Well, to be honest, I'm pretty stupid really. I fall over a lot, I jus say whatever pops into my head and I have a habit of making a complete and utter fool of myself. It's a wonder I have any friends when I think of all the trouble I get myself into. Any other person's friends would have had enough by now. But any other person doesn't have fantastic friends like mine.

I have a group of six friends, not including myself, and we've all been friends since we first arrived at hogwarts four years ago. There is Angelina, a very tall black girl who is obsessed with quidditch and has a tendency to let it run her life sometimes. However, she has always been there for me when I need her to be. Then there's Alicia, with her stunning dark hair, equally as dark eyes and smooth olive skin. She is very sweet, Alicia, but she sometimes cares to much what other people think.

Then there are the boys. Lee Jordan is very load, but is hard working and really strives to do well in classes, but he is almost always denied this by the presence of the twins, Fred and George, whom I am probably closest too. Ok, I don't share all of my secrets with them, I mostly talk to Angelina and Alicia about boys and things like that, but the twins and I have always been very close. They are like two very protective older brothers to me, and I love them dearly.

George is the oldest one of the two by half a minute, and has been with Alicia for over a year now. And as for Fred, he is single. Since George and Alicia got together, Fred and I have gotten closer, but we are only friends, as I had to keep telling everyone, including myself. Nothing could ever amount between me and Fred, nothing!

That's what I used to think anyway, but this year things changed drastically. Its hard to explain, and even harder to begin! Well, I guess I should start at the beginning…