Three years later…

She walked down the hallway of the hospital. "Uh, have you seen Dr. Sloan?" She asked as she walked up to the nurses' station.

"No, sorry, Dr. Sloan." The nurse said. Meredith always had to smile when someone called her that. Dr. Meredith Grey-Sloan. She loved the sound of it. She continued down the hall annoyed that she was at the hospital when she was supposed to be heading home. She looked at the OR board to see that he was about to go into surgery. She hurried down the hall. Her heels clicked with every step. She pushed the door open to the scrub room to find Mark scrubbing in. He looked over at her.

"Hey Babe." He said with a smirk. "And might I say you look hot." She rolled her eyes crossing her arms across her chest. She was wearing a black dress, black heels, and her lab coat. She walked to the sink and looked in on the OR.

"What are you going in on?" She asked.

"Nose reconstruction. Kid got hit with a ball. He can't breathe."

"So you'll be a good three, four hours?" She asked.

"Yep." He nodded tying the mask around his neck.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" She said obviously annoyed.

"What?" He said trying to remember.

"Izzie's? The party?" She sighed. "You forgot."

"Sorry." He winced.

"You're lucky that I love you or you'd be on the couch tonight." She sighed again rubbing the bridge of her nose. "It's fine. Just come when you're done. She'll be ticked if we skip another Christmas dinner."

"Can I have my good luck kiss?" He asked. She glanced in the OR.

"For the sake of the kid that can't breathe… yes." She kissed him before walking to the door.

"Love you."

"Love you too, Babe." He said tying the upper part of his mask on.

She walked out shaking his head.


She knocked the door juggling with all she held in her arms. The door opened and Izzie appeared with a big smile.

"You actually came this year." She said looking around. "Where is your husband?"

"Emergency surgery. But he'll be here. I threatened him." She smirked and walked in. The kids followed. "Natalie, Nicky put the presents up here."

They walked into the living room where a very pregnant cranky Christina sat.

"Meredith? What took you so long?" Christina said. "I had to deal with bubbly holiday Izzie all by myself. Meredith laughed as Izzie shot her a glare.

"Hey Rob." Meredith said setting all the presents she held in her hand.

"Hey Mer." Robert said bringing in a tray of vegetables.

Robert is Christina's fiancé of six months. He started at the hospital almost three years ago as a Cardio surgeon. Now, Christina is seven and a half months pregnant with a baby girl.

"Hand me your presents, kids." Natalie and Nicky looked at her.

"Mine." Nicky said pulling it away from her hand.

"Give it here, now." Meredith instructed. They both reluctantly handed them over. Meredith set them on the table where Christina's and Izzie's were.

"Where's McSteamy?" Christina said.

"Emergency surgery." Meredith answered letting Madeline down so she can walk around. Madeline Eve Sloan was born two years after the twins. She was a now a little over one. "Where are Alex and George?"

"Alex is upstairs with the baby." Izzie said. "And George and Laura haven't got here yet."

Alex and Izzie started dating and got married a year ago. Izzie was 5 months pregnant at the wedding. Now, Tommy is seven months old.

George also started dating Laura Mackenzie, a nurse at the hospital. They had been dating for nearly a year when George proposed.

"Hey Guys." Alex said hurrying down the steps with the baby.

"Hey Alex. Hey Tommy." Meredith said smiling at the small baby.

"Tommy." Natalie said trying to see the baby. Alex laid him down on the floor so he could kind of crawl around some.


They were all sitting at the table talking and eating. Izzie stood up.

"I would like to make a toast…" She thought for a second. "To everyone here. I'm so glad to actually have the entire family here this year. So to… the family." Izzie said shrugged.

"To the family." Everyone said taking a drink. Christina tried to bring the glass of wine to her mouth but Robert stopped her.

Meredith looked over at Mark and kissed him lightly on the cheek. She looked around at her family. At her kids. At her husband. At her brothers and her sisters. At her nephew. They really were one big family.



Hope you all like it.