A piercing shriek filled the air and she brought down her mace hard on the assailant's head. It crumbled where it stood.

Shayera looked around, adrenaline pumping through her veins. It felt damn good. She was sick of feeling helpless, feeling jealous, sick of trying to redeem herself and most of all…she was sick of the sympathetic looks the others kept throwing at her. She was a warrior and the battlefield was so familiar to her that she wanted to cling to it what with all this uncertainty in her life.

"Heads up! Incoming!!!" She heard John bark before he whipped up a huge hammer with his energy ring and pounded the two Uranians to oblivion, minutes before they blasted her.

Hmmff…no way I'm gonna play the damsel in distress John

She took off and proceeded to pound the next unlucky alien to cross her path. Just then Superman swooped down and ordered them to retreat and get back into the javelin.

"What???!! We're gonna back down now??"She questioned, puzzled at the order from the man of steel.

"Theres too many of them…we need backup", came his reply.

Ok…so there were some 200 ships and they kept coming but to give up now??...All she wanted to do was to vent all her pent up frustrations from the past few months and its all going to be over before she even got warmed up.

Just then she heard John's voice again "Shayera!!!!!!!!!!!!". He reached her before she could turn around and then there was a blast of blinding white light and everything went black.

When she finally woke up, her head felt like someone had pounded her with her own mace. She sat up slowly and squinted. Where am i?

It looked like she was another planet, a glowing red planet. Great. Just great. Now she could spend an eternity here feeling sorry for herself…with no one to pound.Just then she heard a groan from beside her. She whipped around and saw John lying beside her. She reached out instinctively to caress him but stopped herself in time. What was I thinking? Who cares if he feels like hell? Let Mari take care of that.

Mari. The name was like bile in her mouth. She looked at him now..lying there, his forehead bruised. That face in her dreams night after night…giving her the courage to face the future..a reason to go on.

When she came back…she had looked forward to seeing John again. To let him know that a day hadn't passed that she didn't think of him. To tell him that she lov… No. She wouldn't go there. He has moved on. She would swallow her own pain and lick her wounds in private. But she would never let him know that he broke her heart. All their hopes and dreams about the future…a future they had imagined together so long ago…dashed. He didn't even look for her…didn't care that she was dying inside without him. He just moved on.. not even a glance over the shoulder. It hurt so very much. But no..she would never let him know as long as she lived. She loved him too much to destroy his new-found happiness.

"Shayera? " she heard him call her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to fight the tears that threatened to flow.

Feeling better she turned to him ," John…are you ok? " He was already up and reached out his hand for her. She got up without taking it.

"It looks like we're stranded here." His radiant eyes were scanning the desolate place for any activity at all.

They were completely exhausted and decided to make camp to rest and scout the area later.


"Can you track them?" superman asked the martian impatiently. Shayera and lantern just disappeared after the uranians blasted them with some sort of machine. "Are they alive?"

"I sense that they are alive but the connection is too faint. I cannot tell their location. They could be in another dimension." The martian explained patiently.

"Lets just wait for the uranian to wake up. I'll get it out of him." Batman suggested, his eyes narrowing as if he knew exactly what he was about to do.

"But we don't know if Joh..they would survive the wait", Vixen quipped. She was completely unnerved at the thought of John being somewhere faraway with her…of all people. Ever since Shayera had returned John hadn't been himself. He was more withdrawn from her and she didn't like it one bit. She wasn't about to lose John…not now…after pursuing him for that long..she had him. He took to her and things were going great until she came back.

"We have no choice at the moment Vixen," We can only hope that they remain safe until we find a way to bring them back. With that the Martian turned back to the computer and resumed his work.

Don't worry boo. I guess I'll just have to seduce you all over again when you get back. I bet I'm a lot better at that than she is.