Title: You Know You Got It Bad When…

Summary: Sequel to "You Know You're Not In Love When."

(A/N: Here's the sequel. This idea popped in my head right after I thought about "You Know You're Not In Love When…")

Title: You Know You Got It Bad When…

Summary: Oblivious to the fact that someone is writing about her, Hermione makes a list of her own.

You Know You Got It Bad When…

1.You forgot to do your homework because you were outside all day, always looking at the Quidditch pitch, wondering if he'd come to practice.

2.You didn't yell at Ron when he insulted your knitting during lunch because you were staring at him and he was staring back.

3.You start to stutter every time you're too close to him.

4.You even ask Harry to teach you how to ride a broomstick, ignoring his five-minute laugh and then his questioning gaze.

5. Your favorite color is suddenly green.

6. Your favorite animal is a lion and a snake (it's not like you have to have only one).

7. You find that ferrets are really cute and ignore Ron the rest of the day when he insults them.

8.You start to think that rich people aren't that bad.

9.You drop your heavy load of books right in front of him in the hallway, hoping that he'd help you pick them up.

10.You always look around when someone says his name.

11.You start to wonder if you should wear your skirt higher up like Parvati.

12. You ask Lavender what's foundation and how you put it on.

13.You get all warm inside if he brushes past you.

14. You don't go to the library that often because you don't see him there.

15.Harry and Ron are asking who the hell are you because you kidnapped their best friend and hid her in a closet because you got an A on a Transfiguration essay.

16. You find that there is no anti love potion.

17. You realize that you fell in love with a blonde Slytherin.

The End.

(A/N: First of all, huge thank you's to everyone who reviewed the prequel. I was so surprised when I saw how many reviews I got! So, thank you very much (throws money and chocolate to everyone)! You made my day. And here's Hermione's list. Hopefully you enjoyed it just as much (for some reason I prefer Draco's, maybe because he's in denial). Anyways my author note is getting too long so I'll end it here.

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