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Chapter One

"Kagome dear, your going to be late for your new school if you keep staring into space like that." Kagome's mother looked over, there she was, her daughter. Just staring off into space like there was nothing in the world that mattered. If only she could tell her...

"I know mother." Kagome looked over and noticed something strange about her mother. Nothing was out of place as usual, but something just seemed off. As if, she needed to tell her something.

Kagome sighed and looked about. Walking to school had brought back old memories. Memories of a time when she was back up in the mountains. What she would give to be back up there. If I had been a demon, grandmother said, even just a half-demon, grandmother always said my personality was that of a water/ice apparition. Funny, she always seems to hit right on the spot. Something about water always fascinated me.

Again she sighed, got moving and walked to the school. It was a pretty walk, but Kagome would much rather be up in the mountains after a hard day of training. It would always be so peaceful, serene and calm. Only the assignment given to her by her grandmother was why she had come down at all. Doing her duty to her clan was never easy. If by one year the evaluation of a relative was negative, her grandmother would not be pleased.

Brrring! The bell sounded, calling everyone to class. Kagome stopped in at the office and was told to go to Room 221, second floor. She was told that everyone in that class went to the same class as everyone else, so all she had to do was follow someone in that class.

Standing in front of the door, she muttered to herself, "Room 221, second floor." As she entered the classroom the teacher noticed her.

"Class, I would like you all to welcome our new student. What is your name?"

"My name is Kimyrah." No need for them to know my real name, still, could I have come up with anything better than the name for my first blankie?

As she looked around, the teacher pointed her to an empty seat. The seat was right next to a guy who seemed a bit on the lecherous side. Oh, double bonus! The seat was right behind her twin. How delightful. She most likely has forgotten all about me.

"Why don't you sit next to Miroku? He can show you where to put your things." The teacher showed no indication of actually checking to see if the seat was open, then again, he probably knew that it was empty.

Kagome moved to sit by the teen he pointed out. As she sat down she noticed his hand dip behind her back. Sighing, she slapped his hand and put her things away.

"Psst. Hey! New girl! You better not mess with our guys. They are our property. And by the way, we happen to be the cheerleaders. Just so you know not to get in our way."

"Preps. Idiotic preps." I bet she doesn't even recognize me. Hah! I can't wait to kick her butt in combat practice. They do have combat practice, don't they?

"What did you say to me?! I'll have you know I have friends in high places. And you don't want to get on my nerves." Oh yeah. She definitely doesn't recognize me! Friends in high places? Don't make me laugh.

"Class. Please turn your attention to the board. As you see here, we have a map of..." Forgetting the teacher, Kagome turned to look around the classroom. "...feudal Japan, sometime around 500 years ago..." The teacher droned on and on.

Kagome tuned out her voice and looked around the classroom she noticed two guys sitting next to each other. They didn't seem to be on the best of terms. They were constantly glaring at each other.

A girl next to her saw her looking at the two.

"You don't want to tangle with either of them. The one farthest away is Koga. He's one of the popular guys. He's dated about every pretty girl that is here. Come to think of it, you fit his standards. Don't be surprised if he asks you out. The one closest to you is Inuyasha. A real punk if you ask me. He's the one Kikyo is currently dating. Kikyo is the girl who was just talking to you.

"Inuyasha, Koga and a few other guys are this grade's popular guys. Inuyasha's older brother is the one that looks like he is completely bored. He is in one grade higher. This is a mixed class. He is sitting two seats to the right and up one row. No one can match him for grades. He is part of a group that consists of Hiten, Manten and all the other popular guys, not necessarily Inuyasha and his group; more of the upperclassmen. You don't want to get in their way either. Hiten and Manten are one of the popular people too, they are sitting next to each other over by the window." She whispered. "My name is Sango by the way."


"Not very talkative are you? Do you know how to fight?" Can't she stop talking?


"Because our gym classes are training to be able to fight. There are constantly fights between Koga and Inuyasha. Those two can't go a day without trying to kill each other twice a day. Sesshomaru is the best at fighting. He only fights when he is told to, that is, when he needs to get the grade. Whenever it is free time, he just stands there. Everyone else is training. Sometimes we so play games, but don't count on it."

"Dang. And I thought it wouldn't be that boring."

"Boring?! It isn't boring! It is hard work to keep a good grade here. The PE teacher is a real ahole. He works everyone like dogs. Just whatever you do, do not ever, and I mean never try to hook one of the popular guys. If you do, I know Kikyo would kill you. That is unless one of the guys takes an interest in you. I mean, after that, she would make sure you would never come back to this school ever again."

"Oh goody, a challenge. I need some one new to beat in gym. I have been training in the mountains at my grandmother's temple."

"And that is it for today class. Since you don't have your schedules yet, PE is next." Hearing this, everyone groaned except for Koga, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and Kagome.

Following the flow of people who walked out of the classroom, she made her way to the girl's locker room. She already had a locker and was currently looking for the one assigned to her. Her uniform was already in there and they had made sure it was her size. Changing into her uniform, she walked out into the dojo. Earlier she had noticed that the uniform was tight and was made for fighting. The uniform consisted of very short shorts and a sports bra sized halter top. Great, the principal has got to be a pervert. I bet this uniform makes every guy's day.

'I guess that girl was right about having to fight. Oh well, at least I'll get and A in this class.' And when she was done thinking that, she walked to a corner and waited for everyone else to come out. Kagome didn't realize it, but Sesshomaru was watching her.

End of Chapter

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