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I rewrote the story in Alice Swan's (Bella's daughter's) point of view because i realized that i left out some details involving Bella and I couldn't figure out how to put it in Bella's point of view...
here it is!
in Alice Swan vision!!!

Ultra-superimportant plot:
After Edward left her Bella got really depessed.
She didn't want to keep going on but pushed herself for the sake of her family.
one day she gets raped.
she could've screamed for help but in her depressive state she felt like it was what she deserved.
now, 7 years later, she moves into a town in North Dakota and finds remains of the past that left her behind...
Reviews determine the fate of the story
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Not Another Bella and Daughter Story

I looked out the window at the new house. I stifled a groan and let out a small 'hmph'.

"Mommy you lie."

"No I don't, Alice." My head flung around to meet her eyes. She was my mother but her face showed no aging. She was twenty five but didn't look a day over twenty. She was really thin, too thin considering I was born only six years ago. She lost the baby weight fast from the nights she spent awake. She tried not to sleep often, but when she did she always woke up screaming. Maybe this move was her plan to get away from those memories. Grand Forks, North Dakota was the extreme opposite of Tallahassee, Florida.

"You said it was bigger," I pouted. Looking out at the shack of a house I started to plan my escape. Maybe I could sneak on a plane to Australia…

"I said it was bigger than our apartment and it is," she said, directing her gaze to the surrounding forest. I couldn't argue with that so I got out of the car and skipped to my mom's side. When she got out I grabbed her hand and motioned to the house.

"Let's go inside!" She handed me the key and I started jumping. When I settled down I inserted the key and turned. I threw open the door and ran inside, judging which room was the biggest. I found the master bedroom and grinned. "I call this room!" I screamed. She would hear me. I climbed onto the bed and started jumping again.

Minutes later mom walked in and pointed smugly to the closet. "I already called this room; my stuff's already in there." I jumped off the bed and headed to the closet. I groaned.

"But you got the bigger room last time!" I whined. She smiled.

"When you buy the house, you can have the big room." I smiled at the thought of my own house and skipped to my new room. I looked at the empty space and mentally decided where everything would go. When I had a set plan I wondered into the living room and turned on the TV. I skipped around until I found the history channel. It was a rerun of "Engineering an Empire" so I settled for SpongeBob.

About two hours of yellow sponges later the doorbell sounded. I heard muffles in the other room before the squeak and thud of mom getting off the bed. She trudged past me to the door, obviously not eager to welcome anybody. I turned the volume down slightly to hear their conversation.

"Hello, Miss…" a man started. I looked over the back of the couch to find a middle-aged man with short black hair.


"Swan," he repeated with a smile. "I am Jack Turner, I live next door." He paused to motion to his house. "I was wondering; do you need help moving in?"

"Actually, there's not that much to move, only a few small boxes in the car. We came by last week to drop off most of the bigger items."

"A little help is better than none." What a persistent dork. I laughed lightly at my comment and turned my attention back to the TV.

They came back moments later with boxes and set them down on the table. On the TV people started dancing. I heard a muffled laugh from the man before I turned to look at him.

"Your daughter?" he asked my mom. She nodded. "How old?"

What? Was I not smart enough to answer a simple question or was I not important enough? Either way was unacceptable.

"This many!" I announced cutely, holding up three fingers on both hands. Let him think what he wants. The fact was he was not good enough for me to waste my time on. I turned back around and stared at the TV.

They went back out to the car to get more boxes. I muted the TV to hear their conversation.

"Is there a sale on houses I didn't hear of?" the man joked. Is he calling us cheep?!?


"You're the second family to move in this week," he stated proudly. "The other lives just behind these forests." Who cares?
"Oh?" Mom seemed to support my Who cares? thought…

"Yep, but they're a little different. The man's a doctor and the woman is a housewife. The strange thing is, they're only in their twenties but they adopted five teenagers!"

I heard a box drop and several plates break. I sat up and stared out of the open door, just in time to see my mom drop to the ground.

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