I figured… I have two MerAlex on this site. I might as well have two MerMark… even though I already have two on another site… so I actually have four MerMark fics… but oh well.

Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's Anatomy though if I did… We would have A LOT more McSteamy and McDreamy in towels. There is nothing wrong with McDreamy and McSteamy in towels. But anyway… I don't… it truly sucks.

Full Summery: Meredith Grey was used to getting hurt by everyone she loved. Her mom, her dad, Derek… and so many more. But just when she thought, she might not get hurt this time. She does and it hurts. Everything happens all at once. It's eventually a MerMark fanfic. Slightly in the future.

Everyone watched as she walked down the hall. Her hands were at her side. Her eyes were distant and tear-filled. They all could tell that her world was falling. They all watched frozen holding their random objects in their hands as if they had somewhere to go but they all stopped to watch. They didn't know the full story, yet, but they watched and whispered filling in the blanks with speculation and lies. In the end, those lies and speculations came around and hurt someone. With every lie and every speculation, Meredith hurt worse.

They had all witnessed tears and the pained looks as she carried on the day, but today she walked the hall as if there was nothing to live for. It made the gossiping nurses become silent. It made people's hearts break. It had her friends feel helpless.

She walked down the hall and didn't even realize most of the hospital was watching, plastered against the walls. Eyes traveled with her as she got further down the hall. Derek stood back and watched the woman he broke, a year ago, break again. The only differences were the person doing the breaking and how quickly she fell. Izzie, Christina, Alex, and George all watched and couldn't move. This time… they couldn't help her.

The rain pounded the sidewalks and roads of Seattle all day that day. The thunder sent loud bangs rumbling down the halls of Seattle Grace. The lightning lit up the dark skies. The sliding doors slide open as Meredith walked towards them. She doesn't stop walking as she crosses over into the cold air of Seattle. Chilled breezes sweep through the hall, but nobody moves. The rain soaks into her clothes but she still didn't stop walking.