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Chapter One

Sakura yawned as she rolled off her bed. She opened one eyelid and gazed at the clock…

"2 pm?!" She shrieked. Geez, I wasted the whole morning sleeping!

She got up from the floor and hurriedly got changed. Once she was done, she checked herself in the mirror. She had on a black tank top with a white skirt, with black shorts underneath. She decided to put her hair in a pony tail today as well.

Once she was satisfied, she rushed out of her room, down the stairs and out the door, totally forgetting about breakfast or lunch.

She ran for a while until she came to a park. It was abandoned, mostly because of the bear sightings, citizens have stayed away from the area…but it was a perfect place at the moment.

"You're late. Very late." A cold voice echoed behind her. Sakura turned around and spotted Sasuke leaning against one of the trees at the edge of the forest. She smirked.

"Not as late as Kakashi." She smiled. Sasuke shook his head and turned his gaze to the left, where Sakura could hear muttered curses.

"Teme! How could you be so…violent…dattebayo…"


Naruto collapsed on his bum between Sakura and Sasuke, looking beat up, and exhausted.

"We had to occupy ourselves somehow…" Sasuke said flatly. Sakura gave him a sharp look before kneeling beside Naruto to heel some of his wounds.

"Just what did you do to him?" Sakura asked, as she healed the gash in Naruto's side. Naruto winced slightly.

"We kind of went all out…well, as much as we could without creating suspicion in the area." Naruto answered.

"He used Chidori?!"

"I used Rasengan…I just…missed…"

Sakura sighed heavily. Boys….

"Yo." The three turned their heads to see their former sensei sitting up in a tree, with his trusty Icha Icha book in hand. Sakura sweat dropped.

"Still the same, sensei…" Sakura said dryly. Kakashi chuckled.

"Sorry I'm late…I got lost on the road of life…"

"LIAR!" Screamed Naruto and Sakura. Sasuke smirked. Just like old times…

"So, whose idea was it to start training again?" Kakashi asked casually, though his eye was locked on Sasuke. Sakura smiled while Naruto got up, now healed and pumped his fist.


Sakura laughed while Sasuke rolled his eyes.


"Well then, let's start, shall we?" Kakashi stated, as he jumped down from the tree and came closer.

"We will start off with pairing each other in two's and facing off one another…mostly to get adjusted back to our skills and such. Naruto is with me." Kakashi's eye crinkled as he smiled. And if things get too much for me to handle, I'll just use ramen as a distraction…


"Because I said so. Now, let's go!" Kakashi replied, before walking off to another area. Naruto grumbled and looked at Sasuke.

"If you DARE hurt her, I will KILL you! Dattebayo!" Naruto growled, before chasing after Kakashi. Sasuke smirked.

"Naruto…you idiot…" Sakura mumbled but smiled. He was concerned…

"So, ready for me to kick your ass, Uchiha?" Sakura asked, pulling her gloves from her back pack and putting them on.

"A little overconfident I see…" Sasuke replied, getting in a fighting stance.

"Well, it's about time you got some proper pay back." Sakura said, getting ready as well.

"I still can't believe you have that outfit on...it's like your wearing a curtain or something…it's hideous!" Sakura pointed out. Indeed, our poor Sasuke had on the outfit he wore when he stayed at Orochimaru's lair.

"hn…" Sasuke didn't know it, but Sakura had already set her plan in motion…

This will be interesting…now I finally get to see the strength she has gained through the years…

Sasuke smirked.

He's such an egotistical bastard, I hope this will knock him off his high horse!

Sakura smirked. And at that, the battle began!!

Where did she go?

The moment their spar began, Sakura vanished. Sasuke decided he would stay in the open, let her attack first, and feel out her abilities before attacking. But…she wasn't doing anything…besides hiding.

Sasuke sighed as his sharingan activated. He looked around, trying to catch any abnormal motions or shifts in the surrounding woods…

"GOTCHA!" Sasuke swiveled around and got a mouthful of Sakura's fist. He flew a few feet back, and landed on his feet, rubbing his now aching jaw.


"Heh." Sakura didn't waste any time and brought her closed fist to the ground with force. Within seconds, the surface began to crack, thus causing the younger Uchiha to end up…in the bottom of a crater…

"Is this the best you can do?" Sakura asked rather annoyed as she stood from the edge, looking down at him. It pissed her to no end how he seemed to be taking this match slow, and was going easy on her.

"hn." Sasuke brushed some of the dirt off his clothes and quickly sprung back to ground level. He faced Sakura with a twisted smile.

"let's have some fun, shall we?"

In the blink of an eye, Sasuke appeared behind her, having both her hands held back in one of his own, and his other hand held a kunai that was pressing rather lightly on the base of her throat.

"hmmm…game over"

"not quite" the Sakura that Sasuke had captured turned to a log, and he stepped away. He was able to dodge the fierce kick from behind, then grabbed her leg and pulled her towards him.

She aimed another fist at his face, but he blocked it with his own hand and they went tumbling to the ground as he lost footing from her crashing into him.

Sakura, was on top of him at the moment, and the two stared at each other in silence…

I still have a chance!

Sakura leaned close to him, to the point that her nose was touching the tip of his own and let her breath fan out across his pale ivory skin.

"Sasuke-kun…" She purred, a seductive smirk crossing her cherry pink lips. She felt Sasuke's form tense under her and her inner self began to cheer.

She ran her fingers along the side of his face, and pushed her body into his a little more than necessary.

Grr, stupid annoying Sakura! Why is she…aa that feels good…NO! Must…resist!

Sasuke didn't allow his rather flustering and inner conflict show on his face, and instead allowed his eyes to pierce back at her soft sea green ones…slowly, the black commas surrounding the pupil of his sharingan eye began to move, spinning continuously.

Ah crap…

Sakura felt herself become sucked into the trance of those blood red orbs. By the time she could really focus, she found herself in a black, empty place…no walls…no floor…just nothing.

Footsteps were heard and she turned around, to face…Sasuke.

"Heh, caught ya…" Sasuke smirked, fully pleased with the results of his genjutsu.

Sakura began to place herself in a fighting stance, but found herself unable to move…she looked down to see a vine like, thin and narrow yet strong holding substance twine around her legs, keeping her in place. She growled as she tried to remove them from her using her super strength.

"No use, Sakura. You're completely under my power here." Sasuke grinned sadistically. She shuddered. Man that is one creepy look, she thought.

Sasuke sauntered over to her, grasping her chin in the palm of his hand as he gazed into her eyes.

"You are no longer capable to fight, Sakura. I won…" He whispered, before pressing his lips against her own. She didn't quite mind him kissing her…but him winning? I can't give up yet! I won't! He can't win, not this easily anyway!

"OH HELL NO!" Sasuke's eyes shot open, but before he could really react, he was grabbed from behind and thrown a good distance away from Sakura.

"What the…" He looked up and saw another girl…like a clone of Sakura…except, she was all black and white….a white outline and hair and black fill in. The words 'Inner Sakura' were written on her forehead as well…

Sakura smiled at her inner self.

"About time!" She cried. Her inner huffed and together, they both grabbed the vine like black rope and yanked. The combined effort and strength allowed the rope to break and thus, freed Sakura.

"Now, to kick some Uchiha ass! We all know you need it, Sasuke-kun! SHANNARO!" Screamed Inner Sakura, standing besides Sakura as they closed in on him.

Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows and clutched his chokuto. This was HIS genjutsu, so how was she able to make it backfire on him?

Inner Sakura dove at him, avoiding the swing of his chokuto by a mere inch and caught him by the legs. Sakura herself kicked the sword out of Sasuke's grasp and caught both his arms.

"Caught ya" She threw his own words back at him with a smirk. Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"Chidori Nagashi!" Sakura's eyes widened as did inner Sakura as electricity emitted from his body, like a shield. She was thrown back away from him, and fell into a stunned state.

Inner Sakura faded away into the back recesses of her mind as she began to heal some of her self. Then, she got up, a little shaky.

"at least your taking me seriously now." Sakura muttered. Sasuke 'hned' before gathering his own chalkra in his hand. Sakura observed as the chalkra began to form into needle-like objects.

Oh fuck.

She jumped backwards in the air, avoiding the volley of needles that landed in the very spot she stood moments ago. She hissed as a couple more grazed her arm, as she jumped to the right.

"Amazing, you learned how to further improve your chalkra control" Sakura commented sarcastically, mostly for the purpose of distracting him.

"Nice try Sakura. Annoying and weak as always…distraction isn't going to work."

Sakura bit her lip as one of the needles tore threw her light pink skirt while she was jumping left.

"I wouldn't have been so weak if someone decided to properly train me back then!" Sakura snapped.


"You had Kakashi to help you with Chidori. Naruto had Jiraiya! I was the last to find someone who was willing to show me how to use my ability to control chalkra properly while in battle!"

Again she avoided the shower of needles that were aimed at her.

"But now…" She smiled, before disappearing.

"I am no longer weak and useless…" She whispered in Sasuke's ear from behind, before breaking both of the Uchiha's arms. She had her arms around each of his elbows, and used her chalkra to crack the bone just slighty, but enough to make them both useless for the time being.

"You can no longer perform another jutsu nor continue battling, Sasuke-kun." She said amused, as Sasuke gasped in pain.

He glared at her darkly, his lip bleeding from biting down on it so hard.


"You win."

"Good boy. Now, let's treat those arms of yours!" Sakura said cheerfully, as she quickly picked Sasuke up and carried him bridal style. Of course, as many would guess, Sasuke was NOT happy with this.

"Chidori Nagashiiiiiii agh!" Sasuke felt himself plop back onto the ground.

"Fine have it your way, I was only offering you help!"

"Yeah well, it's my ARMS that are broken, not my legs!" He retorted.

Sakura crossed her arms as Sasuke struggled to his feet and walked beside her to another clearing in the park, where he could rest against a tree while she fixed his arms…

"SAKURA-CHAAAAAAAAAN!" They both looked over to find the knuckle head ninja, Naruto, running towards them. Kakashi was following behind the blonde, his nose stuffed in another orange covered edition of Icha Icha.

"Whoa, Sakura-chan! Looks like you really did a number on teme, dattebayo!" Naruto exclaimed, noticing Sasuke's bruises, scratches and of course, broken and swollen arms.

Kakashi looked up from his book with an interested look about him.

"Who won?" He asked nonchalantly.

"Me!" Sakura chirped. Sasuke groaned.

"Hmm…" Kakashi smiled from under his mask.

"WOW SAKURA-CHAN! You're AWESOME, Dattebayo!"

Sakura grinned back at Naruto, while Sasuke cleared his throat.

"Oh sorry…" She immediately began to mend the bone in his arms back together. It took fifteen minutes, with Naruto boasting about how he almost got Kakashi-sensei but ended up loosing anyway. Kakashi just read his porn quietly, with an occasional giggle and blush and Sasuke growled irritably at the dobe's constant gabbering.

"Done!" Sakura said as she got up from her kneeling position and stared at Sasuke. Sasuke mumbled as he bent his arms, moving his fingers and such. No pain…no numbness….no soreness…


"I ain't the top medic nin of Konoha for nothing, Sasuke!" Sakura exclaimed. Naruto put his arm around her waist, bringing Sakura in for a hug.

"AH SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto yelled, some tears coming to his eyes. Sakura rolled her eyes but let him this once hug her without punching him.

"Isn't she just AMAZING!? You better treat her right, teme, or you can count on me to kick your ass, too! Dattebayo!"


"OH YEAH! Kakashi-sensei, you owe me a RAMEN!" Naruto shouted, pointing to the said man. Kakashi looked up from his novel.

"How so?"

"When I had that stupid book hostage before, you said that if I didn't tear it, you would pay for one meal! Dattebayo!"

Kakashi sighed deeply. "Fine…"

"YATTA! Wanna come with us, Sakura-chan?! Teme!?"

Sakura shook her head.

"I need to take a bath…a nice long bubble bath…" Sakura replied, with a longing look in her eye. I love bubble baths…

Sakura…in a bubble bath….AH MENTAL IMAGES! Sasuke twitched slightly before shaking his thoughts away.

"ok then, BYE SAKURA-CHAN! BYE TEME!" Naruto waved before walking off.

Unknown to Team seven, a mysterious figure was crouched down on a tree limb, observing them as they departed. They watched as Sakura passed by underneath, with Sasuke's arm slipping around her shoulders.

"So, Sasuke-kun is back with the team…it looks like they forgot about me…"

The two headed to the exit of the training grounds, and Kakashi was long gone. Probaby following Naruto to Ichiraku….or was he? You never knew with Kakashi, as the sneaky ninja the white haired jonin was, he had a way of planning escapes before Naruto could make him pay for a bowl of ramen, so perhaps he had simply snuck away before he was committed to spending his money on the kyuubi container?

Either way, the shadowed person leapt quietly off the tree branch and stood on the grass, watching as Sasuke and Sakura walked ahead.

"This should get interesting…." The person commented, as their eyes lingered on the couple. Sakura was laughing about something.

"Their bond seems strong…yet, I wonder how strong?"


"You see that, danna, yeah?! That little punk thinks he can hurt my Sakura-chan and still have her affection?!?" Deidara raged from a bush on the opposite side of the park clearing as the unknown individual.

Sasori yawned as he stood up.

"They left now, so we can go, you idiot." Sasori started to walk off when Deidara tugged on his cloak.

"Look at that person…he looks like chibi-itachi, yeah! Cept…his hair isn't a chicken ass!"

Sasori squinted at Deidara before reluctantly following his companions gaze and looked at the person.

It was apparently a male, with short raven hair, and black eyes. His pale skin seemed even paler with the black clothes he wore, which were uneven. His black shirt was short, exposing his stomach, and one sleeve was long while the other was short. His pants seemed even though, and he wore a red backpack with a wrapped up katana on his back. He also had a konoha forehead protector.

"Who is that brat, yeah?" Deidara questioned to really no one. It bugged him how this kid was looking at Sakura too. I do NOT need anymore competition…

"You notice that there IS no competition, right? Sakura already has Sasuke…"


"You were talking aloud…"


"Now lets go, you dragged me out here while I was in the middle of fixing hiruko!" Sasori began walking away to where Deidara's car was parked, while Deidara continued to stare at the stranger.

"If he DARES try to lay a finger on Sakura-chan I will deal with him, yeah…" Deidara vowed to himself, before scrambling after Sasori. After all, it was HIS turn to drive his own car!


"Home already?" Called Mikoto from the kitchen as Sasuke and Sakura walked in.

"yupe!" Sakura made sure that all their wounds were healed, not wanting to worry Sasuke's mother…

"A good, come in and have some lunch then!" Mikoto exclaimed, rushing back into the kitchen. Sakura followed as did Sasuke and they both took a seat at the table. Mikoto came in with ham, bologna, and turkey, as well as bread, a bowl of chips and sodas.

"Here we are! Sandwiches, chips and a drink!" Mikoto smiled, handing out paper plates. Sakura made herself a ham sandwich while Sasuke made turkey.

Mikoto joined them, eating the bologna sandwich and sipping on her Coke.

"Alright you two. I wanted to discuss something!" Mikoto said, putting down her food. Sakura raised an eyebrow while Sasuke remained emotionless.

"There was this camp sign up thing and I signed you both up for it! It looked like it could be a fun activity for you two to enjoy without being bored the entire summer!" She exclaimed happily.

Sasuke stopped chewing, while Sakura smiled back at Mikoto.

"Sounds good, Mrs. Uchiha!" Sakura replied. Yeah, but what about training? I guess I could train with Sasuke then…hmm camping…I wonder how this will be like…

Meanwhile in Sasuke's thoughts…

NO no No I need time to train, not camp in some strange place! Damn…

"You guys pack tomorrow and then on Friday you'll be going just outside of town. I got this pamphlet! It's called, 'Wooding Camping!' and it's for teens! It's for the rest of the summer!" Mikoto exclaimed.

"You wanted to get rid of us that bad?" Sasuke commented dryly.

"No! But your father and I have to go away for business for a month, so we decided it would be best to send you guys away to a camp!"

"What about Itachi?"

"He's going too!"

Well there goes a pleasant camping trip…as if it was going to be much fun to begin with.

Sasuke continued eating his sandwich with a grim look on his face while Sakura chatted with Mikoto about it. After lunch was done, Sasuke walked up to his room to think and pack as Sakura decided to visit Leader and inform him about this arrangement…


Sai: Yo

Sasori: I guess he is Sai…

Deidara: Yeah well, as long as you don't get in the way then you're okay, yeah…

Sai: …Ah, hi hag

Sakura: GRRR!

Naruto: SAI! You remember too?

Sai: Yes, dickless.


Sakura: Anyway, that was the first chapter!

Deidara: And I was in it, yeah!

Sakura: Right….Anyway, more fun on the way! The next chapter will be, Akatsuki's reaction, and there we will get to see all your favorite Akatsuki members again in a whirlpool of crack-crazy fun

Sasori: e.e great

Naruto: And noticed by many of your reviews from the last chapter of Who Knew? many of you were on the right track. Good job at guessing about the mysterious character!

Sai: It wasn't that hard to figure out…

Naruto: Whatever!


Sasuke: tch

Sakura: oh no, here comes a camping fic…

Itachi: Not quite. Its not just ANY camping fic…its one where we all come to remember our past-lives and gain our powers…


Itachi: …no kisame…no

Kisame: Awrr…..

Sakura: So what about pairings?

Sasuke: -hugs Sakura possessively- NaruHina, NejiTenten…Temari-Shikamaru. And SasuSaku.

Itachi: Actually, its Sasu-Saku-Ita/ Sasu-Saku-Dei/ Sasu-Saku-Saso/ Sasu-Saku-Sai/ Sasu-Saku-Zetsu/ Sasu-Saku-……

Kisame: KISAME!

Sakura: EW NO!

Kisame: TT.TT is it my strange skin color?

Sakura: -is feeling bad- no…BUT NO WAY IS IT GUNNA BE A SASU-SAKU-KISAME!

Sasuke: too many pairings..

Itachi: Actually those are love-triangles…you fighting over Sakura with the third person listed…

Sasuke: We really should just make it easier for everyone and call it a SasuSaku

Itachi: Oh well. Well, I guess that's it. Sasuke-Sakura with myself as well as Deidara, Sasori, Sai and Zetsu all out to get Sakura for themselves…how fun

Sakura: Damn…so many hot guys to fend off…

Sasuke: but you'll always be mine…


Sasuke: Sakura…

Sakura: of course! Heheh…


Sakura: Ja'ne!

Sasuke: hn…-glares at wall-