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Since Vampires Call was so popular I decided to write another story set in that universe. This will be the story of how Trowa eventually ends up a member of Heero's family.
Ten years after Heero put Duo to sleep the vampires took over and changed the world, Trowa was seven.

Chapter 1

Catherine smiled as she tucked her brother into the bed, despite the fact that he was almost thirteen he still let her mother him. It had been nearly six years since their parents' deaths and since then she had been the only mother he knew. They were all the other had in the world since their once safe lives had come crashing down on them. It had been so hard at first, trying to adapt to such a different life style but they had managed to scrape by where many others had failed. In part she knew it was due to their age, the young have a tendency of being more adaptable to change than adults. She'd managed to make a fairly comfortable life for the two of them over the past few years, the never wanted for food or warmth during the winter and they had both managed to continue some form of education until just recently.

Recently…she shook her head sadly before moving to her own bed. There had always been disappearances at night since the takeover but in the last six months they had gotten worse. And what made it even scarier was that the local vampires were patrolling the area, actually trying to stop them. But so far they had been ineffective since more and more people were vanishing, some from their very beds as they slept. It was why she never let Trowa out of her sight these days, why they had stopped lessons and why she always slept very lightly with a wooden stake under her pillow and with all entrances boarded up for the night.


Trowa smiled for his sister as she left their small home for the days work. He knew she was really worried about leaving him alone but she would be home long before nightfall so he wasn't worried. He piled up the breakfast dishes and washed them before heading outside to weed their small vegetable garden. They grew what they could to cut down on the money they had to spend on food, as did nearly everyone who had the room to do so. Catherine was always very careful in making sure they had just a bit more than they needed right now, if she fell ill or was injured they would need the extra to get by as he was too young to look for work.

He loved his older sister dearly and he knew she loved him but he still missed their parents so much. Since their deaths during the takeover he hardly spoke anymore and he knew that made Cathy sad but he couldn't help it. He just didn't feel like talking very much which was a big change from when he was little, back then he was the biggest chatterbox that lived. But since watching his parents die… at least he still had Catherine; he didn't know what he would do if anything happened to her and he knew there was a chance. He knew she was pretty and that pretty people were the most frequent to vanish but they were always very careful.


Trowa lay utterly still in his bed, trying to act as if he were still asleep. Something was wrong but he didn't know what. He just knew that someone or something was in the house that shouldn't be. He swallowed and let his eyes drift towards his sister's bed; she was still asleep from what he could tell.

The windows shattered inward, sending glass shards and broken timber flying threw the air. Trowa instinctively curled up to protect his face and stomach, the blankets taking most of the damage. Catherine screamed as she started awake and then kept screaming as figures flowed into the room. Trowa scrambled out of bed, trying to untangle himself from the blankets and get to her. Cold hands wrapped around his throat and he choked on a scream, fighting wildly. Catherine's screams became more desperate and he could here various objects in the room falling and breaking. His fighting became even more furious as his vision began to fade.


Trowa coughed and gasped, struggling against restraining hands.

"Easy son, you're okay." The gentle voice made him stop fighting as he finally managed to take a deep breath and open his eyes. A man was leaning over him and smiling kindly. He looked around the room, not recognising where he was.

"Catherine." He whispered around his bruised throat.

"I'm sorry, you were the only one we found. Lie back and try to sleep, you need to rest." Trowa lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Catherine was gone? No! She couldn't' be, she'd promised not to leave him. She'd promised!


"How's the boy?" Mark asked as soon as he entered the room.

"He'll be fine physically given some time to heal. Turns out he wasn't the only one in the house, he asked for someone named Catherine." Daniel answered.

"A sibling maybe?"


"Any sign of…" Mark indicated his neck and Daniel shook his head.

"He's clean, they only tried to strangle him, not feed."

"Good. He'll make a good recruit with some training."

"He's just a kid!"

"Perfect age to start training, I'm not suggesting we send him out for several years yet but if they took his sister…" Mark trailed off and Daniel nodded in understanding. Better they teach and care for the boy than allowing him to run off and get himself killed by trying to get revenge so soon.
"Let me know when he's healed, I'll speak to him then."

Well? What do you think? An okay start?