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Pairings: Itanaru, one-sided Sasunaru. SasoDeid

Warnings: Yaoi, Sakura bashing, Sasuke bashing, future lemons, occness

Summery: Naruto's had enough. Enough of Konoha and the constant hate he receives. And he decides to do the unthinkable. He merges with the demon Kyuubi and runs away from Konoha and ends up in the arms of one of Konoha's most hunted nins…Itachi.

"Itanaru"- talking

'Itanaru'- thinking

Itanaru- Naruto talking to Kyuubi

Itanaru- Kyuubi talking

Itanaru- Kyuubi thinking

Itanaru- Flash backs

Itanaru­- Song lyrics in Japanese

(Itanaru)- Song translation


Hensetsu izen Ai chapter one:

Pain. That was all he could feel. It burned every fibre of his being, leaving him gasping for air and feeling weak. And he hated it. And it wasn't just the physical pain…his heart was worse. It was ripping…tearing… broken.

What had he done to deserve this? Why were they this blind? Could they not see? All they had to go on were age old prejudices. Underneath the underneath…what a funny concept. They are taught this and yet…they do not use it. Some ninja they are.

He tried to move, but hissed when stinging pain shoot through his battered body. The demon hosted within him was trying it's best to heal him, it really was, but the great beast was struggling.

He thought back to what put him in this pitiful condition in the first place.

X- Flash Back –X

He had been walking home from training when it happened. He had been passing a dark ally when he had been grabbed. He had been too surprised to fight back. The hands holding him dug into his delicate skin, drawing blood. When he started to realise what was happening to him, he struggled against the several pairs of hands that held him tightly.

"What the hell! Get off me!" He yelled, trying to get those cold clammy hands off him, but his efforts were futile. There was a dark chuckle,

"Oh no, demon. We're going to show you exactly what you deserve you monster!"

"Wha-" He was stopped when a fist slammed into his jaw, sending him crashing into the wall, his head whacking against the hard surface. He slid down, stunned. He wasn't given time to recover. His attackers grabbed his feet and pulled him forwards, grabbing a handful of golden hair as they did so. He struggled, trying to get them off him. The air left his lungs when he was hit in the stomach with a strong kick. He lay there, gasping for breath.

He lifted his head to glare at his shadowy attackers. One of them chuckled and kicked him in the face. He cried out when he felt his nose being broken. He cried out in pain when they continued to rain punches and kicks on his small body. He lifted his arms to try to ward off the attacks, but that turned out to be a mistake. One of the attackers drew a kunai and brought it down on the small blonde. The sharp weapon went through a gap in his rips, piercing his right lung on his side. He gave a startled cry, coughing up a large amount of crimson blood.

He heard the men laughing at his pain. He gritted his teeth, giving a feral snarl. They laughed harder,

"Hey look, the demons in pain!"

Naruto gave a low growl,

"What h-have I done t-to you?" He asked, coughing up more blood. The men stared at him,

"You're a demon. You killed my family!" One of then roared and the blonde flinched slightly. He opened his mouth to give a retort when one man grabbed his left arm and twisted it. The blonde gave a gasp as the bone was broken. He gritted his teeth to hide the fact that he was in agony.

The men looked at each other, an evil glimmer in their eyes.

'Ah, shit.' Naruto thought and tensed, waiting for the expected attack. He gave a small grunt when another kick collided with his stomach.

"Now, let's finish this, shall we?" One of them asked, getting sounds of agreement from his companions as they advanced on the trembling and bleeding blonde, drawing kunai as they did. Naruto gulped and tried to move away, but they tied him up, using ninja wire that was so tight that it cut into his skin deeply.

Naruto bit his lip to prevent crying out when the sharp point of the kunai cut through his top and into the soft skin of his stomach. The men looked annoyed when they didn't get a reaction. They dug the blade deeper into his body, receiving soft whimpers of pain. They grinned at that.

The heartless bastards didn't just cut his torso; they cut his arms, back and legs as well, even cutting right through the muscle on his left leg.

Then, abruptly, they stopped. They stood up, looking down at the bleeding blonde. The tallest gave a dark chuckle,

"What a masterpiece. Let's leave him, he'll soon die."

And with that, they were gone.

Naruto gasped, trying to get air into his lungs, but each laboured breath hurt him due to the fact that his ribs were broken…not to mention the kunai lodged in his right lung hear the arm. Using what little strength he had, he managed to get the wire off his wrists and ankles. He looked at his wrists and winced. The wires had cut him so deep that he could see the white of the bone. He slowly, and with much difficulty, stood up. He had to get home and fast before any one else took advantage of his current weakness.

X- Flash back –X

He felt pitiful. He was a shinobi. Those men shouldn't have been able to do that to him! He felt weak…pathetic. The blonde looked down at the pool of blood around him with dull, lifeless eyes. He was in his bedroom now…he had dragged himself here. It had been hard, but Naruto didn't want to die in some cold ally. At least he had familiar things around him.

He closed his eyes, leaning against the wall with a soft sigh, only to grimace and cough up a little blood. This was not how he wanted to die.

He closed his eyes, allowing darkness to consume him.


When he opened his eyes, he blinked in surprise.

"Ah, great." He muttered. He was currently standing in a dim room, looking at a giant cage that had a piece of paper that said 'Seal' on it. He scowled as a pair of deep red, angry eyes opened up to glare at him.

Why didn't you stop them, kit?

Naruto stood there, silent. The demon's eyes narrowed at him,

Why didn't you fight back?

"I couldn't. They made sure I didn't."

There was a deep silence in the room as the two stared at each other. Naruto was only a few feet from the cage, so he could clearly see the demon's tensed stance as it seemed to be concentrating on healing his beaten body. Naruto gave a yelp when one of Kyuubi's tails wrapped around him and pulled him closer. He looked up into the eye of the fox, whom was now lying down, and stared in shock. He saw no hate, malice or disgust in those red eyes.

All he saw was pity and a kind of…motherly love. Maybe he was mistaken. For one thing, Kyuubi was a demon and another…Naruto has never known motherly love. He was an orphan after all.

"What is it?" He asked his voice soft.

Kit… I won't be able to heal you…

"So I'm going to die?"

Well, there is an alternative…

Naruto cocked his head to the side cutely,

"What's that?"

You could merge with me…

Naruto felt angry,

"Merge with you? Don't you think that the villagers hate me enough as it is!? You have some nerve!"

The demon was quiet for a moment and then the demon spoke,

It was not my fault I attacked the village. Some evil twisted monster summoned me and put me under his control and made me attack the village. And then I found myself sealed with you… I was separated from my own kits.

"Kits? You mean babies?"

Yes…I'm a mother.

"Wait!? You're a girl!?"

And, so what? Why does everyone assume that a powerful demon is a male! Honestly, little one! Are you trying to insult me!?

Naruto cringed,

"I-I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me!"

Kyuubi looked down at the frightened teen and gave a sigh.

Kit…I'm not going to hurt you. I want to help you. Please, accept my proposition. If you don't then you will die in a few hours. No-one will discover your body until late into the morning. It would be too late by then.

Naruto was silent for a little bit and then he took a deep breath,

"O-okay…I'll do it."

Good. I'll put you into a deep sleep so that you are unaware of the pain. Sleep well, my little kit.

And with that, the blonde snuggled into the soft fur of the demons tail and fell asleep.


The next morning, Naruto gave a groan when he woke up. He was aware of an ache all over his body. He opened his eyes and blinked when the sun shining on him through the curtains hurt his sensitive eyes. He looked down at the floor and gave a grimace. The blood was now dry. He'll have to clean that up later.

Kit, are you alright? He heard Kyuubi asked. He jumped and then calmed down a little,

"Y-yeah… but I'm aching all over…"

That's normal. And you can think your words to me. I can hear them more clearly that way.


Naruto slowly stood up, glad that his injuries were all healed. He slowly walked into the bathroom on shaky legs, feeling a little weak.

Why do I feel so weak?

The affect of the merging.

Naruto gave a sigh and then stepped in front of the bathroom mirror.

He stared.

K-Kyuubi…w-what is this!?

Um…you? And me…

Kyuubi…I look like a fucking girl!?

Well…I am female…

Naruto gave a growl and his hands flew to his head where, currently, there was a pair of red fox ears were. His face was more delicate looking and more angled, giving him a far more feminine look. His eyes were more feline looking with blue eyes with slits for the pupils. His whisker marks were deeper and longer. He looked like a fox…a female one at that….

He then looked down and his mouth dropped,

What the hell happened to my clothes!?

Well…I don't like orange, so I changed them.

But I look like a tart!

Live with it…

His top covered his chest, but stopped just below his ribs, showing of a well toned stomach. The right sleeve went down to the wrist, but the left only came down to the middle of the upper arm. He was wearing a leather glove that went up to his elbow on his left arm. He was wearing tight shorts that stopped mid thigh. His leather boots came up to the knee, the toes and the heel of the dainty feet exposed.

He frowned as he tugged at his now waist long hair, which, he noticed, had gone a strawberry blonde colour (Which is basically blonde hair with red tints, which is my hair colour!!). He curled his lips back in a snarl, only to spot that his canines were now longer then they were before. He turned around, stepping back, only to yelp when he stepped on something and felt unexpected pain. He looked down and his eyes widened. He now had nine red tails that were coiling about his small form. Ah, great…


Hey! I didn't know that you would end up looking like this! Don't blame me! And I must say…you look very sexy!

Shut up!

It would help in finding a good strong mate!

Mate!? Why would I want a strong wife?

Female? HA! I'm not having you mating with female!

Kyuubi…please shut up! How the hell do I hide all this?

I'll come up with something. Clean the apartment for how.

The blonde grumbled, but stalked out of the bathroom and into the main living area. His apartment only had three rooms. The main living area, the bedroom and the bathroom. He didn't mind. He was living alone after all. He winced when he saw a small trail of blood going to the door, which was left ajar. He frowned and quickly went over to it, closing it with a snap. He gave a sigh and then turned around, gathering up a bucket to fill it with water. He made quick work with the blood, removing the stains from his floors. No-one would notice. Not that they notice anything about him anyway.

When he had finished, he looked about and then grinned when he found a piece of cord. He tied his hair up since it kept getting in his face. And since he was feeling so self conscious of the clothes that Kyuubi had given him, he put his orange jumpsuit on top of it.

Okay. I'll but a genjutsu over you. It will be strongest over your ears and tails. If it falters, then your new looks will show through…maybe not the ears or tails. I'll prevent that from happening. And you have your hair hidden under the jumpsuit, so you'll be okay. Just don't do anything strenuous, okay? You're low on chakra from the merging.

Okay, do it now!

There was a few seconds silence then,


Naruto raced into the bathroom and sighed in relief when he noticed he looked like his old self. What a relief!

He then went back into the bedroom and looked at the clock. Meh, he was only half an hour late. Kakashi won't be there.


Sasuke sighed as Sakura clung to his arm, trying to get his attention by talking non-stop. It was, in fact, doing the opposite. He was zoning out. Where the hell was that dobe? Sasuke frowned as a memory suddenly surfaced to bother him. He still thought that it was a dream. It had happened when he was fourteen and doing a little mission for Orochimaru…

X-Flash back-X

He had been wondering in the fire country, not to far from the Sound border. He stopped suddenly. He could hear singing. It was male, but the voice was so beautiful that it could be mistaken for a woman's. Out of curiosity, he followed the sound of that beautiful voice until he could hear the words of the song,

sousa kanashimi wo yasashisa ni

jibun rashisa wo chikara ni

mayoinagarademo ii arukidashite

mou ikkai mou ikkai

(turning sadness into kindness

your uniqueness into strength

it's okay to get lost so begin walking

once again, once again)

Sasuke continued to walk towards the sound of the singer, almost entranced by the beautiful sound.

dareka no kitai ni zutto kotae

homerarerunoga suki nano desuka?

naritai jibun wo surikaetemo

egao wa itsudemo suteki desuka?

(do you like to be praised by

answering everyone's expectations?

will your smile always be beautiful

even if you hide your true self?)

hajimaridake yume mite okiru

sono saki nara itsuka jibun no ude de

(just dreaming the beginning then waking up

the continuation can be reached someday by myself)

He came across some bushes that hid the singer from view, but he was still a distance from them, so he couldn't see anything.

souda daiji na mono wa itsumo

katachi no nai mono dake

te ni iretemo nakushitemo


(the most important thing is always

without any shape

even if you have it or lose it

you'll never know)

sousa kanashimi wo yasashisa ni

jibun rashisa wo chikara ni

mayoinagarademo ii arukidashite

mou ikkai mou ikkai

(turning sadness into kindness

your uniqueness into strength

it's okay to get lost so begin walking

once again, once again)

He was getting nearer. Just a little bit to go now.

zurui otona wa deau tabi

atama gohashi na sekkyou dake

jibun wo sunao ni dasenaku natte

kizutsukinagara sugu ni togatte

(unfair adults are always

giving lectures every time we meet

being unable to show their true selves

they get grouchy as they get hurt)

atarashii kaze mikata ni tsukete

sagashite iinda itsuka aoi tori wo

(getting the new wind on your side

it's now okay to search for the blue bird)

He was nearing the singer, who seemed to think themselves alone, since they sung quite loudly, yet clearly. There was the sound of splashing water. The singer must be bathing or something.

souda daiji na mono wa itsumo

katachi no nai mono dake

te ni iretemo nakushitemo


(the most important thing is always

without any shape

even if you have it or lose it

you'll never know)

sousa kanashimi wo yasashisa ni

jibun rashisa wo chikara ni

mayoinagarademo ii arukidashite

(turning sadness into kindness

your uniqueness into strength

it's okay to get lost so begin walking)

namida no ato ni wa nazeka fukkireta

sora ni niji ga deru you ni shizen na koto

ame wa agatta

(it's natural like the rainbow

that somehow appears after tears

the rain stopped)

The singing and the sound of splashing was getting louder. This person was obviously a loud person. Tch, that wouldn't help if he was on a spying mission. What a dobe.

dakara daiji na mono wa itsumo

katachi no nai mono dake

te ni iretemo nakushitemo


(so the most important thing is always

without any shape

even if you have it or lose it

you'll never know)

sousa kanashimi wo yasashisa ni

jibun rashisa wo chikara ni

kiminara kitto yareru shinjite ite

mou ikkai mou ikkai

mou ikkai mou iikai?

(turning sadness into kindness

your uniqueness into strength

believing that you should be able to do it

once again, once again

once again, are you ready?)

Sasuke reached the bushes that were blocking his view of the singer and stopped, arguing with himself. Should he see who it was who so caught his attention?

He narrowed his eyes and then reached forward, gripping the bushes tightly. He pushed them aside and peered into the gap. There was a small crystal clear lake with a grassy shore that had lush green grass and lilac flowers dotted here and there. His eyes then trailed to the figure in the water and his eyes widened. He'd recognise that sunny blonde hair and whisker marks anywhere! Naruto! What was he doing here?

And where on earth did Naruto learn to sing like that? His voice was so…beautiful and captivating. He wanted to hear more. He then realised that Naruto was naked. He couldn't help himself as his eyes roamed over the sun kissed skin, taking in every detail of the slightly muscled figure, though not overly so, making him look slightly feminine.

Sasuke stared at the solitary figure as he licked his lips unconsciously, wondering. Naruto, he noticed, was far better looking then any of the girls in the academy. Wait a second…did he just think that!? Dammit! He should be thinking of ways to kill his brother, not thinking about an old team-mate! Tch.

He was brought to attention when the blonde made his way to the edge of the lake and got out. He had to pinch his nose from the oncoming nosebleed. The blonde had his back towards him, which gave Sasuke a perfect view of his tight ass.

Sasuke watched was the blonde slowly dried himself with a towel, teasing the young Uchiha with those slow movements. Sasuke wiped the drool that gathered at the corner of his mouth.

He felt a little disappointed when Naruto put on some boxers, blocking the view from the drooling Uchiha.

Sasuke watched as the blonde dressed himself, and then using the towel to dry off his bright blonde hair.

Just then, the figure of the toad sannin stepped out and approached the blonde,

"You done brat?" He asked. Naruto smiled widely and replied,

"Yup! Let's go, Ero-sennin!"

Sasuke glared at the retreating backs. If Jiraiya hadn't have appeared, then he would have gone down and raped the blonde… it wasn't his fault that the blonde looked so fuckable. In fact, he had a current problem that needed attending to.

He walked off in a surly mood. He had a lot to think about…

X-Flash back-X

He then looked to the right when he felt a familiar chakra signature approached them. He frowned. It was familiar, but it seemed a little…different. He looked as Naruto appeared, grinning at them,

"Hi guys! Sorry I'm late, but I forgot to set my alarm, hehe."

"You idiot! Don't do it again!" Sakura screeched and hit the blonde over the head before turning to smile in a sickly way at Sasuke, her back turned to the smaller male. Naruto glared at her as he rubbed the small bump that had formed on his head. Sasuke closed his eyes as Sakura started to rattle on again about things.

"Sakura." He said. She stopped talking immediately, her eyes wide in a hopeful way.

"Yes, Sasuke-kun. What do you want; I'll do anything for you!"

"…Shut up…"

She blinked and then looked disappointed. She then turned angry green eyes at the little blonde, who was carving something out in the wood of the bridge, his pink tongue stuck out a little of his pouty looking lips in his concentration. Sasuke liked the view and was thinking of how those lips would taste. He narrowed his eyes in loathing when Sakura started to tell him off for it. The poor blonde looked a little lost as if not really knowing what he was being told off for.

"Sakura." Sasuke said again through gritted teeth. The pink haired thing turned to him, blinking slightly.

"Leave him alone."

Both Sakura and Naruto blinked at this. Naruto cocked his head to the side, as if considering Sasuke. All of a sudden, he pulled a face and looked away, crossing his arms. It was then that Sasuke noticed that his left hand was covered by a leather glove. Hmm, leather, how sexy.

They waited in silence for the next few hours, waiting for their team leader. They were chuunin so they had Kakashi as their team leader. And he was late…as always. Sasuke thought that if the man turned up on time for once, he'd have a heart attack or something.

When the man did appear, both Naruto and Sakura shouted at him about him being late. The Jounin just laughed and made the excuse that he had run out of hot chocolate and had to wait for the shops to open to buy some before he could have his morning cup of hot chocolate. As usual…they didn't believe him.

They followed the Jounin to their training grounds. He stopped and turned to them,

"Okay guys. I think today we'll do some simple sparing. Sasuke, Naruto, your up first."

Naruto grumbled under his breath, obviously not in the mood for it. Sasuke smirked. He took any opportunity he could to touch the blonde, and this was one of them. The two moved into the middle of the field, taking their fighting positions, drawing their kunais'. Naruto was the first to move and threw the weapon at the Uchiha. The dark haired male easily deflected the projectile before blocking a punch from the blonde. He winced as his palm smarted. Damn, the blonde could hit harder then Sakura and that was saying something.

He jumped back as a knee was aimed at his abdomen, hissing when it grazed the skin briefly. When did the dobe get so fast? He lashed out with the kunai, the point coming within inches of Naruto's face. The blonde grabbed his wrist and slammed his shoulder into the pale teen's chest, knocking the wind from his lungs. Sasuke staggered back a few steps, trying to fill his lungs with some air, but the blonde didn't give him a chance to recover. Naruto appeared behind him and crouched low, swinging his leg so that they swept the raven haired male off his feet and into the ground. Before Sasuke could register what was going on, he felt a knee being pressed on his chest and a cold sharp point at his throat.

"I win." Naruto said with a grin. Sasuke glared up at him. When did the idiot get so strong?

"N-Naruto!?" Sakura cried, shock evident in her voice. She and Kakashi approached the pair and Kakashi said,

"That was a quick battle. Well done Naruto. Were you doing some training before hand? You look tired."

Naruto slowly stood up with a yawn and scratched the back of his head in a sheepish manner,

"Hehe, yeah. I didn't get much sleep last night so I decided to do some training instead…"

"I want a rematch!" Sasuke snarled, standing up quickly and drawing a kunai, sweeping it at the blonde, who ducked in time before the sharp weapon cut his hair. Naruto did a cross seal and shouted,

"Kage bunshin no jutsu!" About ten clones appeared. Naruto swore slightly. He really was low on chakra and Sasuke's behaviour was not helping. He had to finish this soon!

While his ten clones rushed in attacking the raven haired male with taijutsu so that thy could wear him down as well as figuring out his fighting style, Naruto stayed at the side, watching intently.

"You two, stop!" Kakashi said in a weary voice. Naruto pouted, but dispersed his clones, going back to the silver haired Jounin.

"I wanted to kick the teme's ass again!"

Kakashi chuckled and ruffled the blonde's hair. Naruto flinched back slightly, causing the older man to frown slightly. The action also didn't go unnoticed by Sasuke.

Naruto sat down, feeling extremely tired. He leaned on his hands while his legs were spread slightly in front of him. He didn't notice the drooling Uchiha.

Kit…you're genjutsu is failing a little bit. Don't worry, they can't see you tails or ears, but I think Sasuke likes the way you look…

Naruto snapped his head at the staring Uchiha and gulped nervously. Was it him, or did Sasuke look hungry, really hungry. And at him as well.

Sakura frowned, leaning forward slightly,

"You know Naruto…I've never noticed this before, but you look like a girl."

Naruto's eyebrows twitched. She did not just say that. She. Did. Not. Just. Say. That!

He jumped up screaming,

"How do I look like a girl?"

Sakura cocked her head to the side and said in an accusing tone,

"You look pretty! Prettier then me!"

"He was prettier then you to start with…" Sasuke muttered, and although Kakashi and Sakura didn't hear it, Naruto did. The blonde turned his attention to the Uchiha, who was staring at him with a lustful gaze before snorting and turning his back. He didn't notice Sasuke's gaze on his tight ass.

Meanwhile, Kakashi was doing a mantra in his head that sounded something like this:


Naruto stared at the three, and gave a frustrated sigh. It was all those villagers fault.

"I'm going for some ramen." He growled and without waiting for an answer, he raced off.

As he walked through the town, he got a few strange looks from the people he passed, villager and shinobi alike that were similar to the one that Sasuke was giving him earlier. It made him feel uncomfortable and make him want to sink into the ground.

He reached the small ramen bar, walking in and jumped onto one of the stalls shouting,

"Miso ramen please!"

Teuchi, the stall owner, turned around and froze, staring at the small blonde. Naruto cocked his head to the side and asked,

"What's wrong, Ojii-chan?"

The man shook his head and mumbled,

"Nothing…" before he turned around and prepared the blonde's meal. When he was done, he placed it in front of Naruto and watched as the blonde gave a small 'Itadakimasu' and dug into the bowl, eating at a fast rate.

"Um, Naruto." The old man asked, eying the blonde carefully. Naruto looked up, blinking as he paused in his feast,


"Is it me…or do you look different."

A tick appeared in the blonde's head and he grunted, finishing off his ramen quickly,

"Is it me or is everyone saying that?"

Teuchi gave a sigh and turned around and continued to serve up another helping for the small blonde.

Naruto was snapped from his thoughts when someone sat next to him. He looked at who it was and almost groaned. Sasuke.

"What do you want teme?" He asked. Sasuke didn't say anything, but looked at him through the corner of his eyes. The blonde shifted away, not liking the way Sasuke was looking at him. It was jut as bad as walking through the village earlier. He shuddered at the thought of those hungry stares on him. At least they were not hateful like they normally were. At least he could breathe a sigh of relief at that.

"Sasuke-kun!" Both males flinched at the shrill voice and the blonde turned in time to see Ino glomp Sasuke front behind, chattering like mad. Shikamaru and Chouji followed at a slower pace, sitting down next to Naruto, who decided to look away so that they wouldn't gape at him.

Ino looked over at him and stared. And stared.

"What?" He asked, getting a little irritated by the fact that she was staring at him like all the others. All of a sudden, the blonde girl let out a squeal. Everyone in the surrounding area stopped and stared at the girl, who didn't seem to notice,

"Oh, Naru-chan! When did you get so cute?"

There was a deep silence as everyone absorbed those words, their eyes going wide as they stared at the said 'Cute boy'. Shikamaru and Chouji, out of curiosity, stood up to get a better look at the fuming blonde. They blinked once, then twice before Shikamaru smirked,

"I have to agree with her…"

"I DO NOT LOOK CUTE!! And don't call me Naru-chan!" Naruto shouted, standing up, almost jumping up and down on the spot. Ino giggled and grabbed him, holding him a crushing hug,

"AWWW! But you do look cute! And I'll call you Naru-chan if I want!"

No-one noticed the jealous glare that Sasuke sent in Ino's direction. Naruto grumbled and wriggled, trying to get out of Ino's grip,

"Lemmi go!" He growled. A giggling Ino let him go and smiled down at him,

"Sorry Naru-chan, I can help it that you're so cute!"

"It is seems others like the cute you as well." Shikamaru said, looking at the hungry stares directed at the pissed looking blonde.

Naruto gave another growl and stomped off saying,

"That's it, I'm going home!"

"Okay, be safe Naru-chan!" Ino called after him. Naruto gave another growl and continued on his way.


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