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Chapter Three

My fingers touched the keys, and the soft whisperings of the night was echoed throughout the room, with the telltale signs of morning coming out in the short, high, eighth notes and the peaking of the day was pronounced by the American "Secret Agent Man" tune. The piece drew to a close with the entering of the night once again. I really loved that composition. It always spoke to me in ways that I myself didn't really understand and seemed to move others into better thinking. But when playing the piece, I didn't care what the audience thought; I only cared for the sheets in front of me and my fingers upon the keys. Closing my eyes, I began to dance my fingers across the 88 keys. The rising anthem of the Higurashi household just rose and fell, then the grand entrance into the main melody with the entrance into the ballroom.


It was awesome, the demons gathered. The annual Meeting was to begin today and Kagome was excited. This was her first time attending. While she wouldn't be doing anything really, she would at least sit with her grandmother, the head of the clan. It really was an honor. Our family was the only holy line left in the Conclave of Clans. All the other human clans had died out, or become so insignificant, that they ceased to matter. The rest of the Clans were demonic and therefore, held the majority. But there was a catch, the Higurashi Clan had influence with several of the demon clans, and they were powerful Clans as well. Anyways, I remember like it was yesterday when I was first invited to make a statement. It was actually of a disturbing matter. After all, not many Clans actually ever disowned one of their own, no matter how ill-behaved or unloyal they were.

"Clan Leader Higurashi, you had submitted a request for an announcement. Now would be the appropriate time." The informer of this was actually a kitsune demon, who, coincidentally, was one of my best friends. My grandmother nudged me, gesturing to the podium on the stage. My mouth went dry as I went up there. But it was in that moment as I stared out at the many Clans, that I saw him. His name was Sesshomaru, I knew that, who didn't? But he was breathtakingly handsome and, dare I say it, beautiful. His presence there, though most likely unintentional, helped me begin my introduction.

"Friends, family, acquaintances and most importantly, the Conclave of Clans, there has been a disturbance within our own Clan that has prompted us to use such drastic measures as I will list in a moment. Less than a month ago, Higurashi Clan member of the name Kikyo, turned from her training as a Pure Miko and Justice of Holiness to the Arts of the Dark. The atrocities committed are unpleasant to speak of and We will not utter it here." Mutterings broke out in the crowd, of course, a miko turning to the Art of the Dark was unheard of. It had never occurred before!

"Such measures that were taken include these things. One, to disinherit the second eldest daughter of her property rights. Two, to disown the aforementioned daughter. Three, to remove all memories concerning the practice and uses for the Arts of the Dark. Four, to strongly reprimand disinherited daughter for her use of aforementioned Arts. Fifth and Final, to monitor the second eldest daughter in time where she may be forgiven if she repents."

"This was not an easy task for Us to decide and given the severity of the situation, We ask that We have your support and reassurance that this was not the wrong action to take." I bowed my head and stepped off the podium. But before I could back off the podium, a demon, Sesshomaru, stood; apparently with a question of his own. I glanced to my grandmother and she nodded. I stepped back up.

"Representative Higurashi, is there a specific reason as to why such an important announcement was given to such an obviously new representative as yourself?" I blinked. That was NOT what I had expected. I glanced towards my grandmother. She merely wiggled the last two finger on her right hand. I looked back up, meeting his eye squarely.

"Such questions are wise to ask. But in this case, We do not hand the announcements out according to seniority. It is within our rights to allow a new representative the chance to make an opening announcement from the Clan. As such, that is the decision We abide by. Our reasoning is simple. Our grandmother, the Matriarch of our Clan, has decided to hand some of the more onerous duties off to Our heirs. As since We are the only one, We have been privileged with this opportunity. I s that the only question for this Clan? Then We bid you goodbye until Our input is needed." I smiled in my head. I had finally said an entire speech without reverting to singulars… it was very hard.

Bowing my head again, I stepped off the podium, faced the Conclave and gave a 45 degree bow, which was completely appropriate for the audience. I walked back to my table and sat at the right hand of my grandmother. "So," I whispered. "how did I do?"

She looked over at me, her eyes smiling. "Very well. I am proud. You have done us all proud." Leaning over so I could see him, my brother gave me a thumbs-up sign and my grandfather from my mother's side simply handed me a scroll. Of course… a scroll to ward off evil that doesn't even work. Oh, well. My other relatives smiled at me, but continued to watch the podium.

It was sometime later that the Conclave ended and we were heading back home. I realized at the last second, that I had left my gloves on the table. I rushed back inside and reached our table. Spotting the gloves, I sighed a breath of relief. Those gloves were expensive. I turned and stopped. Not five feet away from me was Sesshomaru.

"I admired the way you handled the question. I was asked by your grandmother to test you in some way and I believe she was given a nice gift." He took my right hand, and placed something in it. "This is for you. I hope you will enjoy it. I do not give my generosity to many." And with that he was gone. I reached the car and clambered in.

We arrived home and I ran up to my room, wondering what the heck was in my hand. I didn't dare open it while I was in the car; someone would have noticed and asked. Slamming my door shut, I locked it and sat on the bed, slowly opening up my hand. It was a pin. A blue Water Lilly hairpin. It's petals were blue with a white insides. There were small green leaves poking out from around the sides of the petals. The hairpin was extrodinarily beautiful, and it must have been expensive. I was surprised, Why had he given me this?

(End of Flashback)

Calmly, I stopped playing the piano and reached into my pocket and pulled out the pin. Ever since that day, I have never let it out of my sight. I had looked it up in the Crests of the Clans, but there was nothing there for a blue Water Lilly. I finally asked my grandmother sometime later, pretending I read it in a history scroll somewhere and asked what it meant when a demon gave a another a valuable item.

She had told me that it usually meant that the demon was interested or a sign of friendship, but if it went from a demon to a human, it was usually meant as a Gift of Importance. Meaning of course, that should the demon choose to pursue the receiver, the receiver would wear the token as a sign that they were being courted. This bothered me only a little... somehow, I didn't think that it was too much of a problem, I rather liked Sesshomaru... but as of recently, he seems to have forgotten me. But maybe he just can't be the way he usually is around me in public?

End of Chapter

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