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Joint Fic: Plot by Dark Mican, written by YaoiRocks.

Title: Hensetsu izen Ai

Rating: M

Warnings: Yaoi, Sakura bashing, Sasuke bashing, future lemons, occness

Pairings: Itanaru, one-sided Sasunaru. SasoDeid

Summary: Naruto's had enough. Enough of Konoha and the constant hate he receives. And he decides to do the unthinkable. He merges with the demon Kyuubi and runs away from Konoha and ends up in the arms of one of Konoha's most hunted nins…Itachi.

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Hensetsu izen Ai chapter three:

Naruto grumbled under his breath as he followed the two Akatsuki members along a forest path on their way to the Akatsuki base, their light footsteps gently kicking up dust into the still air. His two 'escorts' hadn't spoken in the two days that they had been travelling. It was pretty boring and Naruto continued to watch nature around him. If this silence carried on any longer then Naruto was going to wring their necks and go off since he was only coming along for something to do, and to prove that they couldn't extract the demon that was inside of him. It was a good thing that his genjutsu was still active…

All of a sudden, Itachi stopped and turned to face Naruto, his sharingan flashing at the blonde. Naruto stopped as well, looking suspiciously at the Uchiha as he had the feeling that the missing nin was looking straight through him as if he had no genjutsu covering his image. Kisame stopped and turned, watching the scene with interest.

"Naruto-kun…" Itachi spoke quietly his voice barely above a whisper, making the small blonde shiver slightly. He swallowed a little before answering,


"We are not going to encounter any more people on our way to the base…please remove the genjutsu."

Naruto blinked, caught off guard and then glared at Itachi, who looked calmly back. Kisame looked from Itachi to Naruto and then back to his partner. Damn that Sharingan…why did it have to be able to see just about everything?

I'm just going to release it…there's no fooling the Uchiha. His sharingan can see though this genjutsu.

Naruto's eyes flashed slightly as his shoulders stiffened slightly before they slumped slightly,

"Okay…" He sighed reluctantly.

Naruto waited a few moments as Kyuubi released the genjutsu to reveal his real body and then smirked slightly when Kisame made a small surprised noise as he stared at Naruto with wide eyes,

"What the hell!?" He asked in a slightly strangled voice, his jaw open slightly as he stared at Naruto.

Naruto's eyes hardened into a glare at the tallest Akatsuki member and he growled,

"This is the result of merging with Kyuubi."

"Why did you merge?" Itachi asked, his voice indicating that he was not surprised one bit by the changes in the small blonde.

"Because if I hadn't…I would've died…"

The man remained silent, looking at the small blonde intently, clearly wanting him to continue with his story. The blonde heaved a sigh before saying,

"They beat me up and left me for dead, okay? The only way for me to survive was to merge with the Kyuubi. Now shut up about it…please…"

Neither of the two said a word as the blonde brushed past them along the path, but Naruto could still sense their gaze on him. The small male ignored them as he continued along the path, lost in his thoughts as the other two followed him without a word, knowing that Naruto would not run off from them. Because he had no where to go.

What would the other Akatsuki say when they saw him like this? Would they just be like the villagers? And attack him with intent to kill? Or would they just try and extract the Nine tails anyway? He gave a snort. They tried that they would risk killed them both and losing the nine tails, which would foil what plans they had for the tailed beasts. Most likely world domination…now that the thought about it...it sounds like a fantastic idea. A smirk made its way across Naruto's lips. If that was the case…he would never have to worry about being beaten up. He could do whatever he fucking well pleased.

"Naruto-kun…we shall be stopping here for the night."

The blonde stopped as the quiet voice of the Uchiha reached his sensitive ears. He stopped, looking behind him at the missing nins. He then looked about him. It was a small clearing, surrounded by dark, knarled forest trees which gave it an almost sinister feel. He shrugged and sat down on the floor, looking Itachi straight in the eyes,

"Right…so what's for dinner?"

The Uchiha stared blankly at Naruto before he too, joined the blonde on the floor,

"Kisame…can you please go get something to eat?"

The fish man grumbled as he turned and walked off in a random direction as he went in search for something to eat. Did they never carry provisions on them?

"We did…but we ran out of them. Besides I prefer fresher food." The raven haired male said, as if reading his very thoughts, as he concentrated on gathering some twigs for a fire, randomly shifting them about until they were to his satisfaction. Once done, he circled the twigs with stones before he bent slightly over them, lifting his hands to his face as he did a quick series of seals, blowing gently to emit a small flame, which caught the twigs and set them alight. Naruto watched with fascination at the small graceful movements that the Uchiha had. He carried himself much like a king would, as if knowing what power he had, yet he knew what limits he had. That was the most important thing when knowing your power. Knowing your limits. That's what makes you a true ninja.

"It's rude to stare, Naruto-kun…"

Blue eyes blinked and stared into sharingan ones before Naruto smirked slightly and turned his head to the side. He could still feel the gaze of the Uchiha on him, watching him, calculating him.

Naruto gave a yawn, stretching his tired muscles as they had been walking all day and, although he was not exhausted, his muscles felt a little sore from the constant exercise. Nothing that Kyuubi wouldn't heal. He was half demon after all…

Kit! Kyuubi snarled inside his mind, making him jump slightly at the hostile tone of it.

What!? Did I do something wrong?

There was a pause before Kyuubi growled,

No…there is a hostile presence nearby…warn the Uchiha about this. Prepare to fight with your new abilities.

Right, okay.

The blonde pulled himself out from his mind and looked over at the silent Uchiha, who sat with his eyes closed as if in a meditative state. Naruto stared at him before saying out loud, although making an effort to keep his voice low so that only the Uchiha could hear him,

"There are some hostile forces nearby…"

"I know." Was the monotone response. Naruto was not surprised that Itachi already knew about the force.

"What are we going to do?" Naruto asked, certain that the Uchiha had a plan already.

"We are going to stay here…and set up an ambush to kill them…then we're moving camp."

The blonde tilted his head, relaxing his tense muscles, although he was ready to spring into action when he needed to. The two sat in silence as they could hear the noisy footfalls of the clumsy invaders. This was going to end quickly. Naruto's ear twitched as he sniffed lightly at the air, there had to be at least six of them, providing that there were no more standing downwind that is.

The blonde closed his eyes and acted like as if he was completely oblivious to his surroundings. He could now feel their eyes on him, and his nose twitched at a certain smell. Fear. They were seeing his half demon form and it was sending fear through them. Why weren't they running away? Surely they would want to run away? Either that or they saw Itachi and saw that he was in the bingo book and wanted to kill him in order to earn money. Or that they were extremely desperate. Did they really think that they would kill him and Itachi? He gave a small snort. Idiots.

He didn't even flinch when he felt the sharp, cold edge of a kunai blade held up to his neck and a gruff voice say in his ear,

"Don't move filthy demon or I'll kill you." Was it Naruto's imagination…or did the guy sound uncertain and scared? A small smirk graced his lips. This was going to be fun. Naruto opened one bright blue eye, looking at the five men that were standing around him. One was beside Itachi, holding a kunai up to his neck, like the guy was for Naruto. The Uchiha remained calm and collected as if the men were not around them. They were all wearing scruffy chuunin uniforms, all looking dirty and weather beaten. They were obviously rogue nins. But from where? He didn't know since there were no sign of head bands to tell where they came from. Itachi's eyes were open, the sharingan activated. Naruto took that as a sign. As quick as he could, he grabbed the rogue's hand and snapping it in half. Before the man had time to scream in pain, the blonde leapt up and drove his open hand into the man's chest, his claws wrapping around the man's heart, pulling it out of his chest, watching in fascination as he squeezed it, the blood spurting out. He dropped it next to the body and leapt to the side as he sword was thrust at him. He snarled at the man, his lips curling upwards to reveal his long canines. He gave a dark chuckle and smirked when the man flinched, the fear in his eyes increasing. The man thrust the sword at him again and Naruto stepped to the side, griping the metal with both hands and, with effort, snapped the blade in two. The man stared at the broken sword, his mouth wide open in shock. Fatal mistake. Naruto jumped on the man and used his claws to slit his throat. The man gave a gurgled shriek, his hands clawing at his throat before he sank to the floor and lay there, his eyes wide and mouth agape. The blonde turned and blinked at the blooded ground and the fallen bodies of the other men, Itachi standing in the middle of the carnage looking as regal as ever.

"We have to move now." Itachi said, kicking dirt on the fire to put it out. There was a rustling in the bush and they both looked to see Kisame step out with several fish in his hands. The man blinked and looked at the scene,


Itachi nodded and walked up to the taller male,

"We're moving. Now."

Kisame sighed and nodded, evidently not pleased with the change in camp. The three moved away from the area, walking for about an hour before Itachi told them that they were to set up camp. They settled themselves in, having the fish that Kisame had caught for dinner, as well as a few wild berries that Itachi had found as well.

Later, Naruto lay next to the fire, his eyes wide open. Kisame was snoring loudly on the other side of the fire as Itachi was taking the first night watch. Naruto could make the male out near him, staring out into the darkness. The blonde was silent for a while, torn between speaking to the Uchiha and staying silent.

"Can't sleep, Naruto-kun?" Itachi's quiet voice carried easily in the dark, silent night. The blonde jumped in surprise,

"Er, yeah…"

"You should sleep. Save your energy for tomorrow."

Naruto sighed and nodded, not sure of Itachi had seen or not. He was silent for a while before asking,

"What will Akatsuki do to me?"

Itachi's onyx eyes looked at Naruto,

"I am not entirely sure." He replied before looking back out into the darkness,

"I doubt they would let you go freely as you carry the very thing that we need. Or shall I say, you are the very thing we need."

The blonde blinked in confusion,

"So…you would seal me up?" Dread filled Naruto. They would seal him in the statue!? For all eternity? Or until they needed him. He shuddered. That thought was unbearable.

"No, you cannot. Even thought you and the Kyuubi are merged, you are still partly human. Human's cannot be sealed within the statue so that would be impossible." Itachi said as he watched the blonde closely. Naruto felt himself relax. Thank fuck that he wasn't going to be sealed inside a damn statue.

"Sleep Naruto-kun…" The Uchiha murmured, and, unwillingly, Naruto obeyed.


The blonde woke up to his shoulder being shaken to wake him up. He blinked sleep blurred eyes to look up at Kisame,

"Come on, brat, we have to go now." He said before moving off. The blonde rubbed sleep from his eyes as he looked about. It wasn't even dawn yet. He sighed and dragged himself off of the ground, dusting himself off. He glanced over at Itachi and asked,

"What's for breakfast?"

"Nothing. We need to get a move on, we cannot waste time here. We're still too close to where the bandits attacked us."

The blonde pouted. He was hungry and he wanted something to eat.

"There are some blackberries on that bush over there if you're really that hungry, Naruto-kun. But be quick about it."

Blue eyes trailed over to where the bush was, studying the blackberries. He went over and took one, sniffing it's sweet scent before popping it in his mouth, grinning at the sweet taste and juiciness. These were just right to be eaten. He scoffed a load down, wrapping a few in a piece of clean cloth to be eaten later.

He felt a tap on the shoulder and knew that it was time to leave the camp. He inspected it with sharp eyes. It looked like as if no one had been there, the only clue as to their presence was the faint smell of burnt wood, but that was only noticeable to his sensitive nose, not to the terrible human smell. Although a dog might be able to pick it up. But in a few hours even that smell would have dissipated completely. He spotted the two Akatsuki members walking off from the sight and quickly followed up behind them. They were not long from the base, maybe a couple of days walk, which was about half a days run.

The three decided to run the rest of the way and they were able to reach the base area just before sunset, although all Naruto could see was a mountainous range. Well, it was a good place in which to put a secret base. He looked at Itachi expectantly. The Uchiha smirked lightly before going down into a small gorge, which Naruto hadn't noticed before hand as it seemed to go out of its way not to be noticed by the human eye. Must be a genjutsu. The three walked a distance into the gorge where they stopped at a vertical, flat-ish rock.

Itachi bit his thumb so that he was able to draw blood from it, drawing it across this rock, leaving a blood streak. A circular seal appeared for a second, shining a blood red before the rock seemed to pulsate before disappearing entirely, revealing a dim corridor that was lit by a few torches. They entered the corridor, the genjutsu once again appearing, cutting off the sunlight that had been pouring into the corridor. Naruto looked about, rather impressed. They had evidently thought about this very well, but then, he was not surprised. They had a lot of enemies.

Their footsteps echoed in the dim corridor and the small blonde felt rather self conscious of how loud they sounded. After what seemed an eternity, the corridor opened out into a large room. The blonde's jaw dropped at the huge statue that had huge hands chained together. The statue had nine eyes and something wedged in its mouth. He heard the Kyuubi hiss in an agitated manner inside of his mind,

That is the statue where they have sealed all of the other bijuu. I can sense them.

The blonde snapped out of his thoughts when a dark voice cut through the air, startling him,

"You made it back in good time…Itachi, Kisame. Is the Kyuubi host ready for extraction…?"

Itachi glanced at Naruto, his sharingan flashing before staring up at the hands where Naruto could now see figures perched on top of each finger, only three spaces left. Two for Itachi and Kisame, the third for some unknown member. Itachi's pale tongue flickered out to moisten his lips before he said,

"We have a slight problem, Leader-sama."

"What is it?"

"It would seem that the Kyuubi and the host have merged into one."

There was a deep silence in the room before some murmurs sounded for a moment before silence struck again.

"Can the Kyuubi be extracted?"

Itachi opened his mouth to speak, but before he was able to, he was interrupted. The blonde could feel Kyuubi kick him aside and take control, growling out in her demonic voice,

"No, you cannot extract me from Naruto's body. Doing so will result in the death of both of us. Me and Naruto."

"And how do you know!?" Snapped the leaders voice, evidently startled by the demon talking to them directly and trying to cover it up. Kyuubi smirked and said in their mind,

Naruto. What do you want to do? If they cannot extract me, they would never let us go…

Naruto thought about it and then an idea struck him and he smirked from where he was in the confounds of his mind,

How about…we join them? We have nothing else to do and you never know…it might be fun."

You might have an idea there, kit. I think it would be a good idea.

Kyuubi straightened and said,

"I know because it is pure and simple logic. How can you extract two things that are completely integrated with each other? It is impossible without damaging both beyond repair. I offer, instead, a proposition. Instead of just extracting me and sealing me away, allow us to join you. It would be better as, in the physical form of a human; I can use my powers more effectively."

"And how do we know that you will not just simply try and destroy us?"

"I give you my word as the Demon Lord, a nine tailed Bijuu. Does that suffice?"

There was silence before the leader answered,

"For now…It will have to. We, however, need you to prove your loyalty. I think, for your first mission, you are to find and kill Orochimaru and get the Akatsuki ring that he possesses so that you may stand in his place within our ranks, understood?"

Kyuubi smirked widely and purred,

"Perfecftly…It will be done." Kyuubi bowed slightly to show respect before looking about,

"Where do we stay?"

"We have rooms…Itachi…show him where he will be staying…"

Itachi inclined his head before walking off, not looking back. Kyuubi retreated back into their minds, letting Naruto have control again. He swayed slightly before regaining himself and going after the taller male. When he had caught up, Itachi said,

"That was a risky move you made there. Was that your plan all along?"

The blonde shrugged,

"More or less. Hey, it's something to do, isn't it? And now that I have been ranked as a S-rank nuke nin it's the only safe place for me."

"That is true…" The Uchiha admitted. The two walked down winding corridors, which made Naruto's head spin in trying to work out what direction they were going in. After a while, Itachi stopped, causing the blonde to stop as well. It was then Naruto noticed that there was a door in the wall of the stone corridor. The Uchiha put his hand on the door knob and twisted it, opening it up to reveal the large double bedroom. It had a double bed, sofa, wide screen TV and another door which he assumed led to an en-suite bathroom. He stared at Itachi, his mouth open, lost for words. The Uchiha smirked at his expression and said,

"Welcome to the Akatsuki." With that he turned and walked off, his cloak swirling around him as he walked down the dim corridor, leaving Naruto alone.

The blonde sighed lightly before going into the room, looking about. Evil organisation with a mega awesome liar…perfect. He stretched before jumping on the bed, rolling from side to side a couple of times before lying still once again. He curled up, hugging his knees to his chest, nuzzling his nose into his knees.

'Ne, do you think we are going to be okay?' He asked in the confounds of his mind. He felt the ancient beast inside him stir slightly before he got a rumbling response,

I do not know, kit. Didn't you have a plan?

'Um…no, not really…'

He felt annoyance from Kyuubi,

Kit! That was a foolish thing to do! He felt more than heard her growl inside his mind,

But…we have to do with what we have got. You know there was a small chance that he would not have believed us and we would both be dead by now?

'I know. But I had a feeling that it would all be fine. And it was. So there are no problems, okay?'

He felt more annoyance,

I am surprised that I have not started growing grey hairs with you about, Kit.

'Maybe you would look wiser if you did…'

.Kit…you are lucky I am merged with you. Or you would be so dead right now.

Naruto smirked,

'Yeah, well, I seem to have a lot of luck.'

Yes…yes you do.

Naruto decided not to respond as he closed his red-blue eyes, feeling Kyuubi's mind wrap around his own making it feel like as if she was enveloping him in a warm, motherly hug. He smiled to himself as he slowly drifted off to a deep, dreamless sleep.


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