Title: The First Food Fight
Fandom: Samurai Deeper Kyo
Pairing: Hotaru/Yuya
Theme: Five Meals-Breakfast
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Done for stagesoflove on livejournal. Set some random point after volume 22 and more than a little Auish, I'm sure.

The first time she had ever slept in and already Yuya was regretting it, since it meant her breakfast companion was the only other late sleeper in the group. Hotaru had raised an eyebrow at her, spoonful of miso in mid air. She had mumbled a quick greeting to him, sitting in front of the only cold tray of food left in the room, which was confidently across from his, consisting of the same meal of rice, soup, grilled fish and blech, pickled plum.

She had never truly talked to him since he would become a part of the group and she definitely had never, ever alone with him. This man had called her Kyo's woman and had threatened to kill her. Granted, Akira had said something similar, but he didn't stare at her with a blank face either.

Or speak in the flattest, most monotone voice in existence. "It's only going to get colder." Snapping out of her daze, Yuya picked up the bowl of rice and started to shovel some into her mouth. Half way through though, she stopped and looked up, noticing Hotaru's eyes still on her.

"What is it?"

"You're doing it wrong." Blinking, she watched as he reached over with his chopsticks, picked up a pickled plum, and held it in front of her face. "You eat these first." Actually, as far as Yuya was concerned, you ate plums last or better yet, not at all.

Staring at the thing for a moment and then at Hotaru, Yuya made a face. "I hate pickled plums." The chopsticks didn't move.

"It's good for digestion though." He almost sounded disappointed and for a moment, Yuya thought about humoring him, until he suddenly shoved them so that they were a breath away from her face. "Eat."

The smell and the way the plums quivered was affecting her digestion, though it wasn't in the way Hotaru intended. But, as she looked at his now dead earnest expression, she realized that this, for some reason was a moment of truth. If she didn't eat what was right in front of her face, Hotaru might very well never talk to her again.

Grimacing, Yuya took the chopsticks from Hotaru and shoved the offending food into her, barely chewing it before she swallowed. "Slimy!" she cried out, making a face. "There, are you happy now?" He nodded, then picked up the bowl of pickled plums sitting on his tray and dumped them into her bowl. "What. Are. You. Doing?"

He blinked in surprise. "I don't like pickled plums." Yuya sat there for a minute, stock still, and then she took the bowl of plums, upturned it on his head, and marched out of the room.

"Screw bonding." She muttered under her breath as she marched out of the room, vowing never oversleep to again.