The Emancipation of Heaven's Court

Disclaimer: I own nothing save for what rattles around in my rather warped imagination.


Author's Note: 3rd in the Aussie Experience Trilogy. The boys are back in the US but are they any safer?

Author's Note 2: Sigh the Australian immigration let the boys out of Australia and head back home. Dang it all!

Author's Note 3: Okay sorry it is a bit short for a beginning, but my shoulder decided that I have done enough typing for the night. And oh yeah I was nice to you all and didn't leave it on a cliffie for a change. But don't get too comfortable this is only the first chapter! Mmmwahahahaha


Chapter One: Pretty Young Things Aren't They?

'You are a pretty little thing aren't you dear?' Mrs Rose Atkins smiled at the teenaged volunteer, 'you new?'

'Yes Ma'am I only started this morning.' She chirped happily, 'I think I'm going to like it here.'

'What's your name sweety?'

'Hope Wilson I go to Epping Senior High.' Hope explained taking a seat next to the elderly woman, 'when I found out we could volunteer here I was so happy, I never met my grandparents so...'

'Oh that is a shame Hope, could you be a good girl and get my shawl from my room, I feel a wee bit chilly.'

'No probs at all Mrs Atkins, I'll be right back.' Hope went off in search for Rose's room as the elderly woman watched her go, she chuckled to herself and leaned over to touch the arm of the man next to her.

'We got another one Arthur, a pretty little thing.' She said her voice stronger and younger sounding suddenly.

'You are good Rosy do you know that?' Arthur smiled and patted her arm.

'Dang don't I know it.' Rose chuckled. 'Don't I know it?'


Dean sighed again and rolled over onto his side to face Sam, they had been back in America for three weeks now; they had the impala, their weapons and were back on the road. But Sam had barely said two words to him except for answering direct questions since they had arrived home. Home Dean never thought that he would say that about anywhere.

'Sammy you okay over there dude?' he asked knowing that the only answer he will get is a non-committal grunt.

'Dean?' Sam whispered his brother's name grounding him a little, 'Dean we're safe aren't we?'

'Yeah dude why?' Dean sat up and stared hard at Sam, the bruises were almost gone but there was still the shadow following Sam.

'I – I dunno just a feeling.' Sam muttered, slowly sitting up he rubbed at his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair absently. 'I can't shake it.'

'Talk to me Sam, it's been three weeks since we got back and you haven't said anything.'

'Dean ...'

'I know but I need you to talk to me, please you don't have to go into detail but something is going on in that freaky head of yours.'

'I honestly don't know, I feel okay I guess ... I just ... I have this strange feeling I can't shake especially when people look at me.' Sam said his voice faltering, 'I can feel what they are thinking when they see me.'

'What Sam, what do they think when they see you?' Dean tried to remain calm for Sam but he felt so far out of his depth he ached physically.

'Nothing it's okay Dean just ignore me.'

'No I'm not going to ignore you, I want you to talk to me Sam anything just give me something to work with.'

'Why me Dean?' Sam suddenly cried out his own pent-up emotions too explosive to hold down anymore. 'Why me? I mean do I have demon's victim written on my forehead. Need a good time call 1800-fuckSam?' he jumped up and started to pace around the small motel room, his fingers twisting together trying to release the energy spilling out of him.


'I try so hard not to let them get to me, but then bang they do ... poor little victim Sammy, he's just so innocent and stupid but damn he's a good fuck.'

'Stop it Sam.'

'No Dean you wanted me to talk then fine I'll talk, they used me Dean like I was some sort of ... they, they held me Dean four of them held me and then ... then they moved me for one of them.'

'Sam I am so ...'

'Please don't Dean, not you I don't want pity I just want them out of my head.' Sam backed himself up against the wall as his tears started to drop, large heavy tears matching the hacking sobs clawing their way out. He slid down until he sat leaning against the wall and pulled his knees up, 'I couldn't get away, I couldn't do a thing.' Sam sobbed, 'I am so fucking weak, that's all I'm good for.'

'Don't you say that Sam don't're not like that!' Dean cried out hurrying over he crouched down in front of Sam and held his shoulders tightly, 'look at me Sam, look at me.'

'NO, no Dean don't you get it, I'm dirty, I've had demons inside me, touching me, tainting me. I – I oh God Dean they raped me!'

'Sammy, sh it's okay, it's over.'

'I see them everytime I shut my eyes, I feel them their hands on me, when they weren't putting themselves or, or things into me they were hitting me and hurting me. They never spoke to me, except when they ordered me to do something, or wanted to humiliate me more.' Sam gasped for breath but he couldn't stop his verbal vomiting. Everything he had suppressed bubbled up and out, leaving him feeling wrung out and exhausted but it wouldn't stop. 'They were going to keep using me until ... until I turned twenty-five and a half; they knew exactly what to do so they didn't kill me. I'm dirty, so fucking dirty ... how can you stand to look at me?'

'Sammy, Sammy no, no listen to me I want you to listen to me. You are not dirty, you are not disgusting or anyone's fuck buddy. You survived, you kicked ass and you made it home. You did Sam no one else could do that for you, you did it. Fuck Sam I am so sorry I couldn't stop that from happening to you, I tried so hard to find you but I couldn't...'

'No Dean it's not your fault, I – I invite trouble, Dad was right when we were kids, I'm just a screw up.'

'Don't you say that Sammy, don't you ever say that again.' Dean cried out his voice hoarse with emotion, 'I never want you to call yourself that again do you hear me?' Dean watched Sam before giving him a slight shake, 'I said do you hear me?'

'Yeah Dean I hear you.' Sam said unable to meet Dean's gaze he blinked and stared at the floor, 'I'm tired of carrying so much shit in my head Dean, why can't I...?'

'Why can't you what? Sam look at me, no look at me.' Dean put his hand on Sam's chin and tilted his head back to make him meet Dean's gaze, 'why can't you what?'

'Have it gone? Wipe it from my memory?' Sam said softly 'I need it gone.'

'I'm sorry I can't do that for you dude,' Dean said cupping Sam's face in his hands he wiped his tears away, 'but I can get us a job.'


'Give you something to concentrate on?'


'Old people's home, Heaven's Court retirement village, Epping Wyoming.' Dean grinned holding a helping hand to his brother, keeping the physical contact for a few seconds until Sam had his balance. 'Young people from the town are going missing, suddenly the old people in the home are suddenly in the peak of health.'


'All of the young people have worked as either staff or volunteers at the home.'

'So what the oldies are sucking the life out of the young ones?' Sam asked incredulously.

'Something like that, so whatcha think?'

'Sounds like we have a job.' Sam grinned shakily, 'first though I need a shower man.'

'Yeah well I was gonna say something peppy but hey didn't want to kick ya while you were down.'


'Peppy Le Pew ... the cartoon skunk? Oh man Sammy do I need to teach you about pop culture or what?'

'Or what?' Sam grinned and turned to head to the bathroom when he looked back at his brother, 'thanks man, I mean it thanks.'

'Okay chick flick moment 424 gone and done with, you've used up your quota dude for the next fifty years.'

'Whatever.' Sam grinned shutting the door behind him.

'Don't use all of the hot water.' Dean yelled after him.


Two hours later Sam fidgeted again trying to get comfortable in the car while Dean drummed his hands on the steering wheel along with ACDC. 'Whatsa matta Sammy?'

'Can't get comfortable.' Sam shot back grimacing he turned the music down and twisted until he was sitting side on. 'I can't get comfortable.'

'What's wrong? Pain?' Dean asked immediately slipping into his Mr Mom routine.

'No, no just ... uncomfortable.' Sam blushed not wanting to tell Dean what the real problem was. Dean cocked an eyebrow and kept glancing at Sam before signalling to pull off the road.

'What's wrong?'

'Nothing ... just ... bathroom break.' Dean said nodding his head at the gas station they were pulling into, 'anyway we can fill up while we're here.'


'You want anything?'

'Nope go for it.' Sam said relieved just to be standing up for a minute. Dean sighed and took off to the bathroom before heading in to pay for their fuel and to get some snacks. He watched Sam as he waited to be served, since Sam's little breakdown earlier that morning he had been acting a little more like his old self but maybe they had taken off to early.

Paying for the snacks and fuel Dean hurried back to impala when he lost sight of his brother, rounding the car he found him slumped against the wheel holding his head in his hands.

'Sammy? What's the matter dude?' Dean said squatting down next to his brother, 'talk to me.'

'Dean?' Sam lifted his head slightly and blinked a few times until Dean came into focus. 'I – I what happened?'

'Dunno came out and found you like this,' Dean frowned worried with Sam's sudden confusion.

'My head hurt ... a vision I think.'

'You think?'

'Not sure it wasn't like a normal one.' Sam grimaced as he tried to stand up too quickly and swayed drunkenly.

'Talk Sam what was it?'

'Ah I felt more than saw, a young girl ... teenager she was having trouble breathing, she was so scared and then nothing.'

'Did you see anything?'

'A pair of hands and ah ... she was wearing a uniform.'

'Nurse? No too young ... oh a – a volunteer?'

'Yeah I guess.' Sam shook his head and immediately regretted it, 'can we get going?'

'Yeah sure, you gonna hurl?'

'No, no just tired.'

'That's good coz remember what happened last time.' Dean threatened him lightly, Sam shuddered as he remembered cleaning the seats with an old toothbrush while Dean stood over him.

'Can we just go please?'

'No probs,' Dean grinned revving the car he waited until Sam was safely inside before taking off in a cloud of smoke and burnt rubber.

'Dean!' Sam yelled as they burst back onto the freeway narrowly missing an oncoming truck.

'What?' Dean asked laughing.

'You are seriously sick Dean.' Sam laughed leaning his head back against the seat he twisted around to find the comfortable spot he had before and watched his brother until sleep claimed him and he drifted off.

'Sleep well little brother.' Dean said turning the music on but kept the volume down in deference to Sam's aching head.