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Rose Tint My World

The first thing Rose noticed as she woke was how pleasantly she ached, the gentle pull of her muscles bringing back memories of the nights before and the very inventive uses that could be found for stockings and a feather boa though were the latter had come from she couldn't remember. She let her eyes open, not at all surprised to find the two chocolate orbs watching her wake. She smiled sleepily, stretching like a cat beneath the warm body half on her. She leant up into his kiss, simple and sweet rather than heated as the night before.

"My Doctor," she said softly, tracing the contours of his face and smiling as she rubbed at a patch of blue eye shadow he had missed taking off the night before, "You know what?"

"What?" he said leaning down to kiss her once more.

"I think I'm a regular Frankie Fan now."

"Well you've Rose tinted my world," he said, playing along, "You wild and untamed thing."

"Ooh, double reference, that's cheating," said Rose, "Always knew I could make you a man, my…"

"Call me your sweet transvestite and I may rethink my plan of a repeat performance."

Rose mimed zipping her mouth.

"Good girl," said the Doctor leaning down to kiss her, "Now about that repeat performance."

"A regular science fiction, double feature," giggled Rose.


"Yes Doctor?"

"Shut up."

Rose curled her arms around his shoulders as his lips mapped the skin of her neck, "Yes sir."


"Mum?" called Rose as she walked into the flat, "Mum you in?"

"Bathroom," came the weak reply.

"You alright?"

"I'm never drinking again," said Jackie, "Rose be a love and pop your head round my bedroom door."

"Why?" said Rose as she rested against the wall by the bathroom.

"Check I didn't bring anyone home."

"Aww Mum I don't want to know," said Rose, "You can check yourself. You gonna be alright?"

"I'll live," said Jackie, the sentence cut off by a rather unholy noise that had Rose wrinkling her nose in disgust.

"So long as your sure," said Rose backing away from the door, "Just came to tell you the Doctor and I are off. Some reading from the Coreyan system he wants to go investigate, we'll see you soon."

"Bye darling," called Jackie from the bathroom, "Hang on…didn't the Doctor turn up dressed like a woman last night?"

Rose couldn't help but play, "You need to lay off the tequila Mum," she giggled, as she headed to the door, "I'll call you soon."

Rose closed the front door as she heard her mother muttering that she was sure she had seen him in hot pants. Hurrying her steps down the stairwell she ran the short distance to the TARDIS, knowing she had been seen on the monitor as the beacon on top began to flash in the dematerialisation process. She hurried through the door, smiling up at the Doctor, dressed once more in his traditional brown pinstripes. He gave her a familiar cheeky grin before throwing the final switch, the TARDIS giving a small judder as she took off. Rose lost her balance and stumbled onto her backside, yelping when she came into contact with something sharp and pointy. She reached behind her and pulled out a glittery Perspex stiletto shoe. She held it up at the Doctor who gave her an innocent look.


"Now you can't accuse me of being the only one to leave her heels lying around," she said as he helped her to her feet, taking the shoe from her and tossing it over his shoulder out of harm's way.

"Not mine," he said before tugging her over to the monitor, switching gear in true Doctor fashion, "Now check this out."

Rose watched the space-scape before her, "What?"

"There," he said pointing to the screen, "There's a light."

Rose giggled and he looked down at her in confusion. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him close.

"Over at the Frankenstein Place!"

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