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In HPB we hear Hagrid and Slughorn singing a song at a certain spiders funeral.

These are the lyrics!

Ol' Odo the Oddball,

or so it is said.

Was talked about many a time.

With his bright sunny smile,

( He had drank for a while)

And his hat that was one of a kind.

For Odo the Odd one,

( Was'nt that what I said? )

Was the most marvelous sort of fellow!

With a lick of his lips,

And a swish of his hips.

He was the dancing king of the meddow!

But now I must tell you,

although it is sad.

About poor Odo!

The dear, stupid lad.

who got into a tight spot,

with a rather large maggot.

And so met his end .

" This is MY dancing spot! " Cried Odo with a glare.

As he bradished his shiny new wand.

The maggot just shrugged

He couldnt be bugged.

And gave a weird look at the blonde.

And at that Odo let loose a mighty warcry,

And in but the blink of an eye.

Ol' Odo the Fearless lept upon his foe...

The rest of the story I'm sure you know!

The maggot let out a roar of anger.

And in but a moment,

Odo's life was in danger.

With a snip and a snap,

his wand was in half.

Poor Ol' Odo had no chance...

And Odo the hero, they bore him back home,
To the place that he'd known as a lad,
They laid him to rest with his hat inside out
And his wand snapped in two, which was sad.

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