A/N: Right, I'm taking a break from the horror and the sadness that is traditionally a Nova Fic and experimenting with an idea that was planted in my head in the Argyll Arms on Saturday just before the Pride March (and the lady responsible for putting this idea in my head knows who she is…) I'm a reformed (cough!) bohemian who used to hang out with a load of drag queens and one film was very close to our hearts. So in a traditional disclaimer I own nothing of Doctor Who and absolutely nothing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Oh and I'm taking a bit of a liberty with the time line in that Mickey is still in London so its pre-School Reunion.

Dammit Janet

The TARDIS landed with her traditional thump, leaving both her occupants clinging on to the console for support, the younger of the two flashing a look of mock annoyance at her pilot for promising a smoother ride this time around. He shot her a grin that soon had her smiling back.

"So we there then?" asked Rose, trailing a finger along the console as she wandered over to his side.

"Of course," said the Doctor, an eyebrow raised in defiance against her questioning of his abilities, "Where else?"

"Well knowing you," said Rose, one finger resting lightly against the breast pocket of his brown pinstripe jacket, "We could be a year off the mark, or even a hundred years. We could be on the Powell Estate, Fruit Loop City on the planet Ridiculousdriving…"

"Cereal for breakfast again Rose?" said the Doctor, smiling down at her as she teased him, "I can assure you, my dear little ape that outside those doors is none other than the Powell Estate, London, Earth, 31st October in the year 2006."

"I'll believe that when I see it," said Rose giving him one final poke before turning to the doors. She had just raised a hand to open the blue wooden door when a heavy knocking echoed from the other side.

"'ere what's taking so long in there?" came the shout from beyond, "You landed ages ago!"

Rose turned back to the Doctor and grinned, "Or hear it," she said holding her hand out to him, "Coming?"

The Doctor hesitated, "She's not going to hug me again is she? It is Halloween and I worry what happens to your mother on that date." he said before stepping down the ramp and taking her hand.

"I'll protect you," said Rose as she opened the door, unable to contain her laughter as a rather over excited Jackie threw her arms around them both.


"Cool!" cried Rose eyeing the costumes laid out on her Mum's dining room table, "I can't believe its been two years since we last did this."

"Well it was Bev's idea and she was desperate for you and his Nibs to come along so I thought I'd give you a ring," said Jackie, holding up a pair of sparkly hot pants in front of her hips, "Now then as usually I picked up a Magenta costume for you Rose though why you won't go as Janet I don't know, Mickey is going as Brad. I thought Himself could go as Riff Raff…"

"Himself isn't going!" huffed the Doctor from his place on the sofa where he was attempting to bore holes in the coffee table with his gaze, "And especially not dressed up as Richard O'Brien on an off day!"

"Oh you're a miserable sod at times!" said Jackie, flinging the hot pants down on the table, "See if you can convince him Rose. I need to pop over to Shirl's she promised I could borrow those glittery stilettos of hers."

"Mum, Shirl's six foot odd and her feet are much bigger than yours, how you gonna wear her shoes?" said Rose, fiddling with the lace apron of her costume where it lay.

"Just stuff some tissue paper down the back," said Jackie failing to notice the barely concealed expression of mirth on the Doctor's face, "Its only one night. I'll be back in a tick and you, you miserable old…alien, cheer up and try on your costume!"

The door soon slammed as a full stop to Jackie's rant and Rose turned to see her friend still staring at the table.

"Please come."


Rose walked over to him and perched on the table before him, "Don't be pouty," she said taking his hand, "Look, I'm sorry I tricked you into coming but its always such a laugh and you'd enjoy it. You promised me you'd relax while we were here."

"Relaxing to me does not mean poncing about in a dusty old suit and watching the Rocky Horror Show while a bunch of forty-somethings prance around in too tight fish nets," said the Doctor pouting further before offering her an appeasing smile, "Go enjoy yourself though, don't want to waste that costume."

Rose pressed a brief kiss to the back of his hand, "If you don't mind?"

The Doctor smiled fully this time, "Of course I don't, go out in that ridiculously short skirt and catch a cold if you please, I'll be working on the TARDIS. She's still got a few bugs in here since that thing on Haisel."

"You're a sweety," said Rose.

"Aren't I just," said the Doctor releasing her hand, "Now go cannibalise those stockings your mother has been waving around with intent since we got here."

Rose got to her feet and picked up the ridiculously short French Maid's uniform from the table. She turned to him and held it in front of herself over her jeans and t-shirt. The Doctor looked up and quickly organised his expression to hide the thoroughly inappropriate thoughts running through his head at the sight of the dress. Rose caught his wavering expression and grinned.

"I'm just going to try this on," she smiled before sauntering out of the room, towards her old bedroom. The Doctor waited until he heard her door close before he let out a breath.