-1Mother Knows Best

"You can tell a lot about a bloke by what he says after your first shag."

That was the advice Rose Tyler received from her mother.

Because that was the kind of advice Jacqueline Tyler gave to her thirteen year old daughter.

After her first time with Jimmy he'd said "There, aren't you glad you got that over with?" (She wasn't.)

With Mickey it had been "That was incredible." (It wasn't, but he'd wanted her to believe it was.)

In both cases, it really did say a lot about the man involved. However, with the Doctor, it was a different story.

"You should probably brush your teeth."

She'd stared at him for a moment in complete shock, then realized it was exactly the kind of thing he'd say. A perfectly logical thought process of what should normally be done before retiring to bed that, in context, was completely absurd. So she disregarded it as one of his usual quirks.

When she'd finally crawled into bed (with freshly clean teeth and minty fresh breath), he laid down beside her, draping one arm over her middle.

"I don't sleep much," he stated matter-of-factly, adjusting his position slightly, "but even I need rest occasionally. And I can think of far worse places for a nap than by your side." He nodded silently, then after a moment, amended: "In fact, I can't think of a single place that would be better."

Rose smiled and began to drift off, the comforting feeling of the Doctor beside her, his arm resting heavily on her abdomen, and she realized that her mother had been right. It was just that some times, the first sentence didn't count.