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Summary: The Winchester definitely hated banks but it looks like the feeling is mutual.


Sam frowned and leant his aching head against the cool window pane of the Impala as Dean's 'mullet rock' continued to blast from the stereo at an ungodly volume. He massaged his temples in a vain attempt to alleviate the throbbing.

Their last hunt had led to a rather unfortunate run in with a poltergeist and Sam had learnt to fly for a few seconds before cruelly impacting with a wall. Once Dean had checked Sam was okay he had found the whole thing rather amusing whilst Sam hadn't been too pleased about the concussion he had been left with.

He sighed and closed his eyes. They had been baiting each other, arguing and snapping ever since that hunt and Sam was frankly too tired to deal with it anymore. He knew it should be expected, spending such a large amount of time with one person was bound to lead to periods like this one but it didn't mean he had to like it.

As another song began to play Dean began to sing along and turned the stereo up even louder and Sam groaned.

"Dean have you ever heard of noise pollution?" Sam yelled over the music. Dean looked at him and grinned.

"Nope" He replied and cranked it up another knotch. Sam rolled his eyes.

"I'm surprised you can hear anything." He mumbled, rubbing at his head again.

"Look Dean can you turn it down a bit please?" Sam asked his voice weary as Dean turned left and looked across at Sammy.

"Sorry didn't quite catch that." Dean said with a grin, turning the volume up to its highest.

Sam groaned and turned away, leaning back on the seat and closing his eyes. He couldn't be bothered with this anymore. Sammy baiting was not his favourite activity but it seemed to be Dean's.

Sam glanced out the window and sighed. He couldn't remember the name of the town they were in but they were going to have to stop off for a while. Both of them were exhausted and needed to look for another hunt.

He felt the car pull to a halt and he sat up, looking across at Dean who had finally turned off the stereo.

"Why are we stopping?" Sam asked, confused.

"I told you earlier, we need to go to the bank, I think that knock to the head screwed up your melon head even more. Now hop to it." He said gesturing to the city bank they were parked outside of.

"I'm not going in, you go in. You're the one that wouldn't refuse that check the old woman gave us, under one of our stolen credit card names I might add. I'm not going in there and getting caught for fraud." Sam said as Dean sighed.

"C'mon Sam you know I hate banks, with all the quiet, nerdy women, the queuing. Sam you know I can't queue." Dean begged looking at the bank like it was evil. Sam shook his head.

"Well I don't want to go either. I probably wont hear anything they say to me, I think you've perforated my eardrum." Sam said rubbing at his ear. Dean snorted.

"Stop being such a girl Samantha…Look if you go in there I'll…do all the laundry for a month." He said.

"Dean last time you did the laundry you dyed all my clothes pink. I had to walk around looking like a friggin marshmallow." Sam said remembering how much Dean had laughed when they took the clothes from the washing machine. Funny how none of Dean's clothes were in there at the time.

"Fine, if you go in I wont do laundry for a month." Dean said with a grin and Sam rolled his eyes.

"Dean I always have to do this stuff. Just go in and do it, it'll be fine." Sam said.

"You do it then…look Sam I'm wanted for bank robbery, they probably have my picture hanging on the friggin' wall and no doubt it will be a bad one which is just embarrassing…plus it's boring in there and I don't want to." Dean finished petulantly. Sam sighed wearily and rubbed at his head again.

"You're such an ass." He mumbled.

"That may be Sammy but I'm an ass who isn't going into that bank." Dean said with a sickening smile that made Sam want to punch him.

"Whatever, fine I'll go. Jerk." He said darkly as he unbuckled his seatbelt and got out the car.

"Ooh Sammy, get me some food too before I eat the upholstery." Dean called after Sam who was already stalking over to the bank.

Sam pushed through the double doors and stepped into the bank and groaned at the huge queue that spiraled around the marble foyer.

"Great." He muttered. He walked over and joined the back of the queue, reaching for his wallet he fumbled for the credit card and the check that was tucked into his pocket. He cursed as he dropped his wallet and bent down to pick it up but suddenly found a warm hand placed on top of his own.

Looking up he came face to face with a pair of bright blue eyes. The woman blushed and handed the wallet to him.

"Sorry." She said softly. Sam smiled at her, taking in her long blonde hair, pretty features and beautiful eyes.

"It's okay." He said somewhat breathlessly. Regaining himself he smiled, what had Dean said about nerdy women?

"Is it always this busy?" He asked gesturing at the huge queue. The woman smiled and nodded.

"Pretty much. You're not from around here then?" She asked.

"I'm passing through, stopping off for a few days." Sam replied, moving forward as the queue moved up one space.

"Pretty random place to stop off, I mean there isn't exactly a lot here, look the bank is obviously the social scene of the town." She said and Sam laughed. Maybe it hadn't been such a bad idea coming in here after all. If he left with a number Dean was going to be royally pissed.

"I'm on a roadtrip with my brother." He explained. It wasn't exactly a lie…

"Oh awesome. I've always wanted to go on a roadtrip, see the whole country." She said, blue eyes sparkling.

"You should. It's a good thing to do. But you have to choose your company well. Even though my brother's an ass I guess you could say he livens things up a bit…I'm Sam by the way." He said holding out his hands and flashing her a smile which was all dimples and gleaming teeth. The woman took his hand.


"So.." Sam began but he was cut off by the doors slamming open and the rippling blast of gunfire echoing through the room. People began to scream and more gunfire blasted through the air and suddenly Sam felt warmth spatter across his face and he looked ahead. Laura stood there staring blankly, a bullet hole through the centre of her forehead. She dropped to the floor with a muffled thump and all Sam could do was stare at her dead, glazed eyes.

"Everybody get down!" One of the gunmen yelled.

Sam didn't move, unable to stop staring at the girl. She was dead. He could feel her blood on his face.

Jessica, Madison…

"You, I said get down you moron or you'll end up like blondie." He said pointing a gun at Sam who stood there. He heard the click of the trigger and numbly lowered himself to the ground. He wiped the blood from his face and willed his stomach to stop churning as he saw the dark blood spreading across the marble floor.

"Now if everybody does as we say, nobody else will get hurt." The man yelled, voice slightly muffled by the ski-mask he was wearing.

Sam lay there on the floor and he chuckled dryly. Typical. Abso-fucking-lutely typical.


Dean drummed on the dashboard impatiently, smiling appreciatively as a particularly hot girl walked past only to have her sneer at him.

He looked away dejected. Must be a lesbian. He thought absently as he waited for Sam to come out.

He watched as a group of men walked into the bank and sighed. This was going to take ages and he was absolutely starving. He felt kinda bad for making Sam go in there even though he was exhausted and he could tell he was still feeling the effects of the concussion but Dean couldn't risk going in there.

Dean was pulled from his reverie but the sharp sound of gunfire and he immediately looked over to the bank, his mouth went dry and all the air seemed to vanish from the car.




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