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I wondered what it would be like for Goku to come back a hundred years later and in reality have no one, none of his friends are alive, most of all, his family is gone. Lived their lives and in their final years never been able to share anything with Goku. How would he deal with it/cope with it, now being alone with nothing but memories of the times when he was surrounded with his loved ones? So, I have started to write this story… and never posted it. I guess I am posting it now and see what you all think of this idea by leaving me a review. So… if you like this idea and how chapter one is going so far… please let me know!

Summary : After GT, a hundred years have passed and the legendary hero named Goku finds himself in a new world, now all alone, with out his family and friends. Would he regret his decision he made one hundred years ago? R&R!

By Wynora

"W-what?" Goku stepped back, his face turning pale with in mere seconds, "Y-you want me to do what?" he asked again.

A younger version of him stood up covered with bruises and cuts, drops of blood running down the young man's face. "Please Grandpa…" he stammered, finding it hard to use the little amount of energy he had left in his body to even speak.

"I haven't asked for much… but please… that's the only thing I can ask of you, I don't know who could do it any better then you…" he coughed slightly, not noticing Goku turning his back towards him, "Please, just this once, it's not that much I am asking from you. Just while I am away for training…"

The old Goku shook his head and sighed inwardly, "I-." he was about to start, but feeling the young man's energy slipping away from behind him he paused, starring at the floor underneath his feet.

"Okay… I promise to take care of her," Goku finally spoke, as soon as his words landed in the ears of the young Goku, his face cleared up and he even managed to put up a smile at the older version of himself.

"Thank you, so much." He said as he managed to turn around towards a short bald green man, "I am ready." The young Goku said to a bald green man, who nodded in reply, "Then we shall go."

"Tell her I'll be back over a year or so!" the young man still managed to smile even though his whole body was ready to fall apart in thousands of pieces, to Goku, it was like looking into the mirror. He completely turned around and nodded, "I will…"

Goku junior placed his hand on the shoulder of the green man, who shut his eyes in return and placed his hands together right after a bright yellow light formed behind him and the younger version of Goku, everyone around shielded their eyes from the large amount of light shining brightly in to it.

And with in a second, they were gone.

Goku paused and stared at the empty spot, his eyes re-adjusting after the bright light and once settled his thoughts ran wildly through his mind. He promised himself that the moment he would come back to Earth he would never interfere with the Earthling lives ever again, his time of glory and fighting were over. It was up to the next generation of heroes to save the Earth whenever trouble was a head; his great, great grandson was now the hero. He would only interfere when his help was greatly needed.

But such a request coming from his great, great grandson seemed to have taken him off guard, placing it like there was no way for Goku to even say no. And being the person he was, it was already hard enough to say no to any one.

He shook his head and sighed, well, what was a year worth any way? Before he knew it, Goku junior would be back and Goku could go back to his life in the forests again. Only watching the lives of Goku junior and his friends move around from a distance.


"He what?!" a young girl screeched causing Goku to jump back with covering his ears, once he landed he saw several large objects flying through the kitchen window, blinking he gulped, he knew he saw this once before.

"You have –got- to be kidding me!!" she yelled even louder, "He just leaves?!! Just like that?! We haven't even been married for three months!!!" the girl ran about, her hands shaking her face baring a bright shade of red, ready to explode any moment.

"How could he do that to me?!" she yelled again, completely forgotten about Goku standing behind her, "Well…" the older man tried to reason with her, "And who the hell are you any way?! His long lost father? Brother perhaps?! Well?!" she demanded, he could swear she was growing taller with each word that she threw out in front of his feet.

"Well… no… I mean…Ju- erh… Goku never told you about me?" he asked, his voice shaking and his mind hoping to Kami himself that she wasn't about to throw anything at him. Their new house would end up in such a mess.

She glared at him, the red shade still very vivant on her face, "No." she sternly said, Goku laughed nervously, "Oh? He hasn't huh?" he stood up.

Her glare still not leaving his face, "Well… I um… this is going to sound really odd… strange…" she crossed her arms angrily, her foot tapping on the wooden floor.

"Heh, well, I am his great, great…" he stopped, was it great, great, great grandfather, or great grandfather or-, sensing her anger getting higher with the second that passed, "Oh well, I am just his great grandfather." He laughed nervously again.

She remained silent, her foot stopped tapping on the floor, "You're his what?"

Wait, Goku junior probably didn't tell her about him for a reason, maybe because the story would make absolute no sense to any one outside the… well… the descendents off his friends and family.

"Ha!" he quickly placed his hand behind his head, "Did I just say I was his great, great grandfather?" he shook his head, "No, I mean, I am a far distant relative of his… we just never really met." He quickly said, trying to get himself out of a serious beating of an Earth woman.

She narrowed her eyes at him, "Distant family member?" she asked, her eye brow raised.

"Then how come you both look exactly the same?"

Goku shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know, strangely enough we happen to have the same name as well! Just with out the junior added to it…"

"Right…" the wife of his great, great grandson finally said.

"So how come he couldn't come here and tell me this himself?" She asked, now calmed down a lot more.

"He couldn't, believe me he would if he could."

She shook her head, "Goku…" she sighed, "What am I suppose to do with you?"

Starring out of the broken kitchen window, she held back her breath, her eyes clearly lost in a dreamy state.

Sensing her calming down finally he quickly redeemed himself, "You could have at least said goodbye…" she whispered and then moved towards the living room.

Goku blinked puzzled, he had just watched a young girl blow up completely, yelling, throwing around with things, turning red of anger and ready to just blow up the entire house and with in a minute turn in to a complete calmed down girl who forgot about everything she had said and tossed around.

A sense of familiarity over came him; he smiled as soon as he remembered who it was she reminded him off.


"So what do you want any way?" the young girl interrupted his thoughts, "What?"

"Are you deaf or something?"

Goku shook his head, "I said; what do you want?" the girl repeated, "Oh well… I promised junior I would take care of you while he was gone."

"Of course! Typical Goku." She yelled, "He runs off and sends a complete stranger at my door to start taking care of me." She mumbled another few words about rotten household chores and one whole year of sleeping in a cold empty bed.

Goku blinked.

"So, I guess you're staying here as well huh?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "If you'll let me…" he said.

"Well, with the two of us, we won't be taking in to much space now would we?"

Goku shook his head and smiled sheepishly, "Nope…" how was he else suppose to watch her?

"So, you being related to Goku and all, probably means you have something like his appetite as well huh?"

Goku's eyes sparkled up, "Well, I am pretty hungry."

"Then I should get started with dinner…" she turned to her kitchen and took every single pan and pots she had out of the cabins. "Dinner will be ready in about three hours or so."


Goku patted his stomach for what seemed the hundredth time, he had forgotten how well a good home made meal would fill one's appetite, and Mika was pretty good in cooking.

He smiled; it reminded him so much of the old days, where he was still surrounded by his friends and family.

His sons and his wife…

Lying himself down on the one sized bed Mika had made up for him, he sighed and stretched his arms, resting them behind his head with his eyes starring at the ceiling above him.

Mika sure did remind him of his wife, ChiChi; the very first moment he even told Mika about Goku junior leaving, he suddenly was met face to face with an angry wife. For a minute there, he felt the same kind of fear that he felt whenever ChiChi would explode in front of him.

The young wife of his great, great grandson even looked a lot like ChiChi, except she wore different kind of clothes, had her hair combed back with a red ribbon of some sort holding it in place, and with out any bangs hanging loosely in front of her eyes. And Mika's eyes were blue, as blue as Videl and Pan's eyes.

For a moment there, he could swear that they were related. But knowing Goku junior, there was no chance he was going to end up marrying a long distant family member. Even though the boy looked a lot like him, fought like him, ate like him, he was a bit smarter. Probably got that from Gohan…

He paused as he heard Mika's foot steps walking through the corridor of the first floor, heading towards her bedroom.

After he heard the bedroom door next to his close, he sat up straight, listening carefully to the muffled sounds coming from that room.

He couldn't hear exactly what she was whispering, but he could clearly hear an occasional sniff coming from the girl's face.

'Why do they always have to cry so much?' he wondered, ChiChi used to do the same, whenever he would leave for a while or was dead for a while. He did it for the better, he did it either to save the Earth from destruction, save his son, save their family, hell, he stayed away for seven years straight just for the fact that he knew more villains would come to challenge him for another fight if he stayed any longer.

She should be proud; Goku junior was following in his great, great… great… great grandfather's foot prints. Becoming a fighter, a hero, someone people would remember even after one hundred years. People say that that's an honor, not a curse…

He paused, thinking about the words he just said in his mind. It wasn't a curse… right?

Lying back down on his bed he resumed back in his previous position, "ChiChi…" he whispered. He closed his eyes and envisioned her face in front of his eyes, her smile, her frown, hearing her sweet laugh and if he thought hard enough about it, he could even feel her gentle touch on his chest as he laid his mind to rest.

"Isn't it beautiful Goku?!" ChiChi squealed as she held her hands together, she was still wearing her wedding gown that was now dancing widely around her in response to the wind that hurled around them.

"It sure does look peaceful." Goku said as he joined her side, he had removed the jacket of his white wedding suit, now standing in nothing but his white shirt and neat trousers.

The newly weds were looking at the small house just down the hill on which they were standing, the Ox King, ChiChi's father, had his men built a small house for them right on this open field next to a lively streaming lake.

"This is going to be perfect Goku." She whispered, her eyes watering out of sheer happiness, salty tears slowly rolling down her cheek. "All my dreams have come true…" she said and turned her happy gaze to him, he smiled, "Well, I am glad I could be of great help in that!"

She swung her arms around him, causing him to flinch, "Thank you, you won't regret it, I promise you this." She said her mouth close to his ears.

'One thing is for sure, I would have to get use to her being this close to me…' his mind struggled as he let his young wife hug him.

Days passed by of them doing nothing but work on the tiny home, decorating it, redecorating it, furnishing it, working on the garden, the kitchen and everything. Goku didn't understand what the fuss was all about to be completely honest.

But he saw how happy it had made ChiChi each time they got something new for in the house or the small garden surrounding their new home, he didn't mind hearing her laugh, giggle or watching her walk around with a wide smile on her face every second of the day.

It made him happy as well and, had he known that ChiChi was able to cook that well as she could, he would have stayed with her from the very first day they had met.

Even the hugs were becoming a normal habit now; every now and then she would kiss him on the cheek or swing her arms around his neck. He even noticed himself getting hot spots on his cheek each time she did that.

Oh and let's not forget about the nights, they would just sleep together in the same bed. He was allowed to hold her, touch her and snuggle up close to her. He had missed doing that ever since the death of his grandfather, thinking he'd never be able to do that ever again.

Times were good… and he got the feeling that the future that lay a head of him could only get any better.

Goku woke up from the sound of a frying pan falling down on the floor below the one he had found himself in. Looking around confused he suddenly remember that he was still in the house of his grandson, Goku junior, with his young wife downstairs, preparing breakfast.

Sitting up straight he shook his head, he dreamt of ChiChi, their lives together from when they had just gotten married.

Rubbing his temples he looked around confused, he had never dreamt of ChiChi this vividly, he liked it and he almost felt like it was real, that he was still in that time… that he was still at the beginning of his life.

"Goku!" he heard the voice of Mika call from the bottom of the staircase, "Breakfast!"

He quickly stood up and got himself dressed; rushing down stairs into the source of which the strong scent of food came from.

To Be Continued…
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