How the Past can Change

A K&K Rurouni Kenshin Romance FanFiction by: bunny ;D

Disclaimer:  Rurouni Kenshin is the creation of Nobuhiro Watsuki, with the manga and anime rights belonging to Jump Comics and Sony Entertainment, respectively. I do not own and did not create the series or its characters...I'm just a fan, and I have no money anyways, so NO SUING ME!!  :D

AN:  This story is altering the original story of Rurouni Kenshin / Samuai X.  It also has some OOCness, (especially with Battousai.) If you don't like that idea, or can't handle it…I would advise you not to read this fic.  If you are a hard core Tomoe and Kenshin forever kind of person, I would advise you to not read this fic.  Don't get me wrong, I like Tomoe, this is just a different story ok?

Ja ne,

Bunny ;D

Chapter One

"Oh…Kaoru-chan, you look absolutely breathtaking." Tae cooed as she finished putting combs in Kaoru's elaborate hairstyle.

"Well, I would hope so Tae, this is the most important day of my entire life," Kaoru replied.

"I know!!!  It's so beautiful and exciting!! I always knew you and Ken-san would tie the knot someday," Tae said.

Kaoru stood up from her position in front of the mirror and grinned at her friend.  "I wish I had your confidence Tae, I'm still worried that baka fiancée of mine is going to back out at the last minute with some 'I'm not worthy' speech," she said with a slightly worried look.  Tae laughed and Kaoru nervously giggled with her.  'Mou! He better not do something like that' Kaoru worried to herself.

"Kaoru-chan!!!" a voice rang out, ending their nervous giggles.  They turned towards the paper screen door, where Megumi was coming into the room while calling out to Kaoru.

"It's almost time Kaoru-chan!! Are you nervous?!?" Megumi asked excitedly.

"Not really Megumi-chan," Kaoru responded.

"HA!" Megumi said her fox ears beginning to show, "you will be tonight, just around bed time!!"

Kaoru blushed all the way to her toes. "MEGUMI!!" she screeched.

"HOHOHOHOHO," Megumi laughed. Tae joined in, elbowing Kaoru and winking her eye at her.

Kaoru blushed even more.  'That Megumi!!' Kaoru fumed to herself, 'one of these days, I'm going to get her for that comment,' she promised.

"Now, now, Kaoru-chan, I was only teasing you!!  I'm sure Kenshin will have NO TROUBLE calming your bridal nerves." Megumi teased as she started laughing again.

"GET OUTTA HERE MEGUMI, YOU'RE SUCH A PERVERT!!!" Kaoru yelled at the top of her lungs.

Just as Kaoru finished her outburst, the paper screen door slid open again, and there stood Kenshin.  "Is everything ok in here ladies?" he questioned, raising his right eyebrow just a tad at the three women standing in the middle of Kaoru's room with guilty expressions on their faces.

Kaoru blushed.  'Wow, he looks great!!' she thought to herself.  'I don't care what Megumi-chan says, I'm so happy, because today I get to finally fulfill my greatest dream and marry Kenshin.  I'm not going to let her try to spoil this for me.'

"Oh, just, you know, woman stuff, Ken-san," Megumi sung to Kenshin as she and Tae breezed passed him and out of Kaoru's room.  "We'll just leave you two alone for a few minutes," Tae added before pushing Kenshin further into the room and closing the paper screen door behind him. "Don't be too long, the ceremony is starting in less than 10 minutes!" she called through the paper screen door.

Kenshin and Kaoru stood there for a few minutes, just staring at each other.  Finally Kaoru broke the silence.  "Morning, Kenshin" she said barely above a whisper.

"Morning, sweetheart," Kenshin replied, taking a few steps closer to her.

Kaoru blushed at the endearment and looked down at her feet, which were suddenly extremely interesting to her.

"You are so beautiful…" Kenshin continued.

Kaoru looked up at his comment, her eyes shining with love.

"Do you promise?" she asked.

"Of course I do." He answered.

She smiled and looked down again.  "Ok…" she replied.

Kenshin took the last two steps separating them and gently took Kaoru into his arms.  "This unworthy one was afraid to touch you, that you might not be real.  This all seems like such a wonderful dream," he whispered into her ear.

"Baka," Kaoru said back.

Kenshin laughed and kissed her.  Kaoru kissed him back, and giggled a little when they finally broke apart.  "I love you." She said.

"Aa" Kenshin agreed "And I love you more, my Kaoru.  The ceremony is starting now," he said and then paused to give her another kiss, "I'll see you in a few minutes," he whispered to her before turning and walking out of the room.

Kaoru nervously patted at the dust that wasn't on her bridal kimono and smoothed out her already flawless hair.  She took one last look at her bedroom; reminding her self that things would never be the same again, for now, Kenshin would be sharing her room with her…

Finally she took a deep breath and nervously let it out.  "Ok, its time now," she said to herself as she began to walk towards the paper screen door to begin her new life.

As Kaoru reached out her hand, and touched the paper screen door screen, there was a flash of the brightest of bright lights.  Kaoru pulled back a step shielding her eyes from the brightness.  Kaoru's heart beat frantically as she felt herself being enveloped in the light "WHAT? KENSHIN!!!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as she disappeared in a final burst of light.

Running was heard and then the paper screen door was ripped off of its tracks.  "KAORU!!" Kenshin yelled into the empty room, Sano and Yahiko right behind him and behind them Megumi and Tae.

"Kaoru!!!" he yelled again, frantically searching for her departed body throughout the room, making it appear as if a whirlwind had hit the room.  Discouraged, and helpless, Kenshin fell to his knees, and dropped his head into hands, "KAORU!! Where are you??!!?? Not again!!!! Please!!  NOT…AGAIN!!!" He pleaded to no one in particular.

"SHIIIIIINNNNNNNN!!!" Kaoru heard the end of her frantic scream in the silence of her new surroundings.  Quickly she turned a 360, making sure no one was around her.  Discovering that she was alone, she felt a little better, but she had no idea where she was located.  She assessed that it was now nighttime, and she found herself standing at the top of a very long and wide stairway. Not too far below her, she could see several men in battle stances, their swords drawn, as if waiting for someone to attack, 'but who?' she thought to herself.

That's when she saw, whom these men must have been waiting for.  A blurry figure, moving as quickly as lightening, Kaoru made out of blue and red and shiny flashes of…of metal…off of the moonlight, she realized.  This figure was quickly making its way all the way to the top of the stairs; swordsman after swordsman falling after the blurry figure came into contact with them.  Kaoru's heartbeat quickened, this figure was headed right in her direction.

"Eeep!" she squealed as she ducked behind a tree at the edge of the stairway.

Kaoru covered her mouth with her hand, hoping to stop the sound of her heavy breathing from giving her location away.  This person was a killing machine, and she didn't want to get on their bad side, not to mention, if this killer knew what she had just witnessed, she was sure she would be the next to die.

"You might as well come out.  I can sense you.  Besides, I saw you standing here when I was all the way at the bottom of these stairs," a strangely familiar voice shouted out.

Kaoru couldn't help it, she gasped.  She'd recognize that voice anywhere.  Immediately, she found herself pinned against the very tree she had been seeking to find protection from with a sword at her throat.  Kaoru's eyes widened, "K-K-K-Ken…shin?" she questioned.