Due to the popular demand both here and on Psychfic, I present the next chapter of this story. (Which was originally a one-shot.) Here we go!

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When Shawn woke up, he was lying on his couch, covered by a small blanket that he normally didn't use. That was strange. He could clearly remember being in a bed. He also remembered waking up...or maybe it was a dream? There was one more thing. He remembered...

"Shawn?" Gus asked, seeing his friend's eyes open blearily. Shawn stared at him, and then blinked slowly as if making sure it wasn't some cruel dream.

"Gus?" he rasped. It was kind of hard to talk now, due to the fact that he'd bruised his vocal chords. Gus nodded and sat up in his chair. "When did you get here?" Shawn asked, a bit nervously. He felt suddenly self-conscious and hated the way Gus seemed to be stripping him down with his gaze. Ignoring the protests from his battered body, he sat up.

"Whoa, Shawn, wait..." Gus said. "I got here yesterday afternoon."

"What?" yelped Shawn, suddenly uncomfortable at the idea Gus had been here that long. What had he been doing? Gus went up to him and sat on the edge of the couch, holding out his hands in a gesture of defeat. "What was I doing?" Shawn pressed, his hazel eyes flashing.

"Um...mostly...sleeping." Gus said uncertainly. His friend stared at him, looking sharply around. Gus knew what he was doing. He was taking in every tiny detail. He shivered, looking down suddenly.

"I'm...sorry." he whispered.

"For what?"

"Doing this to you." replied Shawn, looking away. Shame pulled heavily at him. Gus opened and closed his mouth, unsure of what to say. Finally, he stayed silent. He remembered the look in Shawn's eyes when he'd woken up from the nightmare; pure terror. Now Shawn didn't want to even look at him. Was it really so hard for him to accept that people really did care for him?

Clenching his teeth, Gus stood up. "Well, if you're sure your fine, I'll leave." He thought he could see Shawn flinch a bit at his words, and something flash behind his eyes. Not waiting for a response, Gus exited the apartment. Closing the front door, he promptly sat down on the front steps. He wouldn't leave. Not yet.

Shawn looked down at his legs, his injuries almost scaring him. He mentally kicked himself. He didn't want to be alone! Shivering, he felt sick to his stomach. He tried pulling a pillow up against his abdomen to ease it, but nothing happened. Moaning, he let himself fall onto his side and pulled his knees up a bit. Nothing.

Gus still sat on the front stairs, arguing with himself about whether to come in or not. He thought he probably should, but he wasn't sure if Shawn was really comfortable with him. But then, the mental image of his best friend falling out of a window or something caught his attention again. He really should go back. Standing, he realized he'd left his keys there. So he knocked.

Shawn, who was practically crawling back to his bedroom froze as he heard a knock at the door. Turning around, he eyed the keys on the kitchen counter. Gus's! He felt a sudden surge of relief. Dragging himself up, he stumbled to the door and knocked back. Hoping he could stay upright, Shawn opened the door.

Gus was unprepared to have an armful of Shawn the second the door opened. "Ow!" his friend moaned, hanging onto Gus's shoulder. "Ow...ow..."

Gus put hand on Shawn's shoulder and back, getting another wince of pain in return. "Shawn!" he yelped, scared. "Are you okay?" His friend nodded.

"Just...drop me off at Lassy's house... I can puke my guts out there." he said weakly. Gus looked sideways at him. Shawn did look really pale. He suddenly felt his friend's back stiffen as he gagged. Dropping slowly to the floor, Gus held Shawn as gently as he could while he emptied his stomach. It looked incredibly painful for him, especially with his bruised ribs and vocal chords. Gus winced, and tried to keep his own stomach calm.

"Dude..." Shawn finally whispered. "This is my place...not...Lassy's. What gives?" Gus couldn't help giving a tiny, genuine smile.

"Come on, Shawn. I'll clean this later." To his surprise, Shawn turned to him, tears shimmering behind green irises. Oh no, thought Gus.

"Thank you." Shawn said, his voice getting a bit stronger.

"For what?" Gus asked, helping his friend up.

"Just...everything. Thank you." he finished. Gus felt his heart swell a bit. He smiled.

"You're welcome, Shawn...for everything."

That's the end people. I hope it was enough of a recovery for you, and I enjoyed writing this second part. Hopefully, I will get some more stories in soon, after I finish the others I'm working on…