Okay, so this is a story idea I toyed around with for awhile before putting it down. Most HSM characters will make appearances, some being more major than others.

I plan for this to be a shorter story than my others, since (from what I've written) it moves along pretty quickly.

This is also my first AU fic, and it might not have been, but I decided that if Troy and Gabriella had never truly known each other, it would make the changes in their relationship throughout the story so much more dramatic. :)

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The only noise that could be heard in the advanced human anatomy class was the incessant ticking of the clock. The tile floors amplified the sound, as if telling the already-aware students that that their dismissal from class was just moments away. For Gabriella Montez, scribbling away in her notebook, it had gotten to the point where it was rather agitating.

She sat back in frustration, reading over her notebook. She had finally finished all of the notes that her professor had assigned, but she was not completely satisfied with them. Gabriella had listened to the lecture, however, she had found it more and more difficult as her brain began to drift to different thoughts.

Thoughts that clouded her mind were the Mathematical Theory class report due next week, her morning job at the student break lounge, and much more importantly… him.

He was a person that she had found on her college's forum just three months ago while she was trying to find out when an English paper was due that she had preferred not to ask her professor about. She had posted her instant messaging screen name, and he'd responded the next day. Somehow, they found themselves drowned into deep discussions about life, college, and jobs.

She saw it odd to think about him as a friend, since she didn't even know his real name, but in a way, he sort of was. They knew each other as Baskethead and Brainiac. Gabriella, of course, being the Brainiac. She also knew he was relatively smart and was very insightful, plus, he used to play basketball. But as Taylor had said when Gabriella was wondering about who he was, "Oh, he used to play basketball? Well that narrows it down to... every male in this school!"

In a way, Taylor was right. Almost every attendant at the University had once played basketball. If you had not been a cheerleader, you had played basketball or been on same sort of acedemics club. Out of all the places Gabriella had visited, she found New Mexico to be particularly focused on basketball.

Snapping her out of her thoughts was her professor--in his usual 'before class dismissal' routine--shuffling some papers on his desk, casually glancing at his watch, and finally cracking a smug smile.

"Class is dismissed," he said quietly, opening the door next to his desk. Gabriella quickly closed her notebook, got up, and made a beeline for the door. Today had been rather long and getting home was the first thing on her mind.

Not paying attention to anything around her, Gabriella didn't notice that at the exact same time, another person was trying to get through the door. In his attempt to pull ahead through the space first, he caught Gabriella off-guard and, with a squeal of surprise, she dropped her notebook. All of the loose paper in it went spilling into the busy hallway.

"Watch it!" She said icily, picking up her papers, knowing instantly who the person was.

"It's not my fault you weren't paying attention, Gabriella," he replied just as coldly, trying to get the stray papers that were dropped in the hallway. Gabriella looked up to stare into a pair of deep blue eyes that almost every girl in high school had fallen for. Except her.

"You could have at least waited all of two seconds for me to get out of the door!" She fired back, getting the final piece of stray paper up off of the floor.

"Again, I say, you could at least pay a bit more attention!" Troy rolled his eyes, storming off in the opposite direction of Gabriella. Spinning hastily on her heel, the aggravated biology major walked out of the science building, mumbling under her breath.

Afternoon spring air greeted her happily as she stormed into the courtyard, towards her dorm room. She let her feet take on auto-pilot while the usual post-Troy thoughts came to mind.

All through high school, the two had certainly not gotten along very well. They hadn't truly gotten to dislike each other until her sophomore year. It was then when she had casually corrected Troy in science and he had responded by shooting her a very dirty look at the end of class. It had offended her, and the war had simply escalated from there.

Gabriella didn't quite understand why she always ended up in some class, particularly the sciences, with Troy Bolton. In high school, he took Advanced Biology I and II, Physics, and Chemistry. She had him in at least one class every year, which was now trailing into her sophomore year in college. Either he was doing this to get on her nerves, or he was smarter than everyone gave him credit for. Gabriella preferred to believe the first one.

The electric hum of the automatic doors greeted her as she strode casually into the lobby of her dorms. The newly remodeled building that served as the girls' dormitories had a welcome atmosphere with paintings of the campus—many painted by students—blended with the tempting aroma of the snack bar made Gabriella happy to call this place home.

Against her will, Gabriella once again let her thoughts drift back to Troy. The one thing that got onto her the most about him was his ability to get practically whatever he wanted simply because he was the star basketball player. If he were having trouble on an assignment, teachers would go out of their way to help him, while her questions could get completely disregarded. Of course, she was only a decathlon student and she would eventually figure the answer out.

Gabriella once again rolled her eyes at the thought.

Apparently, nobody seemed to see him in the eyes she did, because everyone absolutely adored him. Colleges all over the country were scouting him, and it was a huge story in the newspaper about him humbly accepting the offer to go to the University of Albuquerque. Although, the story wouldn't nearly have ticked her off as much if it hadn't covered up the Scholastic Decathlon's fifth state championship in a row.

Coming around back to reality, Gabriella fumbled with her keys as she approached her dorm room door. She opened it quickly; hoping her best friend and roommate Taylor Mckessie wasn't already there. Taylor would sense her bad mood, and Gabriella was in no mood to answer questions. She was actually ready to completely drown herself in her Mathematics Theory class report that she still needed to do.

The main room in her dorm was small—it consisted of a couch facing the back wall, where a TV was propped up on a school provided stand that was between two doors that led to the two bedrooms. On the wall closest to the door was a counter that contained a sink, microwave, cabinets, and a small refrigerator that served as a so-called kitchen. Apart from the mass of post-it note reminders on the opposite wall, the only thing was the door that led to the bathroom.

Gabriella walked through the small living room and into her bedroom, where she threw her notebook on the purple bedspread and pulled out her laptop from underneath the bed. Her room only contained a twin-sized bed and a chest of drawers—which was all it really could hold. A laptop was her top priority when she had gone to college, and thankfully she had saved up enough to get one.

The computer lights flickered as Gabriella pressed the power button. She crawled onto her bed, waiting as the computer warmed up. The brunette smiled happily when the instant messaging log-in screen popped up.

Although she saw that he wasn't online yet, she knew he would be. Humming to herself, she opened up a new typing document, and started digging through her Theory book to start on her report.

Thirty minutes later, she was finishing her first page of her report when she heard the sound of a door opening. Gabriella knew very well that Taylor wasn't there yet; in fact, she knew that the sound came from her very computer. And it made her smile brightly once more.

Clicking into the instant messaging window, her spirits lifted when the user 'baskethead14' was tagged 'Online'.

Before she could click to send the user a message herself, a new instant messaging window popped up.

Baskethead14: Hey Brainiac. How'd your day go?

Thinking to herself, Gabriella decided that she needed to vent, even if it's just a little, to this person.

Brainiac824: It went okay, until I got into an argument. But since it's really not that important, I guess my day went good.

Gabriella bit her lip before pressing 'enter' on her keyboard. She didn't really want to bring too much attention to the matter, since she would probably forget about the entire ordeal in the morning.

Baskethead14: Don't sell yourself short when it comes to things like that. You know what helps me? I write all of my terrible feelings towards that person in a notebook, crumble it into a ball, and throw it away.

The comment made Gabriella nod in approval. This is why she had been talking to this person for awhile. He always had some sort of calming way to solve a problem. The only thing that kept her from really wanting to meet him is wondering if it's too good to be true. There were too many risks involved, and she really didn't want to put herself up for danger. Quickly, she typed back a reply.

Brainiac824: I might have to try that sometime…

Starting to switch between her report and the conversation, she tried not to think about the identity of Baskethead. She knew he went to the University of Albuquerque, but it was strange to think that she could pass him everyday while going to class, and never even notice him.

Mmkay. So that was shorter than I planned for it to be; but, hey, I thought this idea would be a nice change from my usual fluff/humor writings. Plus, Troy and Gabriella are just too cute when they argue!

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