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Deidara groaned in annoyance, his lovely dream torn apart.


Not…happening…he though weakly as he felt himself slipping back into reality. He groaned in frustration, much preferring the shadowy realms of his dreams.

He buried his head deeper in the pillow, refusing to open his eyes.



Deidara grabbed the tiny clay spider he always kept near him in case they were attacked while resting for the night. He wrenched his eyes open and threw it at the blasted alarm clock. He pushed his hands together and fuelled all his frustration towards the little spider.

The explosion followed shook the room. The charred remains of the unfortunate alarm clock were scattered across the carpet. Deidara gave a satisfied sigh and let his head fall back onto the pillow.

"Was that really necessary?" he heard a slightly irritated voice croak. Deidara slowly pushed his face to the side and cracked an eye open.

Sasori stared back at him through half-open eyes, slightly aggravated. His maroon locks hung in his sleepy, somewhat annoyed red eyes.

"It was annoying, Danna" his blonde partner muttered, snuggling under the covers. He watched his redheaded partner, a smile playing on his lips.

Sasori snorted. "And for that, you had to blow it up?"

"It was the only way to shut it up, Sasori-danna…"

"How about the normal way of simply turning it off?" Sasori suggested in a patronizing tone, an evil smile appearing on his lips. "Or are you too blonde to figure that one out, Deidara?"

The blonde huffed and pushed himself up, insulted. "HEY!"

Sasori snickered, making his partner even madder.

"It's not nice to discriminate against blondes, un!" he pouted.

"Well, with you, the stereotype seems to apply perfectly" the puppet master retorted, poking Deidara in the nose. "Completely dense in the head…"

With a 'humph', Deidara flipped around and turned his back to Sasori, his arms crossed.

"Aw, Dei, don't get so offended…" the redhead cooed, poking him in the back.

No response.

"Come on…please?"


"You're acting like a real brat. Again."

Deidara's shoulders stiffened. "DO NOT go there again, Danna.'

"I'm sorry…please?"

"Go away, un."

Deidara squeezed his eyes shut and continued to pout, silently fuming over his partner's patronizing manner. The sculptor knew he was acting childish, but he really didn't care.

He thought that perhaps after his discovery of his partner returning his feelings and the two of them sharing those moments just a few days ago – that wretched word Sasori used to call Deidara would be forgotten.

But oh no, he just HAD to bring it up again, didn't he?

Well, I'm not talking to him, he thought sulkily, pulling the covers higher up his waist. The air conditioner was on and the cool air chilled the bare skin on his upper body.

He tucked himself in deeper – only to have the covers removed off him a second after.

Huh? What the – he though, confused – when a pair of arms circled around his waist and he felt soft lips on the back of his neck.

"Hey!" he gasped in surprise.

Sasori smiled as he nuzzled into Deidara's neck, inhaling his sweet scent of clay and earth. His fingers splayed across the blonde's stomach, holding him firmly in place.

"Come on…please don't be mad…" he whispered into the sculptor's ear before biting on the tip and gently nibbling his way down before lightly sucking on the lobe. A small moan escaped Deidara.

"Danna…" he breathed, struggling to pull away but Sasori held him tight. "L-lemme go, un…"

I am not giving up so easily, I am not giving up so easily…maybe if I say this enough times I will actually believe it…Goddamnit…why does this feel so good?... No, I will not surrender to him, I won't, I won't, I won't…he thought, his mind racing.

Sasori grinned when he felt his partner respond. He let go of his ear and laid a trail of soft kisses down Deidara's neck. He felt the sculptor shiver at the butterfly touches. Inwardly, he smiled wickedly.

You're not going to talk to me? Well, I will see about that…he was going to give him an addicting taste but then deny him of anything else. He wanted Deidara to be begging him for more. He was delighted Deidara didn't protest and seemed willing to take their relationship further. He now decided to see what limits he could push the sculptor to.

The blonde shuddered at the touches. The pit of his stomach began to warm up alarmingly. He involuntarily rolled his head to the side to allow the puppeteer easier access to his neck.

Sasori responded with enthusiasm, rolling his tongue along the sculptor's neck, relishing his sweet taste. He bit down gently, nibbling along the sensitive skin. With his tongue, he traced the tense muscles in his neck.

"Tense, Deidara?" he purred, moving one of his hands to the blonde's shoulders. He began to massage them, his wooden fingers rubbing deep into his fair skin sensually. He pushed Deidara upwards into a sitting position.

The sculptor protested feebly, still not making eye contact. Sasori acknowledged this with a chuckle and pulled Deidara upright with the sculptor's back facing him, locking their legs together so the blonde couldn't escape. He then began to rub the boy's shoulders, loosening his tensed muscles.

Deidara buckled underneath his touch, struggling to suppress his moans of appreciation. Sasori's touch was like a naked flame on his skin, and it made his insides melt like butter. He tried to free himself.

"Danna…" he groaned. The questioned chuckled and continued to rub his back. Deidara moaned softly.

"So…are you going to talk to me?"

"T-that depends…quit sexually harassing me, Sasori-danna…"

"I don't see you complaining."

Damn. He had him there.

The redhead released the blonde's shoulders, letting his hands trail down the fair skin. One snaked around his waist again while the other caressed Deidara's collarbone. They trailed lower and the sculptor moaned when Sasori played with his nipple.

"D-danna…don't…tease me…"

"But I like hearing you moan…" the fingers pinched his nipple, sending shocks of pleasure down the blonde's spine. He continued to moan softly as Sasori gave his other nipple as much attention before trailing down his stomach.

The blonde sucked in a shaky breath when cool fingers brushed against his pyama-clad groin. The brief contact made his blood boil. He groaned loudly as Sasori began caressing his heated length through his pants. His hips buckled and his head rolled back.


The redhead smiled as he complied, slipping his hand into the blonde's pants.

Deidara sucked in a shallow breath as the cold fingers began pumping his length slowly. He gripped the puppeteer's arm, his nails scratching the surface as he moaned, craving for more.

"Danna…" he groaned, willing for him to go faster.

He heard Sasori chuckle and felt his hot breath on his ear.

"So…are you going to talk to me now?" the redhead whispered, fastening his pace ever so slightly.

"M-maybe…there's no need to be that gentle, Danna…" the blonde panted.

The puppeteer smiled, slightly cruel.

"But that's for being so…uncooperative, Deidara. You refused to talk to me. So I'm gonna punish you."

The blonde groaned in frustration, gripping the redhead's arm. He was aching with need, and Sasori was going to deny him right then?

"Don't do this to me, Sasori…" he moaned, thrusting into the puppeteer's hand.

Sasori smiled cruelly and held the sculptor's buckling hips down with his spare hand.

"Is there something you would like me to do, Deidara?" he purred into his ear, enjoying his partner's helplessness to no end.

"Danna…take me…please…" the blonde whimpered, writhing in the redhead's grasp, his eyes glazed over with frustrated lust. He threw his head back and groaned, beads of sweat forming along his hairline.

The sight caused the redhead's pants to become uncomfortably tight, but he kept his composure. He slowed his hand down, earning more frustrated whimpers.

"Sorry? I can't hear you…" he whispered silkily.

"Dannaaa…just…take me…harder…please…"

"Louder, Dei-chan…I can't hear you…"

Deidara was just about to scream when something in his mind, clouded with need but still working, clicked.

Oh…so that's your plan, Sasori?

The sculptor mentally chuckled. Even though he was a blonde, he wasn't thick.

So Danna wants to see me begging, hmm? Well, let's play this my way…

Sasori frowned slightly when he felt a hand move across from his arm down his side – only to gasp when he felt Deidara grasp his upper thighs.

"Danna…it's not nice to tease people…" the blonde whispered huskily, sliding his hands upwards. Before Sasori could stop him, his hand dipped below his waistband.

"Let me show you why…" Deidara purred.

The puppeteer was about to pull the blonde's wandering hand away when he felt something warm and wet flick out against his cock. He groaned at the heated contact, only to have it repeated.

Deidara was using his hand-mouths to arouse him.


The blonde grinned when he heard Sasori's groan. He decided to speed up a little, the skillful little tongue lapping the puppet's tight skin, earning him a lust-filled moan.

He then slowed down, the tongue slowly circling the head.

"See now, Danna?" he purred into the puppet's ear, tilting his head back. He heard Sasori's soft pants and silently congratulated himself.

"You…you…" was all the redhead could manage.

"Fucking bastard?" Deidara hummed, completing his sentence. "I could pretty much say the same, Danna…"

Suddenly, he felt the hand from his pants being removed, as well as his own hand from Sasori's trousers. He let out a small whimper of protest, only to be silenced by a pair of lips crushing down on his.

He moaned eagerly, his tongue stroking against the redhead's, each trying to gain dominance.

The kiss was suddenly broken as he felt himself being flipped on his back. Sasori pinned his arms above his head.

"You little cheater" he growled, nipping at his neck roughly, sending the blonde moaning. Sasori bit down at the base of his throat, suckling at the fair flesh. Deidara whimpered in appreciation.

The puppeteer let go of his arms so he could lick his way down the blonde's body. He felt the sculptor's hands settle in his hair and smirked.

The blonde gasped when he felt his pants being janked off him, hissing as the cool air brushed against his heated length.

"Danna…shit!" he groaned when he felt his partner's hot tongue trace his way up and down his cock, exploring him with long, lustful licks. His hips buckled in an attempt to get him to take it in, but they were held down by Sasori. He whimpered.

"Danna…not again…please…" he panted, giving him a desperate look, his hands clenching the maroon locks.

"Then say what I want to hear, Dei-chan…" the puppet smirked evilly, circling the head with his tongue.

"Dannaaa…please…take me…"


"D-Danna! Please!"

Deciding he tortured the blonde boy enough, Sasori engulfed his throbbing length.

Deidara moaned loudly, his body buckling uncontrollably. He gripped Sasori's hair tightly, urging him to continue.

Sasori was only too happy to comply, sucking lightly. Deidara let out a small scream at the sudden stab of pleasure.

"D-do that again, Danna…"

He grinned evilly, as much as he could. He sucked again, earning the same reaction from the writhing artist.

"AaaAAhh!! Dannnaa!"

The Akasuna speeded up his pace, nipping at the tightened skin and wrapping his hand around the base of Deidara's cock, pumping it slightly in time with his tongue.

The blonde was tossing his head helplessly, his knuckles turning white as he gripped Sasori's hair with all his might. He was lost in the pleasure his Danna's skilled tongue was creating. He felt the hot coil in his stomach winding up tighter and tighter until he could take no more. With a throaty scream, he climaxed into the redhead's mouth.

His eyes widened in fear.

"Oh, Sasori-danna, I'm so sorry…I was just…" he was cut off when the redhead looked up at him, licking his cum-covered lips.

"Don't be…" he purred before leaning back to clean Deidara's thighs of the sweet mess. The blonde blushed at the sight, panting and trying to get his breathing normal again.

When the mess was cleared, Sasori pulled himself back to plant a heated kiss on the blonde's lips, his hands sliding down his back. Deidara moaned, his blood beginning to boil once again as Sasori ground their erections together. The sweet friction left them both groaning.

On instinct, the blonde began to grind his hips into Sasori's, causing the puppeteer to grip his partner's shoulders tightly, gritting his teeth, restraining his moans. Deidara ground his hips into Sasori harder, causing the puppeteer to groan.

They broke the kiss hastily. Sasori leaned close to his lover's ear.

"Are you ready, Dei-chan?" he whispered huskily, his fingers tracing to the blonde's entrance.

Deidara replied with a fiery kiss, his hand-mouths finding the redhead's erection once more. Sasori groaned into the kiss as he felt the hot mouths nibble on his length.

"Take me, Danna…" Deidara groaned into the redhead's ear.

Sasori needed no further encouragement. He pushed three of his fingers gently into the blonde's mouth.

Deidara began to suck on them seductively, remembering how much the redhead enjoyed his performance with the dango. He licked the fingertips, nibbling on them slightly. Sasori's taste was unlike anything he ever had the pleasure of tasting – unique and addicting.

Sasori held back a moan as he felt his partner's tongue on his fingers, the sight of the flushed blonde nearly enough to finish him off.

He pulled his saliva-coated fingers out of the sculptor's sinful mouth and traced them up to his entrance.

"Relax…this will hurt…" he whispered before inserting two fingers into Deidara.

The sculptor gasped at the sudden pain, his hand gripping Sasori's arm once again. He squirmed in discomfort, biting back a cry.

"Shh…" The redhead hushed him, pumping his cock with his spare hand to take his mind off the pain. "It will get better…"

"I told you…you don't need to be that gentle, Sasori-danna…" the blonde whispered, gripping his partner's hair once more.

Sasori smiled as he added another finger, scissoring with his digits, stretching Deidara to his limits.

As he got used to it, the blonde began to pant, the sensation suddenly not so bad…but quite the contrary. He moved his hands from Sasori's hair to his neck, clinging to him.

Sasori began to move his fingers, pulling them out, only to thrust them back. Deidara groaned.

His eyes suddenly widened as Sasori brushed over his prostate, sending a white-hot surge of pleasure down his spine.

"Fuck!" he swore, his fingers digging into the redhead's neck.

Sasori raised an eyebrow.

"Can't take the pleasure, Deidara?" he whispered, slightly malicious. He repeated the action, sending the blonde moaning, his grip on the redhead tightening, his knuckles turning white.

"I haven't even started yet…" another thrust of fingers. Deidara groaned, his hips rising off the bed. Sasori leaned close to him, smiling cruelly.

"What will you do later? Is this too much for you?"

Deidara stared into the puppeteer's red orbs, slightly scowling. Thin streaks of sweat were running down the side of his face.

"S-shut up, Danna…" he growled.

Sasori smirked in response and thrust his fingers in again, sending the blonde grunting, his head tossed to the side.

"You're in no position to order me around, Dei-chan…" the Akasuna purred, his free hand circling the head of the sculptor's cock. He leaned above the helplessly panting blonde.

Suddenly, Deidara raised himself and bit down on Sasori' shoulder. The puppeteer gasped in surprise.

"I said shut up, un…" the blonde growled, suckling on the smooth wood, his teeth scratching the polished surface. He then nibbled up to Sasori's neck. He bit down, hard enough to draw blood – if the puppeteer had any, that is.

"S-stop…" Sasori panted. He let go of Deidara's cock to push the blonde back on the bed.

The sculptor whimpered, his frustration building up.

"Why are you so cruel, un?!" he moaned, his body writhing helplessly. "Why must you fucking tease me?"

Sasori chuckled, silencing his partner's protests with a lust-filled kiss.

"Because you look so fucking hot, writhing and struggling, that's why…" he purred into the blonde's ear when they broke apart.

The blonde had no time to respond before he felt Sasori's fingers slip out of him, only to be replaced by his cock moments later.

He groaned as the redhead slowly thrust into him, his grip tightening on the puppeteer. He choked out a strangled scream as he felt Sasori hit that sweet spot in him once again.

The redhead smirked, pulling out, only to thrust back into the blonde. He leaned closer to his lover's face, his pants echoing the sculptor's.

"Dannaaa…" he growled, clawing at the redhead's strong back.

"Call me by my name, Dei-chan…" Sasori whispered, thrusting in deeper. Deidara moaned lustily.

"Sa-sasori…harder…" he moaned. The puppeteer was only too happy to comply, slamming into his lover. With his spare hand, he pumped the blonde's cock steadily.

"Nyaaah…Sasori-dannnaa!" the sculptor screamed as the redhead hit his prostate once again. He was struggling not to loose himself.

"God, say that again…" Sasori groaned, thrusting in again, loving the way his name fell from the blonde's lips.

"Sasori-dannnaa…" Deidara groaned, scratching a deep groove on the redhead's back.

Sasori captured the blonde's lips in a bruising kiss as he sped his pace up, hitting Deidara's sweet spot every time. He could feel the blonde moan into the kiss. He continued to thrust steadily, gripping his lover tightly.

Deidara felt the coil in his stomach draw tighter and tighter as Sasori continued to thrust into him, his hand stroking his length at the same time. He groaned at the sensation, his head thrown back, his back arching off the mattress.

Deidara was the first to surrender. He screamed his lover's name as his body buckled beyond control, spilling his seed all over them both.

Sasori was close behind, groaning the blonde's name as he climaxed inside Deidara.

They both lay panting, gripping each other tightly for a few minutes, both lost in ecstasy.

Then, slowly, Sasori slowly withdrew from the sculptor, pulling him gently on his chest. He brushed his blonde bags that covered the sculptor's mechanical eye away.

Deidara looked back at the redhead, his eyes still hazy.

"D-danna…" he whispered.

"Sshh…" the Akasuna hushed him, nibbling on his neck gently before giving the exhausted blonde a chaste kiss.

"I really should explode things more often, un…" Deidara murmured into the puppeteer's chest. His body was deliciously sore as he moved closer to the redhead.

Sasori snorted, weaving his fingers through the soft blonde locks.

"I wouldn't recommend it. I don't like being woken up so early."

"Really, un?" the sculptor purred, raising an eyebrow. He pushed himself up on his elbow and began tracing lazy patterns over Sasori's chest. "I was getting a different impression…"

Sasori smirked. "Well, if you do, I will just have to punish you…"

Deidara snuggled back into Sasori, laughing softly. "Sound pretty good to me, Danna…"


"Hypocrite, un…"

"Love you too, you blonde idiot."


Sasori chuckled before giving the murderous sculptor a quick kiss.

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