A//N:: This scene was extremely given to me by the OP of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai.

03598—10-///\\";''--…---..,-,-..123-4-6-357rsy356548 P.O.V

She was crying. Why she was crying, I didn't know. My heart wrenched with pity, her sobs got louder and louder. It was still day, and I looked around to make sure no one misunderstood or suspect the situation we were in.

I cupped her face. "Sshh…sshh….stop crying…breathe…take a deep breath…its okay…I'm here….ssh…"

Her sobbing was replaced by gasps, her taking air in big gulps. A few people were annoyed, so I let her get on the bike again. I could still hear her sob, and I drove to my house.

No body was home; of course my parents were at work. I brought her to my room, and got her tissues to blow her nose.

She ended up crying again.

"Shizuru, stop crying, its going to be alright…"

"I…I…I…o-oh g-od…I…k-killed them…s-shit…I-I'm a m-monster…I-I'm going…to…h-hell…" she said within every gasp and sob.

I hugged her and ran my fingers through her hair, repeatedly 'shh-ing' her. She cried her heart out, sobbing that she was evil, a murderer, and now she was going to die. Or things like how she was a thing from hell.

"No no no, you aren't from hell Shizuru…you aren't…you aren't anything from hell…"

The chestnut-haired girl raised her head up to me, her eyes were already red, but now they were puffy and had streams going down her cheeks.

Her eyes were sincere, her face full of emotions I hadn't seen before. She leaned into my chest and hugged her tighter. "T-thank…you…N-Natsuki…"


After that it was a haze, memories of her, the past events, everything was forgot. And when I looked for it, only pain was what I sought.

------(ending pov)))aejnt93925—

Natsuki opened her eyes.

Shizuru was behind her, examining the machine.

They had run down several underground corridors, only to end up in a maze. They stumbled upon a giant laboratory, a big room with a giant machine in the middle. Lights flashed, and Shizuru poked the machine. "Hey, stop. Who knows If its sensitive!"

"Ah, sorry Natsuki."

Natsuki sighed, Shizuru had somewhat a childish nature, mischievous and curious. To Shizuru, Natsuki was-

Footsteps were heard from across the dark room. Natsuki's ears perked up.

She quickly made sure Shizuru was silent before she closed her eyes. Leaning over and onto the ground, she counted the footsteps. They were synchronized, all running at the same speed. That must mean they knew she could calculate vibrations.

Natsuki gritted her teeth together and grabbed Shizuru's hand. "We're going to kill them."

For a moment, Natsuki saw the regret in Shizuru's eyes, before they disappeared into the red orbs. The other woman nodded, and stood up. Natsuki looked around for any objects that could be used, and found a few cds and a pen on a table near her.

Picking them up, she handed the pen to Shizuru, before leaning over to whisper in her ear. "There are five, I can take out three, you get two."

Shizuru nodded, and clicked the pen. They both waited for the dark shadows to come closer…just a bit closer…-


Natsuki threw the CDs like a frisbee and they stabbed into each of her targets. Shizuru used the pen to swipe at the guards' necks before breaking their necks or clawing out their throats.

"Shit shit shit! Shizuru! Run!"

Shizuru immediately saw what Natsuki was panicking about, there were red flashing lights on one of the guy's shoulders, a silent alarm. Before the two separated, Natsuki whispered into Shizuru's ear. "We might not see each other for a long time, but just in case, do not get captured, do not follow any orders, and do not get killed."

Shizuru grinned and cracked her knuckles. "Then I'll make a deal with you. Whoever lives gets to kill whoever is pulling the strings."

"This isn't a deal. I've gambled all my life, made deals, this is a promise."

"Then let the game begin…"



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