When Springtime Comes Again

" How do I know you will come back for sure?" asked a crying Hinata.

" I will I promise... I would never leave you for good." said Naruto.

Naruto leaned over and wiped the tears off her face. He kissed her. Kakashi stopped them. They had to leave. Naruto walked away towards Sasuke, Neji, Lee and Kakashi.

" Goodbye...Naruto..." Hinata cried.

As Naruto walked away the leaves on the Cherry blossoms fell. Like they were crying for her loss. But he promised to be back when springtime came again.

Another year passed. It was the end of febuary. The crisp and cold wind blew on Hinata's face. The snow was still here. Only about a month untill Naruto returned.

" Hinata! Hinata!" screamed a voice from behind her.

Hinata turned around to see Sakura running as fast as she could to catch up with her.

"Hey Sakura..." said Hinata.

" What's up?"asked Sakura

"Nothing. Waiting for all of this snow to melt. And for the cherry blossoms to bloom."

" Almost that time...isn't it?"

" Yes...he should be back soon."

" Well, maybe you should try to date someone else..."
" No way. I could never betray my beloved Naruto."

" Well I think you should date Kiba. There is no real way to know Naruto with come back..."

" Don't say that! He will come back! He promised!"


" No. He will come back!"

Hinata turned around and ran. Sakura looked at the crying Hinata. She just turned and walked away...

" Sister...There is a letter for you... On the table."

" Thanks Hanabi."

Hinata wiped the tears from her eyes. She walked into the dining room and grabbed the envelope off the table. She ran upstairs. The envelope was addressed to her with no return address. She carefuly opened it. She began to read.

To my dearest Hinata,

The time for me to come home is almost here. But I am worried that I may not be home in time. We are still working on our mission. We think Lee will be home early as he has been injured. His legs and arms are slashed and cut. His face is always bloody. When he gets home which will be soon, please make sure the nurse takes care of him. I am trying to stay alive out here. We are making it just fine except for a couple cuts and bruises. I seem to be healing quite fast thanks to my powers and to the healing salve you gave us. So I don't want you to worry. I will be home soon.

All my love,


Hinats put the letter down and fell asleep.

The next month, the whole academy was gathered around the front gate. There were many ninja carrying two large beds. Hinata ran up to make sure one of them wasn't Naruto. Lee was on one. Neji was on the other.

" Big brother Neji?" asked Hinata.

" H-Hin-at-ta?"Neji asked weakly.

"I am here Neji!"

" Naruto...is...ugh...coming...Mission complete."


" Yes..."

" Neji... please allow me to restore some energy. Healing Palms!"

A flash of light from Hinata's hand hit Neji.He suddenly regained strength.

" Thanks sister Hinata." he said.

" Where is Naruto?"

" Coming..."

Hinata turned around to see Sasuke standing there. He had many scratches and cuts on him.

" Sasuke... Where is Naruto?" Hinata asked.

" I can answer that right now." said a voice from behind Sasuke.

Hinata looked behind Sasuke to see a smiling Naruto.

" Naruto!!!!" Hinata screamed joyfully.

Hinata ran and jumped at Naruto. He caught her and kissed her. The leaves on the cherry blossoms began falling.

" I told you I would return at this very moment. When Springtime came again"

" I love you Naruto."

" I love you too lady Hinata."