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Shuffling. Natsuki Kuga shuffled the deck of cards. The older kids around her were silent, making Natsuki smirk in satisfaction. Nothing helped her, a regular 8 year old, then beating the older kids at poker. Not only that, but Natsuki knew many thing about, and with cards. What they could represent, and what they could do.

She could always see the truth, yet show the lie. It was quite simple, however, tricky to master. But it was something she was born with.

The three older kids Natsuki was playing poker laid the held up their cards. The first two stepped out, but the last one dealt all in, 50$. Natsuki smirked. She was going to win.

The older boy grinned and put his cards down, whereas Natsuki tried her best to conceal her laughing face. A flush. How could one win with a flush? Maybe the rounds they had played made that little combination seem…satisfactory and confident to one, but Natsuki knew more.

She laid her own cards down, letting the boys to drop their chins.

"Not only did I just win an extra 50$, but I believe you boys owe me a favor."

She had won. A Straight Flush. The three boy's face reddened, and they handed her the keys to the blue motor bike. Not a motorcycle, in the year 2034, those were different from Motor Bikes.

Many things have changed.

The 'world' was flawless. War had ended. Everybody was the same. The government was 'run' by the 'people'.

Natsuki picked up the keys. That's what they all said. She exited the Poker room and entered the dark alleyway with the bike parked in it. She hopped on it, and it readjusted its size. Pressing the confirmation button, she re-adjusted the system, and destroyed it. Automatically, The bike's automated engine shut down.

This also was her specialty.

Natsuki then rewired it, and built a new system. One that matched to those of a Motorcycle.

Many things have changed in the future, that Natsuki knew. But why should she care to change it? Everyone was happy in this lie, and she was content. There wasn't any reason to change it. Maybe she didn't like the fact that Motorbikes could only access certain parts of the 'world' instead of Motorcycles, who had permission to go anywhere, also being able to speed up faster and have smoother rides if you added the right stuff.

Of course, there wasn't a need for 'engines' anymore. It was a computer. It could track you down so if anyone wanted to know where you are, they had to scan you in the Global Map in one of the computers. Also, if your on vehicle, it showed that too.

After finishing up with her Hacking into the computer engine, the bike didn't even make a sound when it changed, nor did it have to get permission. It's engine let it accelerate, to 90 mph, top speed at 170, with turbo 245, and still have a smooth ride with out breaking down or crashing during turns. The breaks were Reflex Breaks, a mix of a Manual Break and Emergency that was created back in 2017 that could be used to completely stop the moving object, whether or not it was spinning or going its fastest. It braked on reflex, which is where it got its name.

Natsuki revved up the engine.

Her clear emerald eyes saw through this façade.

She looked up at the 'sky'.

What kind of sky had no sun?

They we're lying. The 'government' that run them was only planning something…that she hadn't known yet, but this was all a lie. If this was the real world, she'd be dead. Those boys would have killed her.

If this was the real world, by now the sky should have been red.

If this were the real world, everyone should be dead.

Natsuki was certain, that this 'city' that took over entirely over the United States- or what was left of it- was hiding something from them.

The weather never changed, there were no fights. You could have your own personality, and dream, but now…

Now you couldn't even control your life.

They controlled it for you.


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