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Denial Pt 2 – Fireworks of Eternity


It was the low grumbling that woke Sasori up so early.

The puppeteer's dreamy daze – because since he turned himself into a puppet, he didn't sleep, just fell into deep unconsciousness – was torn apart rather rudely when he heard the grumble.

It was consistent. And loud too.

Sasori blinked his sleep away. Groggily, he tried to sit up, but found he had something heavy on his chest preventing him.

He glanced down, and his vision was invaded with golden blonde.

What the – OH.

Sasori smiled as he lay back down carefully, gently easing his sleeping partner back onto his chest. Deidara stirred in his sleep, his arms tightening around the Akasuna. He mumbled something in what sounded like Croatian into the puppeteer.

The redhead smiled, amused. He silently thanked whatever that made him place a chakra network inside his puppet body.

Because it meant he could feel Deidara's soft breath on himself.

He looked at his partner once again, tracing his eyes over his features he loved so much.

He was about to fall back into unconsciousness when he heard it again.

That annoying grumble.

And it seemed to be coming from – Deidara?

The sculptor stared at the sleeping blonde in disbelief before realizing what it was. He slapped himself on the head.

NOW I realize…

As if on cue, the sculptor began to stir and opened his grayish-blue eyes. He blinked, confused. He blinked a couple of times to clear his vision before looking up – to be met with Sasori's red gaze.

His heart skipped a beat before his mind quickly retraced yesterday's events. With the memories as a reassurance, he smiled.

"Morning danna…what are you doing up so early?"

"Your stomach woke me up" the puppeteer explained with a straight face, his tone very matter-of-fact. Deidara felt blood rush to his cheeks as he laughed, embarrassed. "Yeah…I didn't have anything to eat yesterday…"

"Don't worry about it…since we both slept late, we can go get ready and have some lunch…"

Deidara smiled and snuggled back into Sasori. "I don't want to get out of bed, Danna…and I don't want you to get out of it either…"he shifted slightly, sliding his torso on Sasori's stomach, pinning him down with his weight. He also moved his arm from his neck down to his waist. He smirked when he felt Sasori's body tense.

Sasori frowned slightly, trying to look annoyed. "We have to get up…get off me, Deidara…" he demanded half heartedly.

Deidara smirked, slipping his hand along the sculpted stomach, his fingers relishing the action he longed to do for so long. His fingertips grazed the smooth wood as he explored the puppet master's body gingerly.

Sasori's breath caught in his throat when he felt the curious fingers tracing up his torso. When he eventually got his arms working, he gently grabbed Deidara's wrists.

Deidara looked up with a disappointed look – only to be met with a pair of lips crushing down on his, silencing any protests the sculptor might have ever had.

"Behave…" Sasori breathed huskily into the blonde's ear when they broke apart, running his fingers through his blonde bangs.

Even though the last thing the puppeteer wanted was to obey his own command…

"Will try to, Danna…" Deidara whispered. He rolled off the redhead and moved towards the bathroom – not before giving Sasori a good look at his half-naked body, completed with coy smile.

Sasori waited until Deidara was in the bathroom before flipping back on the bed, groaning inwardly.

Jumping on him is going to be a LOT harder than I thought…

"So, do you understand now?"

Plates clicked and a hiss of steam slowly rose towards the blue sky. A loud chatter mingled with the delicious smells and the sounds of pork being sliced and eggs being cracked. A waitress took up the order and cracked a smile before scooting up the empty dishes from the table and carefully balancing, began her way to the kitchen.

Deidara twirled some more noodles around his chopsticks before slurping it all up. He swallowed, marveling the rich taste and the great feeling of the warm food sliding down his throat. He dug back into his ramen before turning to Sasori.

Holy shit, he eats that ramen any faster, he's bound to choke…the redhead thought as he watched his partner wolf down the noodles like there was no tomorrow. Seeing the blonde's appetite made him wish he too could eat. He could still taste things, but couldn't eat them.

"Hmm?" he answered when he realized Deidara asked him something. This earned him a slight frown.

"I said, do you understand now, un?" he said, his words slightly slurred by the pasta.

Sasori sighed. They were back to their eternal argument of what art truly was. And however hard he tried, Sasori still couldn't see how those explosions of the blonde loved so much could be considered art.

"No I don't…" he sighed, slightly irritated. But for once, not at the sculptor, but at himself. He was angry that he couldn't understand even though for once, he really DID want to understand.

"Can you just…please explain to me why those explosions of yours are art?"

Deidara pouted, disappointed that his message still failed to be received by his danna…until he heard his question.

He looked over with a bewildered look. Sasori usually either dismissed the conversation entirely or shouted at him for being an idiot and not seeing things the right way. He would usually obey with a pout and a fuming temper.

Now, he jumped at his chance.

"They are art because they are so fleeting. They have short lives and they are over within seconds, but when they explode, that's a moment of true beauty and perfection. It's sudden, powerful and breathtaking. That's art."

He took a breath and waited for his partner's reaction with anticipation.

"But what's the point if they only last a couple of seconds?" Sasori questioned with a raised eyebrow. "I mean, sure, they are fascinating but that's just it. As I see it, they are short, insignificant bangs of beauty. That's it."

Deidara shook his head, his blonde bangs flying around wildly.

"No, no, no Sasori-danna. You're missing the whole point!" He swallowed the contents of his mouth and proceeded not to choke before continuing.

"Explosions are art because they are perfection that is gone within a moment. You cannot hold on it, it will be there and gone next, with only a memory left. And they cannot be repeated because each explosion is so unique. Think about it, danna…" he swirled around in his chair so he faced his partner.

"You cannot preserve fireworks. On a photo or a painting, maybe? But a photo could never capture the true essence of the explosion. And that's what makes it so perfect. It's fleeting and uncontrollable, no one can trap it. After all – you can't turn fireworks into puppets, can you now, Danna?"

Sasori watched his beloved's speech with awe. He has never seen Deidara speak with so much passion before – maybe once when he was arguing over the fact why Sasori should find them an inn right that minute. His visible eye was glazed and his hands were flying all over the place, his pale face flushed.

The redhead considered his last question. Could you really preserve something so fleeting? He could, after all, preserve one of the most fragile things on this earth to last for eternity – humans. But could he…?"

"No…I don't suppose you can…"he replied after a while.

"I think I'm beginning to see what you mean…"

"Really, Sasori-danna? Really?"

Sasori looked back to his partner who was looking at him with huge and hopeful eyes.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean that I will start believing your art is truly art."

"Ooh…" Deidara muttered, visibly drooping. His gaze returned to the ramen, poking an egg with his chopsticks, his appetite clearly gone.

Regret swept through Sasori as he regarded his hurt partner. He was about to apologize when his pride held him back. A thought suddenly crossed his mind.

Let him mope…I will apologize in my way later…

With the 'evil' thought in mind, he poked Deidara gently in the ribs.

"Come on, pest" he said gently. "Finish it off so we can get on with the mission. Sir Leader will feed us to Zetsu id we don't get it done."

Deidara nodded, still feeling a little miffled by Sasori's earlier comment, but plastered his trademark grin on his face and began to wolf down his ramen.

"Sure thing, un!"

"How many more, Danna?"

"Just a few more…"

"I…I can't take…take anymore, Sasori-danna…please…not another accountant with seventy-three files to go through…"

Sasori sighed. Deidara was right. This mission was long, boring and took up a hell of a lot of time. He was fed up with having to look through thousands of pages for little scraps of information and hint to their target's whereabouts. It was pointless.

"Please, danna…let's stop for tonight…" he looked around to see Deidara sliding down on the ground, clutching a nearby wall for support.

"No need to be so dramatic, pest" he snorted. His blonde partner looked up, pouting.

"Am not, un!"

"All you got was a paper cut…"

"Not A paper cut, Sasori-danna…LOADS! My hand mouths are scarred for life, poor things!" Deidara held up his hands to demonstrate his argument. His tongues wiggled around, showing the puppeteer the gashes the rough paper left on them.

Sasori rolled his eyes, smiling slightly. "My heart bleeds for you and your mouths. Now shut the hell up and let's get back to the inn."

Deidara crossed his arms and frowned. "You know, Danna, I thought after admitting you cared about me, you would at least show me a little respect instead of treating me like I'm dirt on your shoe."

Sasori looked back at the frowning blonde and couldn't help but smile. That guy was way too hot for his own good.

"I'm sorry. I will try."

Deidara accepted it with a smile. They carried on walking until they spotted the inn.

"Go ahead, un, I want to quickly go get something." Deidara exclaimed before running off.

Good, Sasori thought. Gives me some time to revise my evil plan…

(Insert an insane Orochimaru 'kukukukukuku' here, ppl lol)

The door slammed open just when Sasori was sharpening his kunais. Not bothering to turn around, he continued to sharpen the weapons. He heard footsteps bound across the room before the mattress creaking.

"Back already? What did you get?"

"Dinner, un. I am starving" was the slightly muffled answer the blonde offered.

Sasori turned around.

His eyes widened and his hands flew to his nose.

Aw man, not again!

Deidara was sitting on his bed, his cloak discarded, in the black pants and a loose white shirt, eating dango.

Or more specifically, licking the soya balls enthusiastically, his pointy pink tongue tracing patterns across the stick. He then just engulfed the whole thing and sucked on it enthusiastically, closing his eyes in bliss.

He was very much lost in the sugary pleasure when he heard a large crack and swearing.

He opened his eyes to see Sasori rush towards the bathroom, holding his nose.

"Danna?" he called out. He ran after Sasori, concerned, to find him over the sink, trying to stop a nosebleed that tried to imitate the ferociousness of the Niagara Falls.

"Um, Danna? Why are you having such a massive nosebleed, un? Were you looking at porn magazines again?" Deidara asked cautiously, leaning against the doorway.

Sasori looked up, shooting him a dark look filled with frustration and lust.

"No, you idiot!" he growled, pinching his nose. "It's you and the way you eat that goddamn dango!"

Why do you have to look so fucking hot when you eat that?! He thought, frustrated.

Deidara stared at the redhead, his eyes wide. Was Sasori saying what he thought he was?

No, that's not possible, Danna couldn't possibly think that way…it's just me and my sick mind…or is it?

"Stop gawking at me! I'm fine – can I finish washing in peace?" Sasori snapped at the blonde, still embarrassed.

"S-sure thing, un…" the sculptor muttered. His head hanging, he retreated into the bedroom, curling up on the bed. He returned back to his dango, hoping to find some comfort in the sweet dumplings.

Sasori finally stopped the nosebleed and got himself cleaned up. He wiped his face with a towel and peeked outside the bathroom.

Deidara has fallen asleep on the bed. He was curled up in a fetal position, his head rolled to the side, his blonde hair scattered all over the pillow. He was still clutching the remains of a dango stick.

Sasori walked over to the bed slowly, an evil smile playing on his lips. He carefully sat down, his eyes never leaving the sculptor.

Suddenly, he slipped his arms around Deidara's waist and dipped his head to the blonde's mouth.

Deidara was in a very complicated dream involving flying and clay when he felt something very pleasurable. Something very pleasurable indeed…

He opened his eyes, still hazy with sleep.

His visible eye snapped open as he saw the cold and emotionless puppet who was snapping at him minutes ago above him, coaxing Deidara's lips open with his tongue.

Not that there was much coaxing to be done.

Deidara moaned softly as he allowed Sasori to explore his mouth. Unlike the night before, this was deeper. He snaked an arm around the Akasuna's neck, pulling him closer. The redhead responded with enthusiasm, his tongue stroking his partner's, sucking on it, as if he wanted to suck the sculptor's very essence out.

They broke apart, both gasping for air. The blonde searched the red eyes.

"W-what was that about Danna?"

The redhead smiled down at the confused blonde and bent back down, nuzzling Deidara's neck, nipping gently.

"Didn't you enjoy it?" he whispered, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh. Deidara gasped as Sasori sucked on his sensitive skin.

"Actually, I am apologizing for hurting you earlier today…" hands traveled down the sculptor's body and tugged at his shirt. Sasori pushed the blonde's body up so he could pull the shirt over his head. Once the troublesome clothing was off, the redhead raised himself to have a good look at his partner's delicious body. He noticed Deidara was blushing slightly and leaned back to his neck.

"You look goddamn gorgeous…" he whispered, suckling on the base of the blonde's neck, earning yet another moan. He smirked, biting his way down.

"Danna…SHIT!" the sculptor gasped when he felt the puppeteer's hot mouth engulf his nipple. His body buckled, his grip on the bed sheets tightening.

Sasori licked his erect nub gently first before biting down. Deidara groaned, squirming with the piercing pleasure.

Sasori continued to torture him, moving onto his other nipple before licking down his body, stroking and tasting his tight abdomen muscles.

He suddenly felt a hand feebly gripping his hair.



"N-not fair, un…"

"What is? You're not enjoying it?"

"I a-am, u-un…it's just the fact…you still have y-your shirt on…"

Sasori raised an eyebrow, and pulled off his shirt. He returned to hovering above the flushed blonde.

"Okay…happy now?"

"Yes, un" the blonde purred. He attacked the blonde's neck with kisses and placed his hand loosely on the redhead's ribs.

Sasori shivered at the soft touches – and gasped when he felt a tongue slide over his ribs. He quickly cursed himself for forgetting about his partner's mouth hands.

"What's wrong, Danna?" the blonde grinned, using his skillful tongue to manipulate the puppet's moans by exploring his neck and collarbone at the same time as his mouth hand teased the puppet's sensitive skin over his ribs.

"S-s-stop that…"

Deidara's grin grew wider as he loosely trailed his hand down the panting redhead's chest, the mischievous tongue tasting the smooth wood. He reached down to the puppet's waistband.

An iron grip suddenly grabbed his exploring wrists and forced it up. The blonde let out a small groan on protest – until he felt his hand mouth being covered by Sasori's lips. He gasped as he felt the redhead's hot tongue play with the tongue on his palms.

"Danna…uuun…" he moaned, throwing his head back. His pants were getting uncomfortably tight. He grabbed Sasori's shoulders.

"Deidara…" the redhead breathed as he broke the kiss. He was experiencing certain problems in his groin area too…

He gazed into the blonde's stormy blue eyes, clouded with lust. He stared back into the red orbs, both unsure what to do next…whether they were ready to take the next step…

Deidara pressed his head into Sasori's chest. His heartbeat was quick and fast, hammering against the ribcage. The blonde smiled. It was like his own. Excited but uncertain. Panting quietly, he closed his eyes and listened to his beloved's heartbeat.

He suddenly felt a hand on his naked back, caressing him soothingly. It moved up to his neck and his cheek. He opened his eyes to see Sasori smiling down at him in a tender sort of way.

"Danna…?" Deidara whispered but was cut off by a finger on his lips.

"Shhh…" the redhead answered, pulling him up into an embrace and giving him a chaste kiss, his hands caressing the blonde's back. The sculptor purred in appreciation and returned the gesture, his hands looped around the puppeteer's neck.

When they broke apart at last, Sasori pulled Deidara down on the bed so they were lying next to each other.

"We'd better get some sleep…" he whispered in the blonde's ears, pulling the covers over them.

Deidara snuggled closer to Sasori.

"If this is how you apologize, then I wonder how you thank people…"he giggled. Sasori smiled. "Consider yourself privileged."

"Will do, Danna." The sculptor frowned slightly as he remembered the little incident a little while ago. "Um, Sasori? Why was your nose bleeding earlier on, un?"

The Akasuna blushed, running his fingers through the sculptor's hair. "Oh…it was just that when you were eating that dango…I…um…my imagination got a little carried away…"

Deidara sniggered, earning him a light smack on the head. "Ow, Danna! Quit being so brutal, un! Or I won't kiss you…or use that tongue of mine…" he threatened, wagging his finger at Sasori.

"Okay, now that's some serious threatening…" Sasori cried in mock concern.

"Danna…you're not mad at me for…not…going…well, you know…"

Sasori hugged the blonde closer. "I don't want to do anything unless you're ready, Deidara. I won't get angry at you. Besides…" he twirled a blonde lock around his finger. "As long as you keep eating dango the way you do, I'm gonna stay…"

Deidara sniggered once again before he surrendered to the temptation of blissful sleep. His arms curled around Sasori's.

"Love you danna…you are the only thing I don't want to be temporary and fleeting…"

Sasori stroked his cheek.

Thank you…Deidara…you are my eternal firework that will never cease to explode and will never cease to dazzle me…

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