I've decided to make this into a collection of oneshots; apparently, not many people write this pairing. (I've checked it out--the amount of Yuki x Machi was surprisingly low.) I'll accept requests, however I'm trying to make these oneshots fluffy, in-character, and somewhat humorous. Plus, I refuse to spoil the ending for other people. Also, the oneshots all stand alone. It's not a story. (Hence, a collection.)

Summary: Yuki has the day to himself...and he stumbles across a friend from school. But how does she react when a certain charismatic brother comes to conclusions about the two?

Disclaimer: Not mine. Nope.

Of Course Not

"Ah, good morning, Yuki," Shigure exclaimed in surprise, looking up from his newspaper. "Or should I say afternoon…Honestly, Yuki-kun, who wakes up at this hour?"

Yuki merely groaned, running his fingers through his silver hair. He had a load of retorts aimed at Shigure's bizarre sleeping habits, but was too tired to say any of them.

"…Where's Honda-san?" he asked instead, looking at the nearly empty house in surprise.

"Oh, she and her little friends decided to spend the day together," Shigure smiled. "Isn't that nice?"

"Somehow, hearing you say that, it sounds like a bad thing," he muttered. "What about Kyo?"

"At the dojo," Shigure explained. "So, it's just you and me!"


"I suppose I should just go…" Yuki sighed.

"Whaaat? You're so cold, Yuki!" Shigure pouted. "Is spending time with your cousin really so terrible?"

The door slam answered his question perfectly.

Yuki walked on the sidewalk leisurely, not really sure where he was going or why. It was so rare he had a day to himself like this: if it wasn't his Student Council duties, it was always something else keeping him busy. And now, he couldn't even spend time arguing with Kyo or talking with Tohru.

So, what was he to do with his free time?

"Ah!" Yuki exclaimed in surprise as he felt himself bump into someone. "I'm terribly sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," he apologized with a smile.

The young woman looked up from her groceries and froze as her eyes locked onto his.

"Machi…?" Yuki spoke, startled as he recognized the girl. Yes…it was her. The school uniform was gone and replaced by a plain white blouse and khaki skirt, but there was no doubt. Her dark eyes blinked at him in confusion, and suddenly she shook her head and turned away.

"E-excuse me," she stammered, starting to move past the president.

"Let me help you with that," Yuki offered as he reached towards the bags.

"No, I'm fine," she protested, jerking them away from his grip.

Yuki sighed, seeing his act of kindness was futile. "Well, I guess if you think you can handle it... Are you on your way home?"

"Yes," she answered simply.

"Ah, so you live near here--?"

"Yuuuuuki!" Both of the teens paused at the sound of the over-the-top greeting. And suddenly, Yuki was attacked from behind by a tall figure decked in a purple furisode.

"Oh goodness, Yuki, isn't it a surprise to see you here!" Ayame exclaimed, hugging his brother fondly.

"Nii-san…Let go of me," Yuki protested, pushing him away.

"But isn't it strange that today of all days you decided to stop by my shop?" his brother continued. "Why, I had just said to myself, at this time I believe I would like to eat some gyouza. And then, just as I decided to step outside my humble shop, I see my magnificent brother, Yuki! And—his girlfriend?"

Machi stared at the white-haired man in confusion.

"Stop it," Yuki hissed into his brother's ear. "You have it all wrong, nii-san!"

"Bonjour, mademoiselle," Ayame bowed, winking at the girl. "I am honored to meet a lovely young lady such as yourself. To have captured the heart of my dearest Yuki, you must be quite a talented woman."

"I'm…sorry?" Machi replied, struck by the strange suggestion spoken by this man in a furisode.

"Machi, please don't listen to my brother," Yuki insisted. "He can be unbearable at times—"

"Ah, so Machi is your name?" Ayame realized, smiling. "I am Ayame Sohma, older brother of little Yuki. I specialize in creating the finest costumes for women, from nurse uniforms to maid outfits, from sailor suits to—"

"Didn't you have to be going home, Machi?" Yuki interrupted, glaring at his brother.

"You…made the costumes for the play, didn't you?" Machi spoke softly, ignoring Yuki's desperate plea. "And the day of the parent teacher conference…you came to the Student Council room."

"My, Yuki!" Ayame grinned. "She certainly has an excellent memory. But then again, who could forget someone as charismatic as myself? Unfortunately, I must bid you both adieu. As the manager of my establishment, I must keep within the limits my lunch break permits. But before I part…"

Ayame took Machi's hand and placed a small slip of paper in her palm.

"A special offer, just for you!" the costume designer laughed. "50 percent off any one item. Nothing is too fine for Yuki's little girlfriend!"

"For the last time, she is not my--!"

"Ah-ah!" Ayame silenced him. "No need to thank me. I bestow gifts when I see fit. Ta-ta, you love birds! Farewell!"

As Ayame strutted off, Yuki looked away, his face incredibly pale.

"Machi, I—I am so sorry. He can get the most bizarre ideas, and I just—What can I do about that idiot?" he sighed.

A strange little sound emitted from Machi, and Yuki turned to see her in surprise.

"Did you just…laugh?" he accused, shocked.

"Don't be ridiculous," she scoffed, walking away. "Of course not."

But the tiny grin tucked away on the corner of her blank expression told him otherwise.