-1Anakin sat with a stiff back, concentrating on his meditation. It had been far too long since his last attempt. His nerves were beginning to wear thin and his temper was rising. He had to gain control so that he wouldn't fall to the Dark Side again. It had been many months since he had fallen, many months since Obi-Wan had brought him back. Anakin could still remember the night it happened. His using the Force to choke Padme, his attempt at taking Obi-Wan's life and the all too close realization that he had almost killed himself . . .

"You were my brother Anakin . . . You were meant to bring balance to the Force. Destroy the Sith, not become one!" As Obi-Wan pleaded his case to Anakin a spark was lit within him. He could feel something, something telling him what he was about to do, what he had done, was wrong - all wrong. He faltered, if only for a moment, he faltered. But it was enough, Obi-Wan saw it, felt it through the Force. There was still good in his friend. He continued, "Please Anakin. Come back to the Light Side! It isn't too late. Palpatine has lied to you, my friend! Look what you have done in the name of "love." You have killed many, practically wiped out all the Jedi in the universe. You must feel that this is wrong! Please, come back to me. We can right all the wrong, as Jedi! With the help of all the others!"

"It is too late for me Obi-Wan. I have fallen too far, hurt too many. Look what I did to Master Windu! I cannot return!" Anakin screamed to Kenobi.

"It ISN'T too late! Master Windu LIVES. He is powerful in the Force, he used it to stop his fall to death. He awaits me - US to return to the temple." Obi-Wan replied.

Anakin looked up to Obi-Wan, his best friend, and he cried. He knew that what he had done was wrong, he knew that he couldn't keep on this path. Deep down inside of him he felt it. A feeling that he had to change what he had done. It wasn't acceptable for him to leave what he had created. He had to fix it, as a Jedi or as an exile. The tears streamed down his face as Anakin fell to the ground, his lightsaber turning off and falling to the ground beside him. He looked up to the sky, a pain in his eyes that was quickly receding as he gained control of himself again.

"I am not Darth Vader. I am not Darth Vader. . ." he repeated over and over. His voice growing calmer and stronger. Obi-Wan looked at him in amazement. This was the chosen one. He would bring balance to the Force. "I am not Darth Vader. I AM ANAKIN SKYWALKER!" His last sentence came as a scream, a powerful shockwave emanating from him knocked Obi-Wan off of his feet.

Obi-Wan Kenobi quickly stood up, his lightsaber in his hand, but it was not activated. He could feel in the Force a peace. Darth Vader was dead, the man on the ground before him, was once again, Anakin Skywalker.

Since that day many things had happened. Padme passed away in birth. Anakin hadn't been able to save her like he wanted to because Vader had killed her. He faced the Jedi Council, or rather what was left of them, for the crimes that he had committed. They were lenient towards him. They did not imprison him, but they did give him a conditioned exile. He was sent to Degobah to relearn his meditations and training for controlled feelings. His twins, Luke and Leia were put under the watch of Obi-Wan while Anakin was away. The time he was to spend in exile was up to him. He was allowed to leave the planet whenever he wished, but he couldn't return to the Order without mastering himself.

Dagobah was a lonely planet No one to talk to, but plenty to practice the Force on. After several tries, Anakin finally entered his meditation state, relaxing he felt his anger subside. After a few minutes he opened his eyes, completely calm. The Jedi in his was growing stronger, it was easier and faster to control himself now. He walked over to his X-wing and reached into the storage compartment. Anakin felt that he was ready to return to Coruscant but he had one last task ahead of him. The task was not given to him by the Council, but by himself. The lightsaber he had been using was a tool for Darth Vader, not for himself. Before leaving for Degobah, Anankin had grabbed enough supplies to create himself a lightsaber. Now he was almost finished. He placed the crystal into the shaft and closed it. With a flick of his thumb and a hiss the lightsaber triggered and a blue blade rose out of the handle. His tasks were done. It was time for Anakin to return to the Order, to stand his last trial, and see what was to lay before him.

He placed his newly constructed lightsaber to his belt, and swung on his robes. He felt at peace, then remembered his children. A smile slid across his face, he still had much work to do in life a family to raise and a galaxy to save. But he was a Jedi, newly born again. He knew what the Dark Side felt like, and he knew it wasn't something he craved. Anakin has grown as a person, and intellectually. Darth Vader was dead now, he was Anakin Skywalker. He placed his old lightsaber into his ship, feeling a touch of the Dark Side from it. He jumped into the air landing into the cockpit of his slightly rusted X-wing and started it up. Pushing the comm he turned to Artoo, "Remind me to ask Master Yoda about Vader's lightsaber. Something is wrong about it."

He pushed off the ground and took flight, once in orbit around the planet he set up the coordinates for Coruscant. As the stars turned to streaks, Anakin placed himself into the Jedi state that was meant for long trips. He was going home . . .