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Hermione thumbed the time turner in her hand. She hadn't seen it since her third year. It seemed so much smaller now, a tiny, delicate little charm on a simple necklace. That's all it was, yet it was full of powerful and dangerous magic.

She knew if she turned it back she could not really 'alter' the past, "what is done is done, and what will be will be" professor McGonagall's voice rung out in her head. She understood that, she really did.

She couldn't go back and change anything per say, but if she was destined to go back, then not doing so would result in what? A time collapse? No, that was nonsense. If she went back in time or not then obviously she was destined to as such. But that begged the question, "to turn, or not to turn?"

"Did you say something Hermione?" Ginny asked from across the room.

They were sitting alone in the drawing room of number 12 Grimmauld Place. Hermione, on the floor in front of the fire where a book lay open before her. Ginny, in an armchair at the back of the room playing Exploding Snap across a short table with Ron.

"No, nothing" Hermione said, her eyes darting to the younger girl as she quickly placed the time-turner inside her robes. "Just reading aloud".

Ginny gave a vague nod, completely immersed in her game with Ron to notice the slight look of apprehension on her friends face.

"Well, erm…I'm off to bed then" Hermione said looking at her two friends carefully.

"Uh-huh" Ron mumbled.

Just as Hermione made it out onto the landing she heard an explosion from the drawing room and Ginny's yell of victory.

"Beat that" Ginny said proudly waving her stack of cards in her brother's face.

"Best out of seven" Hermione heard Ron plead.

"Ok, but only because you are such a sore looser" Ginny's warm voice travelled up the stairwell.

Hermione smiled as she opened the door to her bedroom, pulling out the tiny silver hourglass and chain from her pocket. She would miss her friends terribly, especially if anything went wrong. But she wasn't going to think like that, nothing would go wrong.

She had read up on the subject and besides when did things she had planned generally not work out? Never, well almost never, but that wasn't the point.

She was meant to do this, ever since she had started having those dreams, it was destined, just as the book had said. Though she did question the books reliability at the best of times. 'Unfogging the Future' wasn't her favourite book, she was surprised she still had a copy. She was even more surprised to find the chain of her Time-Turner loosely stuck to a corner of the inside cover. She could have sworn she gave that back to McGonagall.

It all seemed too much of a coincidence not to pay attention. First the reoccurring dreams of her suddenly being needed in 1976, Merlin only knows what that was about. Then mysteriously finding her old Divination book and Time-Turner. She hated to admit it but it all seemed to be leading her somewhere.

Sighing in defeat against her better judgement, she held the hour glass up so she could get a closer look. What if this didn't work, what if she got stuck?

Shaking her head to rid her of such thoughts, she worked the calculations, 1 turn per-hour, so 22 years would be how many exactly?

'192848, rounded up' she mentally told herself. Knowing she couldn't physically turn the turner herself that many times she took out her wand.

"Here goes nothing" she said, and with a quick flick she began to watch as her world transformed before her eyes.

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