-1Anakin and Obi-Wan sat in Luke's bedroom, watching the twins play with their toys.

"I just don't know what to do Master. No matter what I try, he still cannot master his anger and control it. I know I was hard headed too, but I don't even know where to begin." Anakin sighed.

"I know how you feel. It was only a few years ago that Qui-Gon and I had the same thoughts about you. But that is why you have been chosen, Ani. Him and I both failed in teaching Vader to control himself, but you succeeded. You taught Vader to control his emotions and anger, thus defeating him."

But you are wrong, I didn't do it, Padme did. Her memory taught me patience."

"Ani - how did you begin? Where did you start when you were trying to master yourself?"

"I thought about Luke and Leia. How they needed me. How they would be patient in waiting for me to return."

"Then there is where you start with Matalek. Teach him the patience of a child. Look to Luke and Leia. They are playing with their building blocks. At two years old, they have begun to master themselves. You can feel the irritation coming from Luke, I know you can. But he doesn't act upon it. He pushes it away and continues. He knows that he will learn to build with these blocks, that it is only a matter of time. Teach that principal to Matalek. Use your life to do it, I think that is the best way."

Anakin sat there for a few more minutes, thinking about these words from his best friend. Obi-Wan was right, he always was. Maybe this would be a good way to show Matalek…

"Obi-Wan, would you watch them for a few minutes? I want to get Matalek and bring him here. I want to show him something."

"No, I won't. You need to teach him more than just patience friend. Bring him here with the Force. I have to talk with Master Putara, anyways. Take care brother." And Obi-Wan Kenobi left the apartment.

Anakin relaxed himself and reached out with the Force. There were many people about the grounds making it hard to find Matalek, but it still took only a moment. The boy stopped dead in his tracks as he heard the voice of his master within his head: "Matalek, come to my apartment. Our training must continue, and I have something you must see. Hurry."

Moments later there was a knock on the door. Again, Matalek heard the voice in his mind "Use the Force to open the door. Walk down the hallway and take the third room on the left." Matalek did as he was instructed. He noticed the cleanliness for the apartment, the lack of any material things. Just like what he had heard about the Jedi. He looked through the doorways as he passed the other two rooms. The first was what appeared to be a girl's room, had to of been Leia's. The other one caught Matalek's eye and he stopped for a second to look. The room was completely devoid of any personal items, except three pictures. The first was of the twins, laughing and with bright smiles on their faces. The second was a picture of Anakin looking much younger, but Matalek knew that the Master wasn't that old yet, and of a woman he couldn't see clearly. The two were kissing, probably his wife. The third picture drew Matalek into the room. He hadn't even realized he had done it, but he had picked up the picture and was staring at it. It was of a beautiful woman, long brown hair, piercingly gorgeous eyes, fair skin and a pearly white smile.

"Padme." Anakin whispered, causing Matalek to jump. "She was my wife, before there was Vader." Anakin took the picture in his hands and looked at it for a few moments before looking back to Matalek. A single tear slid down his cheek as he used the Force to place the picture back on the dresser.

"That is not the training I had in store for you today, my child." Anakin said with a smile. He wiped the tear from his face, turned and walked out the door. Matalek chased behind him, following him into Luke's room.

The walls were painted a soft blue, white was mixed in to give the illusion of clouds. The twins sat on the floor with a pile of building blocks in front of them. Ani sat down on the bed and motioned for Matalek to sit on the other side of the room. Doing as instructed, Matalek sat cross-legged on the floor. After a what seemed like hours, he finally began speaking: "Master, why are -"

Anakin quickly interrupted him, speaking with the Force "Stop. If you wish to speak to me, you must do it like this. It is the easiest way for the twins to talk, and I think you could use the practice."

Matalek sat silently for around another half hour before a small voice filtered into Anakin's mind, "Why are we doing this? It seems pointless to be sitting here when I need training. You said you needed to show me something and continue our training."

"I am continuing your training, and I do have something to show you. Look at my children. Feel them through the Force. There, do you feel Luke's emotions? He is upset, angry that he cannot make what Leia is making. But do you also feel him pushing it aside? Do you feel his patience? Do you feel what he is thinking? Focus on him, and answer these questions, then we will continue."

More time passed as Matalek focused on Luke, trying to understand the small child. It was incredibly difficult. Even though Luke was only two, there were many emotions and fluctuations in the Force coming from the child. Matalek was amazed partially with the fact that Luke was so much more dynamic that the rabbit or the tree, partially because he had never thought about it. There had to be a difference. He was so deep in thought that when he heard the voice he jumped.


"Who are you? You aren't Master Skywalker!" Matalek replied.

"No, dat daddy." the voice giggled.

Matalek looked down and saw that Luke was looking right at him, a smile on his face. "You…you can talk too?"

"Not as good as yew and daddy. But wut yew want?"

"Why are you so patient little one?"


"Yes, why do you not get angry when you can't keep up with Leia?"

"Oh. Dat easy. I not get mad cause she faster, I learn from her takes. She mess up, and I know not to do dat. I know that even do she quick, I will be right. When we done playing, we will both had same ting, mine just took longer."

Matalek's face covered with disbelief. It finally made sense. He knew why Master Skywalker had brought him here.

"Master Skywalker," Matalek began "He is calm because he knows he will succeed, it just requires time."

"Haha! Good padawan, you have learned. Now put it to use. I will push your temper more than ever now. But you must be patient. We have but a week left, and much more to learn. Don't disappoint us, Matalek.


The training continued over the next week. The Jedi that were preparing to leave never saw each other, not even Kenobi and Skywalker. They were too busy making sure that their padawans were completely trained before they left.

Early in the morning of their departure, Anakin kissed both of his children goodbye. He would miss them, and he wasn't sure if he would return.

He met Matalek at the front door, the boy had matured quite a bit in the last week. Ani hadn't even been able to upset the boy. Many obstacles blocked the boy's path but he kept that calm demeanor. It was enough for Obi-Wan to ask what happened.

"Matalek, what has Master Skywalker taught you?"

"He showed me the patience of a child." was all he said as they entered the Council Hall.

Matalek had never been in it before and his eyes revealed it. He was joined by four other padawans, all standing in the center of the room. Their Masters sat in their appointed chairs, Yoda as well, staring them down. Yoda finally spoke: "Needed you are. Your Masters have told you why you are here. Leave now you must. Tell you something did I. May the Force be with you!"

The group finally left the Hall, and headed for the shipyard. They boarded the ship and left the planet behind, quickly escaping orbit. Each Master walked to their respective padawan and handed them a box. Upon opening it, the padawans were amazed to see that they had each received lightsaber.