's face and he seemed to war with himself for a moment before reaching up to tentatively wrap his arms around Harry's upper torso. He awkwardly pat his back for good measure.

"We should play again!" Harry chirped brightly. Draco looked as if he didn't know how to answer that. It took him a moment to answer, and it was with a small, shy smile.

"Yes. You should come by again soon."

"I'll owl you!" Harry said happily, even though Sirius was already walking away. He waved wildly at Draco. "Happy birthday!"

Sirius resolutely decided he would never set foot in Malfoy Manor again.


Two days later, Harry received an owl from Draco during breakfast. Sirius snatched it out of Harry's hand while simultaneously setting a plate of rashers and eggs in front of him. The eagle owl at their windowsill watched them with distaste, but didn't leave.

"Hey!" Harry yelped in surprise. "That's mine!"

Sirius put a slice of bacon in Harry's now empty hand and opened the scroll.

Hello, Potter.
I have noticed you have not owled me presently.

Sirius decided Draco must have had one of those spell-checking parchments, because there was no way a seven-year-old could have such impeccable spelling. His writing, however, was appropriately big and uncertain, like the pencil was too large for his hand. Each period looked as if he spent a good minute perfecting it.

I wanted to make sure you were still interested in meeting up with me again. I believe we should. You should come and visit me. My father does not think I should visit your place. My father says Sirius Black lies with dogs and if I visited your place I would come back with fleas. I do not know what this means.

Sirius snorted and pinched the bridge of his nose. Fucking Lucius Malfoy.

Therefore I have decided we should meet with each other this coming weekend. Please RVSP.

"I think he meant 'RSVP'," Remus said cheerfully, reading over Sirius's shoulder. Under the 'RVSP' were two boxes, one with a yes beside it, and one with a no. Underneath that, Draco had written, "Check yes if you want to, check no if you don't." He finished off in a clumsy flourish, his name in careful cursive that must have taken him a full five minutes to write out.

"Gimme it!" Harry whined out another one of his favorite phrases, making a swipe for the parchment. "It's mine! See, it's addressed to 'Harry Potter'! Come on!"

Sirius handed the parchment to Harry, who promptly got greasy fingerprints all over it. The parchment disdainfully cleaned itself. Harry spent a moment reading it, then rereading it. And finally, "Pleeeeeeease?"

Sirius sighed. The owl only left when Harry checked yes and handed him the parchment back, rejecting any offered owl treats.

That Saturday Harry insisted on wearing his best robes. He fretted over his hair for a good ten minutes before giving up with a familiar sigh that he put his entire body into. Narcissa was the one to greet them with a glare at the Malfoy grand fireplace.

"Draco is waiting for you in the solarium." Narcissa said to Harry, her pinched look more defined.

"Thanks!" Harry said. He started forward, before halting. "Um. Where's that?"

Narcissa sighed. "Follow me."

Both Harry and Sirius did, Harry belatedly remembering to take Sirius's hand. He whispered loudly, "What's a solarium?"

"It's a positively useless room," Sirius said back, loudly. But Narcissa ignored him, so it was moot.

Draco had set up a little tea party for the two of them and was sitting primly at one end of the table. Harry ran forward and launched himself at Draco, giving him a tight hug that caused both blonds to grimace, before sitting at his place.

"Wow!" he said, eyes traveling over the various sweets meticulously arranged in front of him.

"We're having warmed cider," Draco said with a bit of disappointment but as primly as ever. "Mother says we're too young for caffeine."

Sirius and Narcissa hung back outside the solarium and watched their charges, each wearing similar expressions of dread. Neither was very keen on the idea of the two boys becoming so close. They frowned as Draco stood up and delicately poured them each a cup.

"After this, we should play Quidditch!" Harry said brightly, reaching over to grab a crumpet, but Draco smacked his hand away. Sirius was not too surprised they could hear the boys perfectly through the glass.

"I'm serving you," Draco informed him impatiently. Draco shrugged cooly, but there was a note of interest in his eye. "Okay," he said casually, placing a crumpet on Harry's plate, who immediately made a grab for it. This time Draco smacked his hand with his spoon. "Don't you know anything? I have to serve myself before you start eating. Besides, since I'm a pure-blood and you're not, I get to start eating first."

"That's stupid," Harry said, scrunching his nose. But he humored Draco and waited to eat. Draco stalled for as long as possible, waiting until Harry squirmed impatiently before taking one, delicate bite.

Harry shoved the entire thing in his mouth.

"Potter's got some manners," Narcissa said scornfully, but as if she expected nothing less.

"At least he's not as poncy as your boy," Sirius sneered back.

However, Draco was more inclined to agree with his mother. He made a face of disgust, and then just pressed his fingers against his forehead (a trait Sirius was sure he picked up from his mother) when Harry embarrassedly spat the crumpet back into his napkin.

"Potter. Were you raised by ogres?"

"No," Harry said sheepishly, appropriately chastised. Sirius was privately amazed. Whenever Remus or he tried to scold Harry for his manners, he would chew up his food and open his mouth at them, before laughing hysterically. Remus said it was a phase. Sirius magicked donkey ears on Harry, which he didn't seem to mind at all.

"Put the napkin on your lap," Draco ordered. "And don't shove the whole bloody thing into your mouth."

"Okay," Harry said nervously. A house elf darted in to snag the crumpet Harry had ruined and replace the dirty napkin.

"Do your guests know you spy on them here?" Sirius asked curiously, reaching over to touch the glass.

"Please, Sirius. Spying is so crass. I just believe in gathering information. And don't get your dirty fingerprints all over my house."

Sirius snorted. Draco was showing Harry the proper way to hold a teacup. Sirius was privately amazed at how patient Harry was being, and wasn't too surprised that within twenty minutes of their little tea party (and after several sweets and at least two cups of cider), Harry jumped out of his chair and tugged Draco towards the door. Draco seemed to have been expecting this and allowed himself to be dragged outside. They quickly discovered the house elf's cleaning supplies, which were consequently the perfect size for them, and turned a slightly soggy mop and a rake with several missing teeth into Quidditch brooms.

"So, 'Cissy," Sirius said conversationally, settling himself on one of the rocking chairs on the patio. "You're being awfully accepting of your son's new friendship."

"I believe my Draco should have a wide variety of connections," Narcissa sniffed, sipping her tea. She hadn't offered any to Sirius, but a house elf brought one out for him anyway. "Having many friends will make him a well-rounded individual."

Sirius snorted again, loudly. "Or, Lucius likes the name 'Harry Potter'."

"Please, Sirius. Don't patronize us."

Harry had a knack for always catching the rocks Draco threw. No matter how hard or fast he threw them, Harry always managed to snatch them out of the air. He had all the markings of a future Seeker, which made Sirius smile nostalgically.

"Keep in mind, 'Cissy, you and your filthy husband will never get your dirty mitts on Harry."

"Like we would want to," Narcissa sniffed.

"Yes, you would. But you won't."

Harry tackled a startled Draco to the ground and rolled with him for a bit. Draco seemed to have no idea how to wrestle, but caught on pretty quickly. He didn't like the idea of getting hurt, apparently, but liked the idea of pinning Harry, which he demonstrated gracefully by sitting on his stomach and crossing his ankle on his knee. Harry didn't seem to appreciate this, but this could be due to the mouthful of grass he suddenly had.

"Brute," Narcissa said. Sirius wasn't sure if she was talking about Harry or himself.

Sirius leaned on his knees, watching Harry somehow wrestle Draco off. He sipped his tea.

"Well, 'Cissy. It looks like we'll be seeing each other much more often."

Narcissa hid her frown behind her cup.


"Draco finally convinced his parents to let him come over," Sirius grumped, resting his chin on his hands and his elbows on Remus's stomach. Remus flipped the page of his book.


"Yeah. Balls."

"Narcissa probably got sick of having you at her house on a nearly daily basis." Remus idly ran his fingers through Sirius's hair, and Sirius leaned into the touch.

"She sent me a howler," Sirius griped, affronted. "It's not like I want to be there all the time. You'd think Harry'd have better taste in friends."

"I'm sure it's hard for him," Remus said, placating. He slid a finger behind Sirius's ear and Sirius shivered. "Kids avoid him. Not many see him as a project." Remus had accompanied Harry and Sirius on a couple of their trips to Malfoy Manor, despite the completely unwelcoming air. He had seen Draco relentlessly try to teach Harry manners, and had seen Harry relentlessly attempt to get Draco to loosen up. "They make quite the pair."

Sirius hummed, distracted by Remus's fingers doing wonderous things to his scalp. He gave in after a couple of moments to stretch up kiss Remus softly.

Their bedroom door slammed open. Both jumped and whirled to the door, just in time to see it slam shut again. Sirius sighed. "It's fine, Harry."

"Are you sure?" Harry's traumatized voice was muffled by the door.

"Yes," Remus promised, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

Harry cracked the door open and hesitantly walked in, crawling on the bed next to Sirius.

"You know there's a knocking rule for a reason, right?"

Harry gave him a disturbed look.

"Oh, don't look at me like that. You deserved it."

"Does it gross you out because we're both men?" Remus asked Harry quietly. Sirius shot him a look, but Harry shook his head slowly.

"No, but it's like..." Harry pursed his lips thoughtfully. He picked at the bedspread distractedly, frowning. "I guess it's like seeing my parents kiss." He stumbled over the word 'parents'. "I mean, I know who I am and all but—you guys are my dads." He looked at his hands nervously. "I wish I could have known my real dad and mum, but you guys are as close as I can get and—well, seeing my 'dads' kiss is gross."

Remus looked misty. Sirius cleared his throat and slung himself heavily over Harry.

"Ack," Harry said eloquently.

"We love you too," Sirius said, and dropped a kiss on top of Harry's head. Harry buried his head against Remus's side. His ears were red.

Draco arrived mid-afternoon with an expensive looking bag. He looked drastically out of place in their sparse family room. Narcissa looked even worse.

"Hello, what's this?" Sirius asked, glancing at the bag. Draco held it to his chest as if he expected Sirius to set it on fire with a glance, or something.

"Draco will be spending the night at your place," Narcissa said calmly, as if she had ultimate control over the decision.

"Now, wait here—" Sirius started. Draco shrank back and Remus elbowed Sirius on the side.

"We would be happy to have him over," Remus said cordially. "Though it would be appreciated if we had future notice next time."

Draco edged over to Harry's side and Harry took his hand. Narcissa shrugged. "Draco insisted." She sighed dramatically, eyes not once leaving her son. "Now, come here Draco and give Mummy a kiss goodbye." Draco reluctantly removed himself from Harry's side and went to his mother. She bumped a cool, bony cheekbone against his before disapparating with a loud crack.

Draco looked nervous, but Harry happily dragged him on an impromptu tour around their house. Sirius and Remus stood quietly in their family room for a moment, the only sound being the muggle clock hanging over the couch, which tended to bite.

"It's a bit early to start suspecting Draco as a spy, right?" said Sirius. He sounded paranoid to even his own ears.

"Sirius!" Remus said, frowning. He fell silent for a second. "I bet that doesn't stop Malfoy from grilling the poor kid after every visit, though."

"And the git probably acts as if he's just spending quality time with the kid." Sirius shook his head, not for the first time sympathetic towards Draco for having an utterly cocked up family.

Dinner was awkwardly silent. Remus tried engaging Draco in small talk, but the blond boy was resolute in pushing his food around. He had asked rudely where the house elves were, and if they really expected him to eat this rubbish called food. Harry had made a distressed sound and looked sadly down at his plate, and then Draco was absolutely mortified, and both Remus and Sirius had no idea what to do. So they ate silently, broken only by Remus's blundering attempts at conversation.

It was the first time Harry and Draco had gotten in a fight. It started out as a quiet, terse argument that rapidly dissolved in a match at who can scream louder, and then finally Harry burst into tears and Draco sobbingly hid in the loo.

"Oh, for fucks sake," Sirius grumbled, rubbing his temples. Remus sighed and headed to the bathroom, leaving Sirius to calm a furious (and a bit violent) Harry.

It took some time for Remus to coax Draco from the loo. Then, since it seemed like the best thing to do, Remus and Sirius sat them across from each other and blocked all exits with their own bodies.

Both boys stubbornly refused to say anything and the heavy silence was broken only by sniffles. It ended when Draco started crying again, big, ashamed tears rolling down his cheeks. Harry was much too kind-hearted, and ended up sitting by Draco and hugging him until he stopped crying. This was, of course, after a long moment where Harry stubbornly and resolutely refused to cave, but did anyway.

"I think that's enough excitement for one night," Remus said. "Let's get you off to bed, now."

Both boys nodded, and Harry was once again holding Draco's hand. Sirius and Remus knew it would be long before either boy slept, but as it was rare Harry had a guest over they agreed to turn a blind eye to it. However, at midnight, Remus called Sirius over to the door to Harry's bedroom.

"Look at that," Remus whispered. "Isn't that the cutest thing ever?"

Harry and Draco seemed to agree to share the bed (though Sirius had a feeling Draco had simply refused to sleep on the floor and Harry would not give up his bed because he was as stubborn as all hell), and the two had fallen asleep holding hands. The Quidditch players in the poster above Harry's bed had stopped their game and were crowding on the grass above the boys' head.

"Oh, Merlin," Sirius swore softly. "This has to be the strangest pair ever."

One of the Quidditch players nodded vigorously in agreement, and then was knocked out suddenly by a stray bludger.

end chapter one

Thank you so much to Mari for being a wonderful beta and for all of her support. ♥