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Maria – wwe diva

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Standing outside the arena in Heuston Texas Maria Kanellis took a deep breathe. It was her first day as a WWE employee and she was nervous.

"Ok Ria relax and go for it" she thought. Unfortunately her feet and brain weren't in gear and so she stayed rooted to the spot. "You know the door usually opens when you push it" a deep voice stated behind her. John Cena was highly amused seeing some cute girl standing at the same spot looking like she was giving herself a pep talk. "uhh ya I know" came the reply. Turning around she went bright red standing there was John Cena the WWE Champion. "Well are you gonna stand guard there all day or are you actually gonna let me in to the building?" he asked trying not to laugh out loud. "Am ya sure you can go in" she said playing with a lock of her brown her and giggling nervously. John Cena took a minute to look at her. She had long brown hair, striking eyes and she had a fantastic body. He decided she was extremely cute giggling and playing with her hair. He thought he recognised her from somewhere, but for the life of him he couldn't figure where. Noticing John hadn't replied Maria took it as an opportunity to look over the champ. He was tall, over 6ft, had baby blue eyes ,and the cutest dimples, and muscles that went on for days, yes she decided the champ was indeed hot. "So?????"...John started. Maria just stood there staring at him, she still couldn't believe she was in the WWE and here talking to her was the guy she watched every week on TV. "This is the part where you tell me your name" John stated laughing at how the young woman wasn't replying to him. "Huh what oh sorry" Maria said embarrassed she was day dreaming and hadn't heard John. "I'm Maria Kanellis the new Raw Interviewer" she said holding out her hand to shake Johns. "Hi Maria well I'm John Cena" he said shaking her hand. Both felt the sparks between them. "So you're the new interviewer Bishoff has been going on about, well sweetheart let me be the first one to welcome you to the family" John said smiling at her. "Thanks, Mr Cena" Maria said smiling. "Mr Cena that's my dad you can call me John, or Cena or whatever you want" he said smiling. "Okay John" Maria said beaming up at him. John was speechless she was beautiful when she smiled like that. " Well Miss Kanellis, we better head in soon or we'll be late for the meeting." "Maria, you can call me Maria, I hate formalities she stated looking up at him grinning, and ya we better head in, I wouldn't want to be late to my first meeting on my very first day." " Well then sweetheart we'd better get you sorted and to this meeting." With that the two headed into the building.

John and Maria walked along in silence. They got as far as the women's locker room and John told her this is where she should put her stuff. "I'll meet you here in ten minutes Maria, I just have to drop my stuff off at my locker room." Maria nodded and told him she'd see him in ten minutes. She walked in and the room was empty so she put her bag on the bench and headed out to meet John. Just as she opened the door, she saw john standing there with his hand mid air as if he was about to knock. John looked surprised and it caused Maria to giggle. "Looks like your ready" John said grinning. Maria nodded and told him to lead the way. John held his hand out to her to escort her to the meeting which caused Maria to giggle again. She decided she liked John, he was funny and wasn't cocky or arrogant like she thought he'd be plus did she mention he was hot. John was having similar thoughts, he'd decided Maria was a really nice sweet girl, he'd have to watch out for her, she seemed very innocent and he didn't want any one or thing to harm her, plus he thought she was gorgeous.

Standing outside a room John told her this was where the meeting would take place. Just as they went to enter the room they heard someone call Marias name. Vince McMahon called her over. Maria turned to John, "Thanks for showing me around John I really appreciate I better go ill see you soon" she asked hopefully. "I'm pretty sure ill be seeing you around Maria" he said smirking. With that he went into the meeting room and Maria walked over to Vince.

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