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"New school?!" Kagome repeated for the thirtieth time, apparently still in shock.

"Well...honey..." her mother started in a soft tone, "it's very good to take responsibility and try to gather the jewel you broke in the Sengoku Jidai, but you see..." she stopped, searching for the right words.

"The principal called me and it seems you don't have enough attendance to pass..."

"What?! You told him I was sick, right?" Kagome asked, panic beginning crawl into her soul.

"Even so...he said he can't have you passing with such a horrible attendance record or the others will take your example..." her mother explained.

Kagome was turning as white as a sheet so she added quickly:
"But he also said he knows you're a good student and he arranged for your transfer to another school."

"But what about Yuka, Eri, Ayumi and all my classmates? I won't know anyone there!" Kagome replied, letting herself fall on one of the chairs.

"It's going to be fine! You can still hang out with them..." Mrs. Higurashi said, trying to cheer her up. Judging from her defeated expression, Kagome wasn't buying it.

"Would you rather fail?" her mother changed the approach.

"No!" Kagome shot quickly, snapping out of her depression.

"Now we're getting somewhere. Come on, we'll go talk to Mieou High's principle right now."

Kagome complied with a sulky expression, following her mother outside.

That idiot, Inuyasha! This is all his fault! He never lets me come back! Shards, shards, shards, that's all he think about. I can't wait to give him a piece of my mind!


"Did you hear that, Mariko? We're going to have a new girl in class!" The tall brown-haired girl with a slender figure informed her friend.
"Well she better not be after Minamino-kun or she'll be the ex-new girl." the other one said, a malevolent smirk gracing her features.

"Yeah, after all there's a lot of competition." her friend stated.

"Don't worry, Sakaki-chan...she could be ugly." Mariko replied, bursting into laughs.

"I hope so, for her sake." Sakaki said in the same tone. "When is she joining us?"

"Tomorrow, I heard." Mariko answered.

Sakaki remained silent for a moment and then got up from the bench they were sitting on.

"Come on, we'll be late for class."


"Inuyasha, you idiot!" Kagome screamed, popping out of the well.

The hanyou in question looked at her with a befuddled expression.

"What's wrong with you?" he inquired, making sure his tone was nice and low since Kagome seemed on the verge of sitting him to death.

"What's wrong with ME? Look at this, you...you...IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" she yelled, sticking a paper sheet in his face.

Inuyasha suddenly became very serious as his claws snatched the sheet from Kagome's shaky hands. His eyes followed the writing and then rose to meet Kagome's as he remained silent.

He's probably going to apologize now. I may or may not forgive him.

"I can't read a word of this." He finally said, handing the dumbstruck girl her sheet.

Kagome's face began to take on a red tint, as her eyes seemed to shoot flames.

"IT SAYS TRANSFER PAPER, YOU IDIOT!" she shouted in his over-sensitive ears.

"OW! Why the fuck'd ya do that for?!" He shot back.

"Because I'm being transferred to a new school on behalf of my poor attendance record! OSUWARI!" she snapped.

The hanyou hit the ground with a loud sound as she continued in the same high tone:
"And do you know why I have such a lousy attendance?" Not even waiting for him to respond she continued "Because you never let me return to my own time and go to school! Osuwari!" she shouted, seeing how Inuyasha had managed to get up during her speech.

As the half-demon's face hit the dirt again, she stormed away in the direction of Kaede's village.

"What the hell is "attendance"?" Inuyasha asked, voice muffled by the ground, but Kagome was long gone.


Kurama was in a bad mood. The reason for this was a simple one: he had to go to school today. But it wasn't because he didn't like school – the institution – as a matter of fact he was a top student, no, what he fundamentally disliked was the horde of girls that drooled over him. He had to withstand every second of this long torture without being rude, because he most certainly was not ill mannered, but it was getting harder and harder not to tell them all to go away since he had no interest in any of them.

Kurama sighed, opening the door to his classroom as at least six female voices greeted him at the same time.

He responded politely to all of them and then proceeded to take a seat at his desk, praying for the teacher to come in soon.

Fortunately, his prayers were answered and the door slid open as his teacher and a girl he had never seen before entered the classroom.

"Good morning, sensei!" Everyone greeted, standing up.

"Good morning, class!" their teacher answered "I'd like you all to meet our new student. I'll let her introduce herself."

"My name's Higurashi Kagome and I just transferred here. I hope to get along well with all of you, once we get better acquainted." Kagome said, bowing in front of the class.

Kurama's eyes were fixed on the new girl. There was something strange about her...she seemed to radiate spiritual energy.

"Well as you can see, she's not ugly." Sakaki whispered to her friend.

"And Minamino-kun's not taking his eyes off her!" Mariko noticed, knitting her brows.

"Well, Higurashi, why don't you sit behind Minamino? He's our top student and I'm sure he'd be kind enough to show you the ropes." The teacher said. "Takashi, move to the first desk."

Kagome headed towards the instructed desk and saw the girl that left it glaring at her as she sat down.

Great...I'm already making friends...

"Uhm..." she started, giving the red-haired boy in front of her a delicate tap on the shoulder. "Minamino-kun, is it? Could you please lend me your book for a moment?"

"Of course." Kurama answered and handed her his book, slightly touching her fingers.

A beam of electricity shot through his whole body and he felt himself trembling.

"There's definitely something strange about her...What's with that level of spiritual energy?" he wondered.

Kagome realized she hadn't even opened the book, while staring at him. When their fingers touched she could have sworn she felt demonic energy.

That's impossible! Get a hold of yourself, Kagome! You've been spending way to much time in the other world...

"Thanks." she whispered as she opened the text book, not noticing the other girls shooting her death glares.

"I already hate her." Mariko declared, turning around as if the sight of Kagome fingering Kurama's textbook was some horrible sacrilege.

"We'll teach her a lesson after class." Sakaki decided.

Kagome sighed with relief as she heard the bell ringing. The classes were just as difficult over here, especially since she hadn't been keeping up. None of the girls seemed to see her in a good light though, so she decided to be sociable.

"Hi!" she said, addressing Sakaki.

The girl looked at her with a surprised expression and then returned the most gracious of smiles.

"Hey there. I'm Sakaki. This is my friend, Mariko."

"Pleased to meet you." Kagome replied. "Are all classes this hard?" she smiled.

"Oh, no...this is by far the hardest. Mashimoto-sensei is very strict. We all have trouble with his class." Mariko replied.

"All except Minamino-kun that is." Sakaki stepped in.

"Oh...he must be really smart then." Kagome responded, smiling.

The two girls exchanged a glance and then Mariko spoke:

"Would you come with us for a bit, Kagome-chan? We want to show you something."

"Sure." Kagome answered, happy to be making friends amongst her classmates.

The girls got up and Kagome followed them as they walked through the corridor.

"Uhm...where exactly are we going?" she inquired.

"We're here." Sakaki said, opening one of the doors and signaling her to enter.

"This looks like...the broom closet?" Kagome spoke, wondering what in the world could be so interesting in there.

Suddenly, one of the girls pushed her and she stumbled into the variety of mops and buckets that lied scattered around.

"What...?" she started, rubbing her arm.

The two girls were standing in front of her, looking as if they had just cornered their worst enemy.

"Listen, new girl, there's a couple of things you need to understand." Mariko said in a loud tone.

Kagome looked at them with awe. Those two girls were so nice a while ago...

"Minamino-kun is off limits, you understand?" Sakaki asked, narrowing her eyes.

Kagome couldn't believe her ears. That's what this was about? Borrowing the guy's textbook?

"Are you two serious?" she finally asked, looking at her opponents with undisguised surprise.

"Does it look like we're kidding?" Mariko shot, making a move to grab her hair.

Kagome's months of experience in fighting youkai had sharpened her senses and she caught the girl's wrist before it could touch her.

"First of all, what you're doing now is just pathetic! Don't you have any self-esteem? Second, I don't give a damn about your threats and third, I couldn't care less about what's his name!" Kagome snapped, pushing Mariko away.

The two girls looked at her with an awed expression, not being able to hide a tint of fear. They had thought she'd be easy pray, seeing how she was new and all, but in a split second this girl had turned into the predator.

Mariko and Sakaki took a step back as Kagome walked passed them, stepping out into the corridor.

I can't believe these girls! What in the world am I doing amongst such people? I want to go back to my old school!

Kagome's eyes flooded with tears at the thought of her friends and she lowered her eyes to keep the others from noticing.

I have to go wash my face, I can't let everyone see me like...

Her thoughts were interrupted as she bumped into something and almost fell on her backside. Fortunately that something caught her before she could hurt herself.

Kagome raised her eyes to see the red-haired guy who seemed to have such avid fans.


Glancing at her arm, he released her asking:
"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine! We should get to class..." she answered quickly, making a move to turn away.

"There's blood on your arm..." he pointed out in a worried tone.

When she pushed me, I must have hit myself harder than I thought...

"It's just a scratch, really...I tripped..." she lied.

"Still, someone should have a look at that..." he insisted.

"It's nothing and I really don't want to miss class." she protested. "Come on, we'll be late."

Kurama nodded and looked after her as she ran towards the classroom. Suddenly a sharp pain in his chest made him feel like he was being torn apart. He recognized this feeling and was not particularly fond of it since it signaled Youko's presence was trying to surface. He had to find out more about this girl.


I can't believe I have to go there today too...it's exhausting to do it every day after class...but I have to think about my attendance.

Kagome sighed as she entered the familiar grounds of her family's shrine. Even if it was the place Inuyasha and Kikyou fought so many years in the past, she still felt as if it belonged to her.

She opened heavy wooden doors and let her backpack fall to the ground as she jumped inside the time-well.


Kurama followed the strange girl to what seemed to be a shrine. He had kept a safe distance from her, thus avoiding to detection. He didn't need to see her to know where she was going, since her energy left a pulsating trail in the places she past by.

He climbed the stairs and headed towards an old structure, guarded by massive wooden doors. Driven by curiosity, he slid them aside, but to his surprise, all he could see was a dry well.

It wasn't very deep, so it's bottom was clearly visible, but Kurama distinctly felt that her presence disappeared there.

I knew there was something weird about her...

Not knowing what possessed him to do this, he jumped inside of the well and braced for impact, but instead of the hard bottom, he felt like diving into something very warm. Light surrounded him and in a split second, he touched solid ground as he found himself in the bottom of the well.

Kurama got up and started climbing the wall of the well, fully aware that he might not be in the same place anymore. After all...he'd seen supernatural things happen more than once.

His presumptions proved to be right, as he found himself in a clearing of some sort, surrounded by grass. He felt the girl's presence just meters away, but before he could follow it, he realized coming here was a very bad idea. His very soul seemed to be splitting into two and he couldn't even control his body functions anymore. Youko was taking over and his presence was so strong it couldn't be contained. His vocal cords wouldn't respond to him as he screamed inside of his mind, closing his eyes.

The eyes that opened after were no longer green, but bright gold as the demon flexed his fingers. Silver hair fell down to his waist and onto his white garments as fox ears listened to every sound. He had no idea why his presence was beckoned out this way, but he suddenly felt in power like the time he inhabited his own body. This place he had come to...was filled with demonic energy...an era much like his own, but still different...

Youko smirked as he sensed the girl approaching. He hadn't had this much fun in ages.

"I swear, if that moron insults me one more time, I'm going to kill him!" he heard her voice. Youko sensed no other presence, so she was obviously talking to herself and in a loud a voice at that.

Kagome rushed into the clearing, face flushed with anger and the sight before her eyes made her trip. As she regained balance, she stared at the strange apparition in disbelief. Golden eyes, long silver hair and...cat ears? No...cat ears weren't that big. Probably fox ears. His youki was enourmous and she wondered how in the hell she had missed it until now. Despite his similarity to Inuyasha, this was no hanyou she was looking at. And from her long experience with youkai, she concluded his intentions weren't friendly. Plus he looked at her in a way that sent a chill up her spine.

Damn it! Why the hell would I leave my bow in the village?

The demon approached her and she took a few steps back.

Inuyasha has to sense him! Inuyasha!

As if her silent scream had reached him, the hanyou stormed into the clearing, placing himself in front of Kagome.

"Who the fuck are you?" he growled in his characteristic way.

"I could ask you the same question." the youkai replied calmly.

"If you don't know who I am, I'll show you right now!" Inuyasha yelled, unsheathing Tessaiga.

"Inuyasha, wait..." Kagome started.

"Kaze no..." The words stopped in his throat as the hanyou found himself all tied up by what seemed to be a plant of some sort.

As he tried to break free of it, he saw the youkai grabbing Kagome and taking off with her into the woods.

"Kagome!" he yelled, struggling to get out of the tight bonds.


"Let go of me!" Kagome yelled, trying to escape his grip.

"You do realize, you'll die if I let you go now, don't you?" he asked in an amused tone.

Kagome looked down and froze. She hadn't even realize when he had started to leap from one tree-top to another.

"That's a good girl." she heard him say.

That annoyed her even more and she made an effort to keep quiet as he started to laugh.

"What do you want with me?" she finally asked and he stopped on a high branch and released her from his arms.

"I want to know what this place is, my dear Kagome..." he replied, pinning her against the tree as golden eyes pierced into her dark ones.

"I...I don't know...what you mean." she managed to articulate, since the sight of him so close made it kind of difficult to speak for some reason.

"Oh, I'm sure you do...I got here through the same well you did." he informed her, drawing even closer.

Through the well?! That means...he's from my time?

"The fact that I met you...it was fate."Youko whispered as he inhaled her scent deeply. A scent of purity and power...the scent of one the legends spoke about...He wondered how it would feel like to kiss a miko.

Kagome looked at him and felt all of her resistance crumble. He didn't look evil...on the contrary...his eyes had a certain softness to them.
She could feel his breath on her lips and closed her eyes as leaned even closer.

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