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"How the freakin butt monkies did he figure out that I'm a god damn vampire?" Sora kept easily dodging Axel's attacks, and resisting the urge to fight back.

"How dare you deceive us, you vampires never change!" Axel let out a battle cry, and sprinted towards Sora.

"I can't keep this up forever, if I don't do something soon I will run out of energy." Sora could only think of one thing that would help him get out of this mess…for now. The vampire gathered up a little bit of power in his right fist, and punched Axel in the head. The fire headhunter vision became twisted, and soon it was completely black.


Axel fell face first into the dirt ground, completely unconscious.

"Sorry Axel, but I gotta go rescue your sister." Without looking back, Sora dashed of towards the castle where that jackass Riku was holding Kairi.

"Was that necessary?" Asked Sephiroth as Riku placed Kairi on the ground next to the woman hooked up in the blue tank.

"She's not dead, she's just simply unconscious."

"Don't get careless like that, you haven't been a vampire for long so it's hard to control your powers."

"Every time she says his name…there is so much feeling and emotion…"

"He's very close to her."

"She needs to learn that I know her more than anyone else, I'm better for her." Replied the young silver haired vampire. He stroked Kairi's cheek, while gazing upon all her perfect features.

"With this new found power, I can protect her from anything."

"Even Sora?" An instant rush of irritation came through Riku's stone cold body.

"Yes…even Sora."

"She'll hate you, you know that." Riku didn't reply to his words, he simply ignored them as if they meant nothing.


"KAIRI!" The two silver haired vampires' heads shot up to see a spiky haired vampire running up the steps with anger in his eyes.


Riku made a swift attack on the vampire to make sure he didn't get any closer to the red haired human girl.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Sora punched Riku square in the jaw.

"SHE DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU!" The silver haired newborn replied as he punched his rival in the stomach.

"OW! THAT HURT!" Both vampires were too busy to notice Sephiroth slowly creeping up behind them, with his trusty sword in his hand.


A buster sword clashed with Sephiroth's long ass sword, and epic music was heard the background.

"Good to see you…Cloud."

"CLOUD!" The spikey blonde haired vampire turned around and saw his brother…on top of another boy in a suggestive position.

"Sora…what are you doing?" It took a while for Sora to fully process what his older brother had asked him.


"It's ok if you're gay Sora…"


"Enough of this, I will have Sora's heart."

"I wont let you hurt my family anymore, Sephiroth!"

"Oh well I'd beg to differ." The longhaired vampire snapped his fingers, and a secret doorway opened revealing Cloud's wife chained to a wall.


"You give me Sora's heart, and I will let your wife go."


A black haired woman kicked the evil vampire to the ground.


"…Sora why are you on top of that guy?"


"Whatever you say."


"Tifa, grab everyone and get out of here!" Cloud said as he got into his sexy fighting stance.

"And let you have all the fun, as if."

"Stubborn as always sis?"

"I was hoping you would be used to it by now."

"I am used to it…just haven't excepted it yet."

"Tifa, you have grown." Sephiroth slowly got back on his feet, and dusted off his clothes.

"Glad to see you've noticed."

"Shall we finish this?"

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" The whole group of vampires' heads shot up to find a girl on top of a statue on the ceiling, who was pointing her finger at the group.

"I, THE GREAT VAMPIRE HUNTER YUFFIE, SHALL SLAY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU BLOOD SUCKING DEMONS!" The spunky vampire hunter aerial jumped to the ground, and took out her vampire hunter weapons.

"We don't have time for your games little girl."



"Yuffie, let me handle this." A fire red haired male stepped from behind the dark haired girl, and glared at the group of vampires that were standing in front of his sister.

"A-Axel!" Riku was lost for words as he saw Kairi's older brother walking up the stairs. When the older brother caught site of his younger sister lying motionless on the ground, a burning rage of emotions began to ignite.

"What did you do to her?" Guilt consumed the former human's heart, unable to make eye contact to Axel.

"She's not dead." Axel didn't look away from his sister, for if he looked away she might be gone again.

"Did you bite her?"

"I cleansed her."


"From that grotesque parasite."

"And you think your any better than he is?"

"I know her more than anyone else!"


"I became the undead for only one person…for Kairi!" Axel grabbed Riku by his collar, and held his chakrams up to the vampire's neck.

"You never thought of Kairi, you only thought of yourself." Sora was about to intervene but was stopped by Yuffie's shuriken.

"Don't interfere." She said to the young vampire.

Kairi's ocean blue eyes slowly began to open. Her vision was blury, she could only make out the sounds of swords clashing against each other. The red haired girl tried to move, but her body was fully paralyzed.

"KAIRI!" A pair of muscular arms wrapped around Kairi's mortal frame. She knew in her heart it was Sora, no one else could hold her like that.

"S-Sora." She stuttered softly to the spikey haired vampire. A soft pair of lips pressed upon Kairi's, and it was the best kiss she had ever shared with Sora.

"STAY AWAY FROM HER!" A blurred vision of a silver haired boy yanked Sora away from Kairi.



"Riku let him go." Kairi's heart skipped a beat at the sound of her brother's voice.

Yuffie watched in awe as her former captain dealt with the two conflicting vampires.

"So you're on his side now is that it?" The former human spat out to the fire red man.

"Yuffie, I want you to take Kairi away from here." The vampire hunter was shocked by his words.

"You're going to face them alone?"

"Don't worry about me, just get my sister out of here…that's an order!" Yuffie immediately ran over to Kairi, and placed the red head on her back. The dark haired human looked at her captain one last time, before running down the staircase.

"Tifa, take Aerith as well." Tifa nodded, and followed suit of Yuffie.

The dark haired raven vampire ran behind the vampire hunter down the many corridors of the castle. For now, they would work together to get their loved ones to safety.

"T-Tifa." Panted Aerith as she clenched onto her sister-in-law.

"What is it?"

"M-my water broke!"

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