Title: Thump

Author: Sunstar

Rating: K or K+ for one bad word.

Category: general, humour, teamfic

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 belongs to MGM, World Gekko Corporation and Double Secret Productions. I make no profit from this story.

Spoilers: None.

Content warning: One bad word (mild).

Season: 1-7

Status: Completed.

Summary: The team runs into a bit of trouble off world… or should I say BIG trouble. ;)

AN: Just a tiny silly ficlet, a triple drabble I felt like writing. Requires the knowledge of a certain movie but hopefully most of you will at least know it if you haven't seen it.

Feedback is welcome and hoped (begged) for but please be gentle.

Copyright (c) 2007 Sunstar


- - -

They were climbing up a hill amidst thick vegetation.


The ground shook and Daniel froze.

"Did you guys feel that?"

"Feel what, Daniel?"




Everyone froze.

"Carter? What is that? An earthquake?"

"No, don't think so, Sir…"


"It's coming closer..."


Everyone stood still for a moment trying to feel the tremors.

"It stopped."

"It would appear so."

"Odd… Keep your eyes and ears open campers, let's move on!"

- - -

Moving forward was slow, but eventually the team got on top of the hill and the thick vegetation gave way to a breath-taking view of a valley below them.

"Oh. My. God."

Everyone was stunned speechless for a moment. Too shocked to move a muscle.

"That's… that's amazing!" Sam whispered. "Unbelievable!"


"Huge! Dangerous!"


"Let's go closer, Jack. I want to document this."

"No, Daniel. This is close enough."

"But, Jack!"


Everyone froze again.





"O'Neill, I believe it would be best to return to the Stargate."


"I agree! Let's go!"


"Daniel, now! Move!"

The tremors of the ground increased and the roars got louder and closer. The team was going back the way they had come from as fast as possible.


Jack chanced a look back.

"Shit! Run!"

- - -

As soon as the iris opened SG-1 came running through full tilt.

"Close the iris!" O'Neill yelled and slumped down next to his team mates who were all (except for Teal'c) trying to catch their breath.

"Wow… I've never seen anything like that in my life!"

"Neither have I."

"Nor I and I don't want to see that again!"

"I have seen that before." Teal'c stated calmly.

"You've seen what and where?" asked Hammond who had watched his team perplexed.

"I believe the movie was called… Jurassic Park."

The End