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I guess you can say I've always wondered if a person could change another person. I didn't however; ever expect the day to come where I had to answer the question.

"Hey Mike!" I waved over at my boyfriend who was hanging out with Jessica and our other friends.

"Hey," he said once I reached them. I giggle as he grabbed my waist and gave me a peck on the lips. I turned to look at Jessica who was now making gagging noises in the back ground and rolled my eyes.

"So are you ready for our final year?" he asked enthusiastically. I nodded my head while chewing my bottom lip carelessly. It didn't really matter to me since I knew most of the people in Forks would stay in Forks and go to Forks University.

"Don't do that! You know you look stupid," Mike whispered to me harshly. I arched a right eyebrow and he pointed at my bottom lip. I shrugged my shoulders and stopped my nervous habit.

"I have Chemistry first period with Vella, how bout you guys?" I asked the group in general. Some nodded their heads in agreement while others shook their heads.

"Well, I don't want to be late, see you guys later," I said waving goodbye to everyone and grabbing Mike's hand, he also had Chem with me. When we entered the classroom we sat stood in the front of the classroom while the teacher took role. I laughed quietly at his southern accent; I had heard he sang to his class on their free time with a guitar he had stashed in the closet.

"Now, I'm gonna pair you up. Don't complain if you do I'll make sure to partner up with someone you don't like. Now stand in line!" He yelled over the students who were talking to their friends. I moved toward the back wall and leaned on it waiting for him to begin pairing us.

I turned to see that Mike was on my left and on my right was Edward Cullen. He had been my lab partner for bio but we hardly ever talked. He was… well, I didn't know what he was.

"Stop Staring" I heard Mike mumble from next to me. His grip on my arm had tightened a lot and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out loud.

"What's your problem Mike?" I asked in a low whisper. He nodded his head at Edward who was now looking straight ahead unaware that the girl besides him was trying to talk to him.

"I like you Mike, I'm with you. I dunno why you would think otherwise. Plus I wasn't staring at him, he's just… well. I dunno, different. You know. Don't worry I'm your girlfriend not his," I told him playfully. I didn't like lying to Michael but I knew he would drop the subject if I didn't. Edward was one of those untouchable subjects with Mike. But most of the time I blamed Mike for his low confidence.

I looked up and saw that Vella was partnering up people by the way they were in line. The two people on the opposite sides of the line would be partners. Many people sighed as they saw his method; most of them had taken a stance next to their friends in high hopes that he's just point to two people besides each other and make them partners. Slowly the line was smaller until only three of just stood in the back. I was in the center; Mike was on my right and Edward on my left. I turned to look at Mike who was glaring at Edward. I giggled quietly at Edward who was still staring straight ahead and didn't care what Mike was doing.

"Ms. Swan we have quite a predicament here, huh?" Mr. Vella asked and I nodded my head. Suddenly the door swung open and a girl rushed in tripping on her shoelace.

"You're late," Mr. Vella told her. She nodded her head guiltily. "Why?"

"Umm, I slept in," she was shaking and looking everywhere but the teacher.

"Alright, I'm pairing people up, get in line with those three," he said signaling to us in the back. The girl said alright and made her way to the back. I kept my eyes on her as she looked from Edward to Mike and then to me. She looked once again to Edward and I knew what she was thinking. I laughed as she made her way to his side.

"Alright, that settles it," Mr. Vella said clapping his hands. "Newton and Browboski," he said pointing at Mike and the late girl and then at a table in the front of the class. I turned to look at Mike but he was already fuming. This wouldn't be good. As he picked up his stuff I only looked on with interest.

"Don't get too comfortable with him Bella," he warned as he made his way to his seat. I looked at him with my mouth hanging open. Could Mike get anymore possessive?

"Cullen and Swan," I heard Mr. Vella say happily. He pointed to a seat in the back and I turned to look at Edward but was taken back that he was staring intently at me. He saw me looking and smiled a perfect handsome smile. My heart skipped a beat as he stretched out his hand and let me take my seat first. I felt my cheeks get warm and could feel the whole class following our movements.

"We're together again this year," Edward told me as I sat down. I nodded my head and smiled brightly. For the rest of the class we sat in silence and I took notes on our supplies and safety stuff. As the bell rang I turned around and saw Edward still sitting by me. I was surprised since Edward was always out the door a few seconds after the bell.

"I think you're boyfriend is mad." He told me while looking disturbed. I turned to look at Mike's seat but he was already out the door bumping people on his way.

"Yeah, I think so too. I should see what's wrong. Bye, Edward!" I told him running up to catch up with Mike.

"Mike, Mike! Wait up!" I said running behind Michael who was heading to his second period. I finally caught up and grabbed his arm to make him stop.

"I know you heard me, what's wrong?" I asked him worriedly. I glanced at the doors which were now shut around us. The bell had rung and everyone was already in class.

"Nothing," he said as he pushed my hand away. I stumbled backwards and tripped and landed on the ground with a loud ouch. I looked up at Mike shocked and noticed his face go soft and his anger seep away.

"Umm…ah," he said scratching the back of his head. I got up and waited for him to say something.

"I'm sorry," he said sheepishly. "I …well, never mind why I was mad. I didn't mean to push you that hard," he told me stepping closer and giving me a kiss on the cheek. I nodded my head, I guess if he didn't mean any harm by it. It wasn't that big of a deal. I was already a really big klutz. I sighed and attempted to smile.

How I wish now that I would have taken that fall as the first clue of what was to come.

And now I still ask myself, can a person change and can I make a person change?

Hy, it's me Nat.

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