enters onscreen Alright people! This is one of those awful author's notes, I know...

I am here because I have a few things to say! And because I can, Deidara and Sasori are going to come onscreen while I say it. -keys tapping away and Sasori and Deidara appear-

Deidara: Hey guys! I bet you were wondering what had happened to us eh? I know, I'm so absolutely fantabulous that without me your lives would not be worth living un.

Me & Sasori: ...

Me: Yes, anyways, so, I give me deepest apologies---

Deidara: -cough cough- Un!

Me: -continues- ...Deepest apologies for not updating for a while.

Deidara: A long while.

Me: A long while.

Deidara: Ages un.

Me: Ages.

Deidara: Infact---

Me: Sasori make your uke shut up.

Sasori: ...What did you call him?

Me: I said "Sasori, made your duke shut up."

Sasori: Duke...

Me: Yes... As in... chess... He's your duke...?

Sasori: That's rook.

Me: Aha. Anyways! My deepest apologies for not updating for ages-Deidara-do-not-interrupt and uhm... I PROMISE that I will update in the next three days. Or else.

Deidara: ...Or else what un?



Sasori: ...That's not very punishing... to you...

Me: Who said I was going to punish myself for being lazy---I mean, lack of inspiration. -cough-

Kisame: -walks in- ...Why is there a camera in here and why is---OH GAWSH IS THAT A FANGIRL!!!??? -takes out Samehada-

Me: Nononononononono, not fangirl, author, author author authoress put the sword down. O.O;

Deidara: Don't worry, she's the one writing the fanfic un:D

Kisame: ...What fanfic? -narrows eyes- It's not---

Me: Nope, no pairing including you.

Kisame: ...You're sure?

Me: Yep.

Kisame: Positive?

Me: Absolutely.

Kisame: No It---

Me: Definetly not.

Kisame: ...Alright then. -sheathes Samehada- So why are we filming this?

Sasori: It's an author's note.

Kisame: Oh gawsh I hate those. So why are we filming it in the toilet?

Me: 'Cos there's nowhere else to put it.

Kisame: You do realise that people probably need to USE this room and you guys are like filming in it?

Me: Yes. :D Are you trying to make some sort of point:D

Itachi: -walks in- Why are we all here? ...Oh gawsh. There's a non-Naruto person in here.
-uses his awesome Uchiha logic-which-is-not-so-awesome-'cos-all-Uchihas-are-emos-well-not-
really-but-I-really-don't-like-Sasuke-'cos-he's-like-annoying-and-stuff-but-anyways- If she is not in this anime she must be a fangirl, or an OC... Possibly a... -twitch twitch-
(DUN DUN DUN) Mary-Sue. No, I will not marry you.

Me: No, no, I'm not, I'm an authoress. sweatdrop

Itachi: ...Is this in an way an Ita---

Me: No, not that pairing, nope, absolutely not, none at all.

Itachi: Fine then. Why are we all gathered in the toilet?

Me: ...Yes, about that---

Kakuzu: -walks in holding newspaper- Awww what the---WHY THE HELL ARE WE ALL IN THE TOILET!?

Me: Wow, you guy's toilet must be pretty big...

Deidara: -nods- Un!

Hidan: -pokes head in- What's goi---Oh wow, did the bathroom get bigger? -walks in- (AN: Hidan would only poke his head in if the door was open, which it is, signalling that no one is using it. Just so ya know, he does not stick his head into bathrooms randomly. XD)

Deidara: An Author's Note inside and Author's Note, un.

Me: Indeed. Like a paradox thingy. Moving on, there are some important things you should know. Considering that this has taken a few months to finally do... and it's a crappy AN,
the storyline of Naruto has moved onwards quite a bit, and screwed up my fanfic a bit, but then again it was screwed up anyways. Blue for once, or Konan, is back from holiday. A very LONG holiday.

Kisame: Like you said in Chapter One.

Me: I know. You guys actually remembered that? -happy- So now she is here. And Pein...

Sasori: Yes, when we first heard it we were all thinking the same thing...

Me: ...Is actually not the Akatsuki's Leader and stuff but what the hell. Nothing is changing. :D

Zetsu: comes out of the ground making Deidara fall over Indeed. Which makes them a complete stupid fanfic. It was anyways.

Me: You have hurt my feelings Zetsu. D:

Muwahahaha! Yes! Hurt her feelings! Be mean! I like evil:D

-everyone looks around. What could it be!? O: -

-horribly dramatic music builds up tension as... EVIL TOBI SKIPS IN!!-

Everyone: -gasp-

Zetsu: Tobi?

Tobi: Not anymore! For I am... Uchiha Madara! (AN: I think. -shrug-)

Deidara: -swoons- Oh, the horror (un)! -faints-

Sasori: -doesn't catch him- --

Hidan: Say, why is the authoress convulsing on the floor?

Deidara: -peers- Oh right, I think she's in shock.

Me: -malfunctioning- Tobi... Tobi... good boy... is Tobi... -starts sparking-

Sasori: Too much of a shock I see. Well, I'm not really suprised for one.

Deidara: Your not un? D: -scoots up to danna- Did you figure it out danna:D

Sasori: Well what sort of person can eats lollipops and sugary goodness all day without getting up to mischief?

Pein: -walks in- The hell!? I thought I told you guys not to give him sugar! Who gave him sugar!?

Everyone: It wasn't us.

Pein: Then...


-Konan walks in-

Konan: 'Twas I!

Hidan: We have a female member?

Pein: You fed Tobi sugar?!

Konan: Yes Pein---

Deidara: Is it because you have some sort of elaborate plan like getting yourself somehow introduced because you fed Tobi sugar un?

Konan: ...I was about to say that.

Deidara: Haha un!

Zetsu: Tobi, why are you a bad boy now? I like Tobi as a bad boy. Good boy is better.

Tobi: You may refer to me as Uchiha Madara-sama now! And, uhm, because! I am... evil!

Deidara: Lame un!


Deidara: -dies from horror-

Sasori: ...And you broke him, well done Tobi. You have successfully suceeded in breaking the authoress AND Deidara. I have to hand it to you. And now I shall take my leave to fix my partner. -picks up Deidara in his arms and walks off-

Zetsu: What about when you brought me that bowl of ramen? Were you plotting evil then?

Tobi: I... I...

Zetsu: Or when you kept me company and watched the fireworks with me?

Tobi: ...Why isn't your other side talking?

Zetsu: I have co-erced him into temporary hibernation.

Tobi: ...Zetsu-san I'm sorry please please please please don't be mad!! T.T -runs forward,
arms outstretched- Zetsu-san!!

Zetsu: -hugs Tobi- -pets his hair- There there, don't worry, Tobi is a good boy.

Deidara: D'awww, danna, why don't you ever hug me un?

Sasori: -walks back in- He's fixed. Oh joy. --

Itachi: How did you fix him?

Sasori: Didn't. Was walking through the kitchen and felt him snuggling into my chest. --

Deidara: Now I remember un! Because danna's a perv---

Sasori: -covers his mouth- Anyway, remember to keep checking back, and if the next chapter is not out within three days you get to boot the authoress' ass. Talking of her, how is she functioning?

Hidan: I think she is getting bett---

Me: -heads asplodes-

Hidan: ...Awww damn. Great, who's gonna write the fic now?

Deidara: -face brightens up and smiles wickedly-

Sasori: ...Bad. BAD BOY. NO. I don't know whatever you are thinking about but whatever it is, NO.

Deidara: I thought you only liked to call me a bad boy in the privacy of our bedroom un?

Sasori: -blushes and starts to splutter-

Deidara: ...But saying as the authoress is... unavailable, IT MEANS WE THE AKATSUKI GET TO WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER:D

Sasori: ...That's it, Deidara, it's nap time!


Kakuzu: Not again damnit!!

Sasori: Deidara just come quietly and---Put. The. Clay. Dow---



So will the Akatsuki really write the next chapter? Will Tobi ever be a good boy again?
How will DeiDei's nap go? D:

Find out in the next chapter!

P.S. Signed onto my hotmail today and got a big fright. Like, 172 e-mails because I have the fanfic alert thing on.