This is my first poem posted here, so go easy on me. I got bored the other day and just started typing away when I figured out this neat idea: To summarize Twilight, and possibly New Moon, in poems. And, this way if you don't know much about the book (meaning you haven't read it...which doesn't make sense since you're looking at fanfiction for it), or you want to refer to something, you could take a peek at this and it could maybe help (at least I hope it does). Anywho, enjoy reading it. I promise there is more soon to come, but I probably won't post it as another chapter here. I'd probably make it another one-shot.

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything of Stephenie Meyer's...I think it's pretty obvious.


The airport

Like any other, but not

A few feet way stood my mother


I love her to death, but I just couldn't stay

She had obligations

Obligations that were new to her

These obligations had just one name


Her new man

Overall, he's okay

But he just wasn't a father figure

Young, in his late 20's or early 30's

He was more of an older brother

A much older brother

I looked into my mother's eyes

And instantly regretted it

Silently she cried

"You can come back anytime."

Once more I looked at her

Thinking of how it's been since the wedding

I just couldn't stand it

Being there with Phil and Mom

I just wanted to give them space

And get my own

"I know."

And with that, I said my goodbyes

Goodbye, Mom

Goodbye, life

Goodbye, Arizona

Hello, Washington

Well, what did you think of it? Should I continue to post more? Let me know, or I may not.