AN: Takes place during Volume 17.




What the heck am I doing?

There was no explanation for his behavior. He had noticed it as soon as he saw the glasses. It began to annoy him when she had started waving her left hand around her face, turning it over and twisting it. What made him nearly stand up and yell was when she held her tea cup with her left hand. He knew damn well she was right-handed!

She wasn't very subtle.

What was she, a child? As soon as she saw him on the beach she hid her left hand from view, but once she was dressed and they were sitting…

I just don't get her…

And he didn't entirely want to understand her. He knew it wouldn't make him feel any better about their situation. Maybe she really would leave him soon. Then she would move on and start over with someone else.

However, despite her beliefs and opinions, which were sometimes backed up by his behavior with the women at the various clubs he went to, he would never marry again.

Eri was the only girl there had ever been for him.

Ever since he had slid that ring onto her finger, with its tiny, pristine diamond that sat on the thick gold band. He had firmly believed that it had been beautiful sitting in its box in the store window but he later corrected himself. Eri's hand completed the ring's shine.

So like hell was he going to leave that ring in the sand for someone else to find!

It belonged to Eri and so Eri's it would always be.

Until death do us part.

That's what it means.

He dug deeper in the sand around Eri's table and chair.

"Where the hell did it get to?" he muttered under his breath.

He stopped as his hand slid over something.

"Money. Great," but upon a second glance, "All right! Beer and steak tonight!"

He pocketed it and went on looking.

After an hour of searching the whole area around the table, he felt the sun burning his neck and through his t-shirt and finally sat back into the chair he had been looking around.

Eri? Can you tell me why else I'm bothering with this?

Did he hope, wish, or dream that when he recovered the ring she would have something nice to say to him? Would she come home with Ran, Conan and him to live together?

Would she kiss him, forgive him as he forgave her, and allow herself to lie in his arms again?

Or would she simply say, "Thank you," and go on with leaving the resort.

He sighed.

"You were a lot easier to deal with before you thought everything I did was wrong you know!"

Getting that off his chest caused a few stares from surrounding beach goers. Embarrassed he put his head down.

And there was the ring, shining by the umbrella in all its glory.

"I know you…" he muttered as he got down on all fours to get under the table.

Getting up, he polished it on the edge of his shirt.

He dusted himself off and sprinted toward the restaurant he had left his family at.

This might not get you back today but maybe someday…

Maybe someday…


AN: Very short piece on Kogoro and Eri but it says what needs to be right? Kogoro is not a complete moron when it comes to his relationship with Eri. I blame the timing. Not to mention I don't see how Eri would expect him to pull all these great words and use them on her if she claims he's crude and rude. Not that he's perfect, just saying. So I hoped you liked it. Review if you did because it makes me write more (smile)