The Emancipation of Heaven's Court

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Author's Note: Mention of male rape and lots of violence in this chapter, you have been duly warned!! THIS IS NOT A DEATH FIC!!! I will never kill off the boys or any character that has not died on the show already. Yes there is a character's death in this chapter, BUT like I said I don't kill any off that have not already died on the show. Believe me this character died in pretty spectacular fashion on the show. So warning minor!Character's death.


CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE: American Hunters in Australia – To America or Bust



The doctor's memories of his days working for the Master came flooding back, including those fateful days when he first met the Winchester brothers, meeting Dean to begin with when he was dying from the demon poison and then when he met Sam. The tragic figure chained to the wall, who had endured beatings, starvation, dehydration, and rapes of all descriptions and now, now, they had no idea what else he had gone through at the hands of the monsters.



The slamming of car doors brought the doctor out of his musings and he hurried outside his face paling when he saw the ragtag group. Tenderly he helped carry Sam inside and lay him on the prepared bed, 'sit down over there Dean and don't you get up.' He said seeing the pain-lines and greyness of pallor on the younger man. 'No arguments or I'll sedate you.'

'Nice to see you too Doc.' Dean wheezed, he slipped a small tablet under his tongue and sank down wearily on the chair, his gaze fixed on his brother's lax face.

'Bobby can you take Caleb and Josh into the next bedroom, I've made the beds up in there, as soon as we're set in here I'll come in to tend to them.'

'No problems Doc.' Bobby nodded and with a parting glance down at Sam herded his charges into the next bedroom. Keith and Jim had already disappeared with Becky making sure that she was nowhere near the Winchester brothers.

Wayne turned and looked down at his young patient, tears shone in the doctor's eyes as he took in the obvious first. 'What have they done to you my boy?' He muttered as he carefully lowered Sam's pants and uncovered the hideous leather contraption.

Dean sat up a little more, his eyes widening at the thing they forced Sam into, made of thick leather and shaped like a pair of full briefs but instead of a fly, there was a long sheath for his penis. There was no sign of any lacings or openings seemingly sealed after they put it on him. Opting for a pair of sharp pointed scissors, Wayne carefully started to cut the leather away. Working painstakingly slow, so he didn't cut Sam, Wayne finally peeled it away from Sam's hips first; once he had it worked down then he stopped and carefully regarded the sheath. 'Damn it all to hell.'

'What's wrong Doc?'

'I have no idea how long he's been like this but … from what I can tell and feel, his … the skin has swollen over the ring I'm afraid if I try to cut it off...'

'What can you do?'

'Hum, if I go cross ways along the centre of the ring then, then I might be able to peel it back.'


'I – I don't know Dean.'

'You can do this doc, please you have too…' Dean implored the man.

Wayne took a deep breath and carefully pierced the leather with the tips of the scissors and then as gently as he could manage he felt for the space where he could only feel the ring. Meticulously, he worked the sharp blades around, moving himself when needed rather than risking anymore damage and pain to his patient.

Dean watched with held breath and thudding heart, he winced every time he saw the doctor insert the scissor blades into the leather and slowly cut it away. He silently prayed to whatever was listening, that Sam came out of this intact and working. He had enough issues to deal with let alone a malfunctioning 'little Sam'.

Blinking he realised that the doc had worked the bottom half of the sheath away exposing a very 'angry' looking erection, the tender flesh a mass of red and purple bruises and abnormally raised veins. The front edge of the ring cut into swollen flesh crusted with blood and dried white flakes.

'Sammy.' Dean cried out breaking the tense silence, at least Sam was still unconscious for this bit.

Wayne sat back and wiped his sweaty face; his hands were starting to shake with the effort of cutting so slowly and through such thick material, now came the most delicate part, getting the rest of it away from Sam's testicles and the rest of his penis.

Taking a deep breath he picked up the scissors and went back to his arduous task, the soft moan coming from his patient startled him so much that he nearly dropped the scissors. 'Sam?'

He waited watching his patient for a few seconds and then went back to work determined to finish before Sam could wake.

With innate care, he finally cut through the last of the leather, deciding to go straight up from the sheath towards the hips. When he peeled it away, he felt like throwing up, he looked over at Dean and then stood up he needed to move.

Dean stared down at Sam's genitals too shocked to worry about embarrassment, the ring was the only remaining restriction on Sam, but the swollen flesh held it tight and prevented removal by sliding it off as normal.

'What do we do doc?' He asked hoarsely pulling his stare away from his brother and fixing it on the doctor's back, 'what do we do?'

'Honestly … I'm not sure we can try to cut it off but…'

'More chance of cutting him.'

'Yes, I'm ahh going to clean the area with saline and just see what we're dealing with.' The doctor announced squaring his shoulders; he was not going to fail these boys, not now, not ever.

As he cleaned the delicate area Wayne kept an eye on Dean, even though he seems to have settled a little after the medication he still looked ill and exhausted. Something that broke the doctors heart, no one Dean's age should look like that and no one Sam's age … they should be home in America dating girls and having normal, average lives. He slowly but carefully wiped at the raw flesh cleaning away the blood and crustiness and tried to encourage the taunt skin back and away from the cruel implement.

'I think I might be able to try and ease it off.' He said finally breaking the strained silence, Dean sat up a little and tried to concentrate on his brother's face, when he noticed the frown appearing on Sam's brow. The pinched look on his face and the quickening of his breath.

'I think he's waking up Doc.' Dean said urgently glancing down to look at where the doctor continued to clean and manipulate the ring from Sam's still engorged penis.

'No, no, please … hurts.' Sam whimpered his hands flailing to push away the hands invading his body, 'no more.'

'Sh, Sammy it's alright, the doc's trying to help you.' Dean tried to soothe his distressed brother, climbing onto the bed next to Sam he pulled him up against his chest and moved slightly until he was bracing Sam completely, and then he wrapped his arms around him trapping Sam's arms beneath his effectively pinning him. 'Finish it doc please.'

What felt like ages although only mere minutes, Wayne was finally able to work the ring down enough and away from the most damaged part, holding his breath he ever so slowly kept it moving, 'I need something to lubricate it.' He muttered, 'be right back Dean don't let him move.'

'Don't worry Doc I won't.' Dean hugged his brother a little tighter and kept whispering in his ear, the soothing cadence of his voice worked and Sam visibly calmed down.

The doctor came hurrying back with a small tube, with great reluctance he smeared the cream over Sam's penis and over the edge of the ring, and then began to work it over the lubricated area. 'A little more.' He muttered.

'Argh, no hurts,' Sam's body arched against Dean, his entire being shuddered and shook as the ring finally slid off with a soft suctioning sound, the release immediate and Sam seemed boneless as his body responded to the sudden freedom. Thick cords of semen spurted over the bed and Sam's legs, a primal scream erupted from Sam as the relief hit him as more pain.

When he finally quietened Wayne washed him down with fresh saline and applied an antiseptic ointment to the inflamed penis before covering Sam's nakedness with a light cotton sheet. Wearily he placed an IV cannula into the back of Sam's left hand and attached a bag filled with much needed fluids and then another one containing antibiotics and pain relief. 'I'm going to go and see to the others,' Wayne said glancing over at the brothers, 'try and get some rest, the both of you.'

'Yeah sure doc … Wayne?'

'Yes Dean?'

'Thanks man, I just don't … thanks.'

'My pleasure Dean.' Wayne smiled as he left the Winchester brothers alone.

'Sammy you with me dude?' Dean whispered tangling his fingers in Sam's hair and relished the feeling of having his brother back, even though they still had a long road ahead of them, especially with Sam's recovery but they were together again.

'My De?' Sam muttered and patted the arms cradling him.


'My De?' Sam repeated, 'mom's waiting for us De.'

'No Sam, she's not … you're safe with me now, we're both alive.'

'Dean?' Sam's eyes slowly opened although they were still gold tinged opaque disks at least they were no longer glassy and unfocussed. 'Dean? You really here?'

'Yeah dude we got you back.' Dean felt like weeping with relief, Sam actually sounded coherent making Dean wonder just how long they had him trapped by that ring and leather girdle.

'Don't go.' Sam whimpered, 'don't leave me lone.'

'Not going anywhere bro, I'm staying right here with you.'

'I wanna go home Dean.' Hot tears started to fall down Sam's face as his awareness finally returned, 'don't wanna be here anymore.'

'I know dude, as soon as we're all well enough we're going home.'

'Who? Who else is there?'

'We found Caleb and Josh, the doc is with em now, Jim and Bobby came with me.'

'You, you went on a plane willingly?'

'Yeah well don't let it go to your head.'

'M'leepy.' Sam yawned and moved closer to Dean relishing in the comfort, 'don't leave me.'

'Never gonna leave you dude.'

'Scared De, Master told me that he would give me sight back.' Sam cried in gulping sobs, 'I – I can't see.'

'Ahh Sammy.'

'Master lied to me, he lied to me and – and told me you were dead.'

'Sammy, he is not your Master, no one is.'

'Don't understand…'

'Sammy listen to me … The Master is gone, Verechiel is gone, Ares and Amni are gone they can't hurt you anymore.'

'What about Hendrickson?'

'He's dead Sammy, I think that he was probably dead before you came here, I'm gonna keep telling ya till I'm blue in the face, you're safe Sammy we got you out.'

'I'm not dreamin?'

'No dude, it's all real.'

'Don't hurt so bad now.' Sam mumbled his tears and sobs had subsided giving way to his exhaustion, 'no more hurts?'

'No more dude, you can just rest now, I'm not going anywhere.' Dean continued to speak in a low comforting voice as Sam drifted into his first nightmare free sleep since the bed and breakfast. That felt so long ago.


'Yeah Sam?'

'When we get home can we go to the bed and breakfast?'

'Yep sure dude whatever you want.' Dean would have just about agreed to anything to keep Sam thinking of home and freedom.


Jim and Bobby watched the young woman carefully; she had finally succumbed to exhaustion after fighting against the effects of the devil's trap. Actually, exhaustion is a mild description of how she really felt. 'Why can't you let me go? I won't go near Dean or Sam.'

'Leave the girl alone and ya can leave, we'll let ya go back to the pits.' Bobby growled, 'other than that girly ya aint goin' nowhere.'

'But I'm not possessed.' Becky protested earnestly she turned a baleful stare to Jim, 'please you have to believe me.'

'Sorry sweetheart.' Bobby grinned and folded his arms, while Becky focussed on him Jim pulled out a small leather bound book and opened to a dog-eared paged and started to chant in Latin. Becky snarled and threw herself at the preacher only to be repelled backwards by the devil's trap.

Finally, her head snapped back and a white-grey swirl of smoke escaped from the young woman's mouth and slithered away disappearing through the cracks in the polished floor boards. Wearily Jim slumped and dropped into a chair, he held his head in his hands and sent a small prayer up for the soul of the young woman who now lay in front of him her sightless eyes fixed on the wall in front of her. With the demon gone, her body started to resemble a long dead corpse rather than that of a healthy and very much alive woman.

'You alright Jim?' Bobby asked looking down at his old friend, 'it doesn't get any easier does it?'

'Nope it sure doesn't.' Jim lifted his head slightly and looked up at Bobby, 'just tired Bobby.'

'Let's go see to our boys.' Bobby patted the preacher on the shoulder and headed out of the room, 'might swing by the kitchen first for coffee though, it's gonna be a long night.'

'What about Becky's body?'

'What about it Jim?' Keith asked meeting the two Americans in the kitchen, 'mm coffee.'

'Normally we would take care of it ourselves, but we're in a different country and that young woman probably had family.'

'Yeah from what I understand she comes from down Albury way, look let me handle it, I can file her as a Jane Doe body and do a missing persons search.'

'Sounds like a plan.'

'What about the demon?' Keith looked from Bobby to Jim and then back to Bobby. 'Is it gone?'

'Yeah they're all gone.' Bobby nodded, 'might have to go back and rig something at that mine.'

'Yeah was thinking that, the infestation gone?'

'Bobby, Agent Hendrickson's body should be returned to the states.' Jim stated quietly.

'Crap forgot about that.'

'Ah guys how can you talk about this and be so calm?' Keith asked them incredulously staring at the two hunters.

'Comes with the territory my boy.' Jim gave him a small grin, 'let's get coffee and see to the others first and then we'll work out the rest.'


Sam moaned softly and shifted uncomfortably, his body ached and he tentatively touched the arm encircled around his chest, 'De?'

'Sammy?' A sleep roughened voice came from just behind his shoulder making Sam turn his head a little more, he tried to focus on his brother but it hurt too much to so he let himself relax again.

'You stayed.' Sam mumbled, 'you're real?'

'Last time I checked.' Dean said happily, 'how ya feeling dude?'

'Achy I guess, feels so strange in a way.'

'What do you mean strange?' Dean frowned and immediately placed a hand on Sam's forehead, 'you're not hot.'

'Nah just feel wiped out … and ahh lots of blanks in the memory.' Sam added a little sheepishly.

'As in what?' Dean's curiosity got the better of him, perhaps if Sam couldn't remember everything then his brother wouldn't end up suffering so much guilt.

'Ah what happened to get me here, and nearly everything after arriving in the mine, I – I can remember flashes but nothing solid. He did drug me a lot.'

'Who did?'

'Verechiel.' Sam said and then huffed a little sigh realising that he didn't call the demon Master, 'I'm gonna be okay Dean.'

'You sure are dude, you're gonna be fine.'

'What about you?'

'Me? Ah I'm …'

'Please don't say you're fine, I may not be able to see your face but I know you.'

'I'm a lot better now I've got my sidekick back.'

'Sidekick? Who me?' Sam chuckled and rested his head on his brother's shoulder once again, 'how long before we can go home Dean?'

'As soon as Wayne gives all of us the all-clear.'



Three Months Later:

Dean and Sam sat in the impala in companionable silence, Dean kept glancing over at his brother trying to get used to the dark sunglasses, now a permanent fixture on Sam's face when they went out in public.

'You sure about this dude?' Dean asked turning around to face his brother.

Sam lifted his head slightly, and tugged off his glasses before he looked at his big brother, although legally blind now, over time Sam had recovered enough sight to be able to make out buildings, objects and people. If he concentrated then he could see more than just faceless shapes, but it hurt to focus so intently. With his new glasses and adaptations to his laptop, at least he could read off the screen and large print books were a help too. However, outside when he wore the prescription sunglasses, he still had trouble coping. If he had his way then he'd stay inside all of the time, hiding away from well-meaning stares and sighs of pity. But Dean, Dean wouldn't have it, he got his brother up and mobile as soon as they landed in the USA, stating if he could stand another flight like that then Sam could get back into the land of the living. Especially with the freaky opaque film gone and his eyes looked once again their normal vibrant green with just a hint of the gold stain.

He had a white cane to use but hated drawing attention to himself, so Sam preferred to stay with Dean when out and about, Bobby and Jim were the only ones aside from Dean that Sam trusted enough to help him. Both homes now set up to be safe for a sight-impaired young man.

'Yeah it feels right Dean.'

'Lot's of bad memories here Sammy.'

'And some good ones.' Sam gave him a small sad smile, 'I have to get some closure Dean, and at least if I do this before she reopens.'

'I know there's no one here yet.'

'Yeah.' Sam replaced his sunglasses and gave his brother a hesitant smile, 'let's go.'

'Kay, I got the flowers for ya, do you want to use the cane?'

'No but … I guess I had better.' Sam sighed as he stepped out of the car and waited for Dean to join him, he held the folded cane loosely in his right hand, the gentle tug on his left elbow let him know that Dean was in place and ready. 'Flowers smell nice.'

'Yeah they do … so how's the head?'


'Dude I know you, the signs of a headache are all there.'

'Yeah? It's alright Dean I got my meds.' For the first time since it all started Sam gave his brother a full-dimpled genuine smile, 'we're gonna go be okay aren't we?'

'For sure dude, we might be a little banged up but we more than okay.' Dean matched his brother's smile knowing that his tone of voice conveyed it just as much as his face.

'So let's get this over with.'

Slowly they made their way up to the main entrance of the bed and breakfast, the closer they got to the building the faster Sam's breathing became, in his mind the memories came in fast forward, the feeling of absolute terror, the acrid stench of blood, the slipperiness of the floors, the bodies littering the different levels. The sound of dripping water.

'Sammy?' Dean pulled on Sam's arm gently getting him to stand still, 'talk to me dude where did ya go?'

'I – I can't go in there Dean.' Sam said after remaining silent for so long, 'I can't do it.'

'Hey, hey it's okay, what if you take a seat here and I'll go and find Lizzie?'

'Kay.' Sam nodded and let Dean lead him to a small bench making sure that he was alright before heading towards the building. 'Dean are you feeling okay?'

'Yeah why?' Dean fudged and unconsciously rubbed his aching chest, he himself didn't want to go into the place that caused so many horrific memories for both Sam and him.

'I can hear your hitched breathing and your heart beat.' Sam said tilting his head slightly, 'you in pain?'

'Nah just … I'm fine now you stay put and I'll go and get Lizzie.' Dean hurried away not knowing whether he should be proud of Sam's heightened senses or wary of them.


Dean and Lizzie stood just behind Sam while he placed the bouquet of flowers on Amy's plaque placed just under a beautiful old tree. 'I scattered her ashes over the grounds, she loved it here.' Lizzie said softly sliding a small hand in Dean's larger one clasping it tightly. 'She asked for Sam just before she … she passed peacefully, just shut her eyes and was gone.'

'She – she asked for me?' Sam stood up and turned to face them.

'You heard me?'

'Seems like our Sammy has got great hearing now, can hear a heart beat from twenty paces.' Dean chuckled.

'Oh, okay yes she did Sam, I think it was the one regret she had leaving us, she never got to … she wrote you a letter.' Lizzie moved forward and placed it in Sam's hand curling his fingers over the envelope. 'I'm not sure what she wrote, I'm not sure of much but I do know just how much she liked you.'

'I liked her too Lizzie.' Sam said softly, 'thanks for everything and I am so sorry.'

'Nothing to be sorry for Sam.' Lizzie reached up and tugged his head down to brush a kiss on his cheek. 'Take care of each other won't you.'

'Promise we will.' Sam choked out before turning back to Amy's marker while Lizzie and Dean said their own goodbyes.


Dean nodded at Lizzie and gave her a small wave before sliding in behind the wheel of his impala, running his hands over the steering wheel he sighed happily and turned the key, 'so Sammy where do ya wanna go?'

'Anywhere except here.' Sam said in a soft voice.

Dean afforded his brother one last glance and then pulled out of the driveway heading towards the highway. They might be damaged physically and emotionally but they are still together, they are still alive and are still in the hunt.

'Well then Sammy that's where we're going.' Dean turned the music up and roared down the road, the shining black car literally purring with happiness. They were home.


for now anyway!! Stay tuned for another story, not of the Australian trilogy but I will continue with Sam's status as legally blind and how that affects the hunt and Dean's own health issues...