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By Wynora

Chapter ten; Facing reality…

Goku junior had been back for two days already, ever since then all they had been doing was eat, train, eat and sleep. A normal routine for Goku, both of them, even more since there was something heading their way for which Goku junior needed to be prepared for.

Night had fallen and both men had found themselves lying in the cool grass to cool down their sweating and exhausted bodies.

Not a word was spoken during this time, both feeling lost deep in their minds, however, both minds were on different paths.

Every now and then Goku watched his grandson, his grandson's eyes lost in the sea of bright stars that rested above them. A sight that reminded him of the person he was so many years ago.

"You know…" the elderly Goku suddenly spoke, earning the attention of his grandson. "You two would do fine against Kodak." He paused, "Alone."

Junior sat up straight, "What?!" he nearly shrieked, "You have got to be kidding me! I-I…" he started to shake; turning in to the scared boy he used to be.

"You have really excelled in your powers Junior; you'd be doing just fine."

"You mean you'll just watch from a distance again? See me struggle, see me face death all over again and not lift a finger?!" the young man shook his head, "That's not the Son Goku my grandmother told me about."

Goku remained silent for a moment, then looked down, "The legend of Goku is far by long gone now Junior, I am no longer the man I used to be."

"What makes you say that?!"

Goku sighed then turned back to his grandson, "You're right, fighting is in my blood, I loved fighting, never wanted to see myself doing anything else but fight." He shook his head, "But that's not how I became a legend, I didn't become a legend because of my love for fighting." He paused, "I became a legend because my love for the people around me made me stronger, my need to protect them."

"Well I am here! You don't feel the need to protect me?" Junior asked desperately, "And what about Mika?" he pointed southward, "You've been spending a whole year with her, living with her, sure you must have began to care about her?!"

Goku nodded, "Yes, I care for her, more then you would like to believe right now." Junior blinked, "Then what is the problem?"

Again a silence arose, he was still not good at getting his feelings across, but knew it was necessary to at least awaken some understanding from his grandson for this matter.

"Being with your wife reminded me of the old days." He finally began, still earning the full attention of his grandson, "She reminded me of my own wife…" he nearly choked on his own breath the moment he started to talk about her again, the same nauseating pain arising in the pit of his stomach, "When I married her, I vowed I would protect her, from everything. When my son, Gohan, your great grandfather was born, I vowed I would protect him, I vowed I would protect my friends and do everything in my power to keep my wife, my sons and my friends away from harm and any evil."

He looked up in to the sky, "I turned Super Saiyajin for the first time, because Frieza killed my best friend, I became stronger because not only did I want to discover the new found powers and learn how to use them more, but because I knew, the stronger I would get, the stronger my enemies would be. Even more the reason for me to be strong so I could be there for them, to shield them away from the danger, to keep them alive and safe."

His grandson turned silent, his desperate look slowly disappearing as he turned his eyes towards the grass, "I got carried away, forgot why I was fighting, I kept everything in the back of my mind. The love of my wife, my family and the love of my friends, I forgot about it because I didn't want to start missing it once I'd truly been gone."

"Mika reminded me Junior… she helped me remember how good it felt to have someone at home waiting for you. Someone next to you, someone you can hold, love, care for, protect and be with for the rest of your life. Someone who would be by your side no matter what."

Goku junior smiled at himself the moment he heard that his wife managed to touch the heart of his great, great grandfather.

"I really miss her you know."

Junior turned his gaze back at his grandfather.

"I miss my wife, my sons, and my friends. I really have missed out on a lot of things and right now, I would almost give everything just to be able to go back and stay with them till my final days of life."

"I am done fighting against the bad guys, true, I will never stop fighting. But my days of being a hero are over…"

He smiled sadly, "All I want to be now is a husband, father, grandfather and friend."

"I… I understand." Goku junior whispered.

"You're the hero now junior, you're the fighter." With that Goku stood up, "Where are you going?"

Goku looked around, "No where…" he smiled and waved, "See ya." He jumped up and flew in to the air, leaving his great, great grandson behind.

He landed on the soils of the Son's property, it was dark, quiet and everything seemed so empty. He looked around, the empty houses standing there, lonely, vacant; with out the warmth it once held.

His eyes caught sight of one thing, a small garden on the other side of the lake. Stones sticking out of the ground, narrowing his eyes he made his way towards it, realizing it was the resting ground of the departed.

He gulped hard as he read the text on the stones,

"Here lies Son ChiChi Mao

Devoted wife of Son Goku,

Proud mother of Son Gohan and Goten.

Sweet mother,

Rest in peace."

He dropped down on his knees, for once in his life; he had turned down a fight.

For the first time in his old life,

He had let the fate of the Earth rest in some one else's hands, removing his own from it.

Yet all he could think of, all he could see, was her, was them. All of them… away from him, forever.

Letting his fingers caress the words that were written on his wife and his two sons' tombstones, he finally got himself back on his feet again. Turning his gaze back on to the two empty houses behind him.

His feet dragging him towards the first house, slowly and gently he opened the door. A muffled old smell greeting him the moment the door cracked open, everything was so old now. A house that held a family of four one hundred years ago was now nothing but an empty shell.

He stopped right then and there, the house was empty, furniture was gone, cracks in the walls, plants and animals finding their home in it now.

All there was left of his once treasured home was nothing but an old empty shell.

Shaking his head he went outside again, not fully understand his own actions for coming back to this place. It only stung him deeper knowing that these two houses would never give homage to a loving family ever again.

He paused for a few moments, hearing soft echoes of laughter coming from the house. Goosebumps covering his whole body the moment it played around in his ears.

He took in a deep breath, letting the cool night air sooth his aching body.

Levitating into the air, he flew away with one last look at his old home he headed into the dark sky.

Flying around for hours he finally stopped by a lake, letting his body rest at the bank side of the lake. A sad smile formed on his lips as he removed his boots and gently slipped his bare feet into the cold stream. Envisioning his wife sitting right next to him, her beautiful legs resting in the cool waters that streamed through the lake.

Closing his eyes he remembered how often he did this with his wife and only with his wife. Never did he ever had the urge to do this unless she was around sitting by the bank side. The mere image of her made his thoughts grow at ease, his heart beat at an easy relaxed beat.

Her soft humming as she moved her legs through the water delicately. He turned to look at her.

She smiled.

He grinned and reached out.

As the water danced playfully through his toes Goku had found himself yet again in one of his most precious and treasured memories he had with his wife. The grin never leaving his face.

He didn't want to wake up, wanted to spend as much time as he could in these dreams. For this was all he had left.


He had ignored the comments of his friends; Vegeta junior's complaints and the begging of the others. Only his wife let him go, watching from a distance as she held her hands tightly with a hopeful gleam residing in her blue eyes.

"Why would you do this Goku?!" Vegeta's mother asked as she grabbed his shoulder, "We might need the Dragonballs after the fight with Kodak! Who knows what might happen, you want us to wait for a whole year to make a final wish?!"

Goku eyed her, his eyes determent, "I am going to do this… please don't try to stop me." He brushed her hand of his shoulder and moved away.

She stepped back and crossed her arms, "You're an idiot!" Vegeta junior yelled from behind, but still didn't interfere, only looking a head of him, his arms seated in a firm cross across his chest.

Goku Junior turned back to the seven Dragonballs in front of him, holding up his hands, "Shenron awaken!" he yelled and the Dragonballs all started to glow, the wind blowing hard and the morning sky turning black with in seconds a blast coming from the Dragonballs Shenron appeared flying with his long body through the air, appearing right in front of Goku and all his friends.

Everyone but Goku stepped back, Goku's whose face was still determent and not at least intimidated by the huge dragon that appeared in front of him.

He was the new hero now; he was going to follow in his great, great grandfather's footsteps.

He was no longer afraid for any thing…

Casting another quick glance at his wife he smiled softly.

"You have awakened me, now make two wishes." The heavy voice of Shenron ordered.

"Yes Shenron, I have one very important wish to make, one that might even be too personal for you." Goku Junior said.


"You have awakened me, now make two wishes"

Goku's eyes flew open in shock as he sat up straight. Found himself with his bare feet still resting in the lake.

"Did he call for Shenron already?" Goku asked a little puzzled as he stood up.

He looked around, feeling a little disorientated. He must have fallen asleep right by the lake that night. His feet were complaining for they were soaked to the bone, literally, he couldn't help but let out a small chuckle just at seeing his feet all scrimped up.

Stretching his back he took his boots and placed them over his feet.

Finding himself waking up with the sound of Shenron's voice, he decided he would go and check with Junior just in case. Why would they else insist on using the Dragonballs, something must have gone wrong some where.

Maybe he should have stuck around….

Levitating up in to the sky he looked over the plain fields that were covered with the lushes of nature. Tree's sticking out of the ground on many places, birds flying about and some dinosaurs were grassing op on the open fields of grass.

He loved the peace full sound that nature alone could provide. Another deep fill of breath caressed his lungs.

Taking one last look at the lake that made its way through the forest. He couldn't help but to follow it up to his once old home. Clearly seeing the roofs of the old homes sticking out of the forest. He let out a small smile, thanking his mind for making him see that actual smoke came out of both chimney's.

"Time to go…" he told himself. Somehow he found himself mesmerized by the mere sight of the small plums of smoke going up in to the sky. Shaking his head he made his way towards Junior's house, the more he pushed away the sight of his old home the faster he felt himself go towards the right direction of his Grandson's house.

He looked down while in flight, not seeing a sight of the tiny home belonging to Mika and Junior. Goku blinked a couple of times as he circled around the area where he knew for certain their house was located at.

"Where did they go?" he asked confused.

"I know!" he grinned, "I can find them by using ki of course!"

'Should have done that first…' he heard his own voice mumble.

He placed his two fingers on his forehead, closed his eyes and searched for the ki's belonging to his grandson and his young wife.

He searched…


And searched longer.

"This can't be…" he whispered. Shock over taking him, "Kodak…" he quickly searched for the ki of any other powerful being… yet found more then one….

More then one familiar one…

His eyes grew large.


Desperate he looked around, closed his eyes and searched for ki's.

He was…


"Mom!" Goten yelled in to the living room, "I am heading towards Pareshu now… you sure you'll be okay?" he asked his mother who was washing the dishes. ChiChi nodded, "I'll be fine dear, just be back at dinner time!" she ordered, "Will do!" Goten replied and took off.

ChiChi sighed, finished with the last dish, placing them in the cabins of her old yet treasured kitchen. Taking a towel she dried her hands and stood in the door opening of her tiny home, Gohan and Videl were both at work, Pan at school and of course Goten had just left to visit his new girlfriend.

She sighed as she leaned against the door opening, looking in to the clear blue sky. She always did this after her husband had disappeared, died or… was simply just training. Hoping, knowing, praying, dreaming he would just suddenly walk down the green field across their small home and get back to her. And sometimes, especially during the years that he was dead and Goten only a young boy, she imagined she could see him, walking down to her, to their little home. Saying, "Hey Chi! I am back!"

Looking down, but it appeared that this was one thing she couldn't do any more, her husband wasn't going to return… not any more.

Her tears had by now all dried up; it was for the better this way, there was nothing she could do about it any more.

With one final gaze on to the blue horizon, she smiled, her old eyes still deceiving her as she saw him in the distance again. Just standing at her and starring at her and their little home.

Shaking her head she didn't know whether or not she should curse her mind for playing tricks on her again, or love it and hope it would do it a lot more often.

She headed back in to the kitchen, placed the towel on the back of the chair. Humming a light tune as she walked around in her kitchen. Each time she passed the open door way…

A moment of silence, she blinked and turned around, "Wait a minute…"

She ran outside again, 'He's still there…'

"Goku?" she whispered… her eyes filling up with tears as she could still see him. Not fading away… not walking away… he was there.

She felt her knees grow weak.

'Please don't let my heart deceive me…' her mind whispered for her own voice could not muster the courage to speak. She felt herself drop hard back on the ground right before the door opening. Her hand covering her pounding heart.

He was moving, he walked up to her, and she could see his face…. He was getting closer…

"Goku?..." her voice finally caught up and dared to let out a sound.

He saw her getting down on her knees; he saw her clutching her hand against her chest tightly.

This was real…

He fastened up his pace, afraid that if he were to walk faster for some odd reason she would disappear and he would wake up again.

"Goku?" he could hear her whisper his name.

It sent a thousand of electrifying goose bumps straight through his body.

"Chi?" he heard his own voice call out.

'Is this another dream?'

She gasped, she heard him. Before he even thought of it he was right in front of her, his shadow covering her quivering small form. He reached out his hand for her to take finding his heart pumping faster and louder, waiting for her to lay her hand in his. Waiting to feel her touch him.

She reached out. Her eyes big and filled with tears, hesitant to let her hand get any closer.

With one small touch he might pop up like a bubble and vanish right in front her eyes.

Goku smiled and reached out and took her hand pulling her up on her legs with ease. She gasped a second time, yet all he could do was to be mesmerized by the mere touch of their hands. With out any thought he pulled her close against him, his nose resting in her black raven hair. Savouring the smell, savouring their touch… savouring the feel of her against his body.

He could hear her sob, he could feel her hands reaching up and circling around his waist.

"Is this real?" she whispered in his ear,

'Return Son Goku to his old home, his family, his friends, let him live and finish his legendary life there.'

Goku could hear his young grandson's voice say, he closed his eyes, a huge smile forming on his lips as he held his wife closer.

'He's lived his life as a hero, now let him have one thing he truly desires…´

He looked up in to the clear blue sky, smiling gratefully.

"Or are you just a dream?" His wife voice drew him back; he let go of the hug he had longed to feel with her the moment he came back from his 100 year old slumber. He smiled, knowing very much that this was not a dream. For even dreams couldn't feel this good.

His large hands cupped her face.

"I am no dream… I am back Chi." He told her.

'A life of a hero, with his loving wife and family, let him die peacefully surrounded by the love of those who only love him the most. Give him that right, which one right fate decided to take from him. He deserves it Shenron, you know it, I know it, and he knows it. Please, take this wish and turn them into two, for Son Goku.'

"I am back Chi and I am not going to leave you… ever again." He kissed her lightly on the lips. All she could do was stare at him in pure disbelieve, "Back for good?"

He nodded.

She smiled as more tears streamed down her face, "For good?" she asked again.

He smiled back at her, looking at her nose doing that same funny thing again each time she smiled. How it made him happy to know that he was allowed to see that a lot more often… that beautiful smile…

'Your wishes…. Shall come true, young Son Goku junior.'

She buried her nose into his chest after he had said it yet again, "Goku… I love you."

Grinning, "Love you too Chi."

He kissed her forehead and held her close; already sensing three very familiar ki's making their way to his home.

"Dad!" he could hear his youngest son cry out in the far distance, three small dots making their way towards him and his wife.

He wrapped his arm around his wife shoulder and grinned.

Now he was complete. He finally was back at where he truly belonged.

The End

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