"We don't need Lucy."

"But…BUT SIR! She poses a great danger to all those around her!"

"No, she will not."


With a smirk he said
"We have all the data we need as to how Lucy can breed, the bridge incident gave us all the answers we've been looking for."

"Do you mean to say you've been able to create a Diclonius?"

The scientist looked very uneasy with this news…
"But what about the Facility? Will it be closed down?"
"In time. It has served it's purpose."

"But there's still so much we don't know about the Diclonii!"

"That might be so, but we've instilled a hatred of humanity in them, and now we have their genes. We shall release them when we have completed the Airborne Diclonius Virus, to be certain humanity WILL progress."

"WHAT!? SIR THIS IS MADNESS!" He was shocked that the all the facility had done was under the will of the man in front of him.

The unlucky scientist felt several invisible hands lift him by the throat.

"No, this is evolution."

The man's head suddenly exploded in a shower of crimson.

The silver haired man removed his wig.

It was itchy.

He pressed a button to message his secretary:

"Issue orders to withdraw all teams searching for either Lucy or Bando, they are insignificant and shall distract from the task at hand that is all."

He sat in his chair with a grin.

Things were finally going to plan.

The next few weeks at the Inn were pleasant ones, with Kouta and Yuka both working at their holiday jobs, Mayu, Nana and Kaede spent a lot of time together.

Kaede got up to start breakfast.
She found she was becoming quite the chef, Nana begged her to make lunch all the time.

She was laying the table when a roar of joy from the girl's room had Kaede curious…

She went into their room to find Nana at the window jumping up and down pointing at the white snow that covered the yard.

Mayu was slow to start, demanding Nana be quiet, but when she registered that it had been snowing, she leapt up shoving Nana out of the way of the window.
With a gasp and exclamation that it was 'super amazing' she immediately began putting on warmer clothes over her pajamas and rushed outside with Nana in tow.

After a 3 man riot in the yard, they brought Wanta in for some hot food too.

The rest of the day they worked as a team to clear out the gutters on the roof of snow, and sweep of the paths clear of snow.
Mayu was thinking that school was much less work than this.

Each day when Kouta would return home, Kaede would wait in ambush for him, and knock him to the ground with a savage cuddle and flurry of kisses.
It astonished Mayu how much they missed each other from just being apart for the day.

"Nana?" Mayu asked timidly.

"Mmm?" she heard the reply from the other bed.

"You know what…what Nee-Chan and Kouta do when he gets home?"
"Do you...do you think it's nice?"

"What do you mean, Mayu-Chan?" Nana was curious now…

"Well…how they hug and kiss…it seems…nice."

"Yeah…I suppose so! Do you think…maybe Nana should cuddle you when you get home from school?"

"Mmm! That sounds nice! I always look forward to coming home and teaching you what I learnt that day!"
"Okay! We'll be like Kouta and Nee-Chan!"

With a small yawn Nana concluded; "Yosh, we'll be like...them…" she nodded off in mid sentence.

The next Saturday While Yuka was humming to herself in the kitchen, there was a knock at their door.

Kouta was the first to answer it and took a few steps backward in shock.

"Kouta what's the-"

On their porch was a grinning Bando in a wheel chair, aided by a young man and woman in white care takers uniforms.

"Bando-san I don't think it's polite to-"
"Fuck up four eyes." He simply told the male nurse.

He caught side of Kaede huddled behind Kouta.


He drew out the Desert Eagle he had concealed in the chair with him.

Suddenly it flew out of his hand.
Nana and Mayu had heard the shouts of Bando while playing in the yard and came around to investigate.

The hovering gun suddenly crunched into a wafer of twisted and chewed metal.

"Nee-Chan is none of those things." Nana said calmly, her voice dripping with venom.

"Papa told me to be a good girl and not fight. I think killing a bad man like you would be something a good girl does."

"FUCK. Since when did the little one and Lucy team up? SHIT."

The male and female nurse immediately held hands for comfort; never having seen an enraged Diclonius, Nana was scaring the shit out of them.

"You monsters will die, it might not be me, or the next guy, but some one will take you down, you fucking bitch."

Kouta had enough of the wrongful persecution against Kaede.

"Excuse me, sir?"
"What do you want, poof?"
"Could you please leave? You are disrupting lunch."

With a chuckle Bando asked;"What're you going to do? I might be a cripple but I can still kick your ass!"

Then something nobody present had ever seen happened:
Kouta got mad.

He suddenly was upon Bando, lifting him by the throat.

"WHY!? WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE FUCK OFF? YOU'RE THE MONSTERS! HASN'T SHE AND ALL THE OTHERS SUFFERED ENOUGH!?!" Kouta finished it with a howl, hurling the broken Bando out of his wheel chair and onto the ground.

He turned around and quietly apologized to Bando's caretakers and gave the boy money to take his female partner out to some lunch.

The two worked to right Bando in his wheel chair once more, Bando was unconscious and bleeding from the forehead.

They silently wheeled Bando from the Inn.

Kouta quietly apologized to everybody and quietly went inside, mumbling about 'not wanting lunch to spoil'.

The 4 girls just stood there in silence.

Nana was the first to rush inside. (Only because Kouta called that lunch was ready.)

After lunch Yuka took the girls shopping for some new shoes.

(The government gave them money each month to look after Mayu, so they happily paid a little extra to give Nana nice things too.)

Kaede sat looking at the floor, she knew Kouta loved her, but still felt bad, that even if she killed so many, he still saw her as the timid, shy and sad girl of his childhood.

"Hmm, Kaede-chan?"

"I killed all those innocent people…
Kouta's face went grim.

She looked up at him.

"You're not a monster."

She didn't understand.

"It's we, humanity that are the monsters."

Kaede really didn't understand now.

"We…did all those horrible things to you and your kind, I even lied to you about the festival!"
"But Kouta! It was to protect me…"
"But still, Kaede. I should have brought you anyway." Kouta said with great shame in his voice.

"Kouta…it's…You forgave me, why do you think I am the one that needs to forgive you now!? If you want my forgiveness it's yours Kouta!" She lent forward toward him with tears forming in her eyes.
"I'd do anything…" she added quietly.

She felt Kouta's warm embrace.

Kouta felt Kaede hug him back, and then he felt more arms around him.
Kouta guessed hugging another with their vectors was a very important gesture amongst Diclonii.

Yuka told him that Nana had given her such a hug before, as had Mayu, Mayu even dubbed it a 'special Nana Super Cuddle' that could only be done by Nana as she had 'special Nana Super Arms'.

They remained like that for ages.
Kouta looked into her eyes and asked; "Would you like some tea? I go could for some right now…"

And so they had tea, the girls and Yuka returned, Mayu and Nana charged in to wave their new foot wear under Kouta's nose in celebration.

Yuka looked tired from having Nana and Mayu drag her around town all afternoon.

'Hmm, looks like Kaede and I shall cook today." Kouta said in his 'clever' pose (His hand on his chin with a smirk smile and his eyes closed to reflect deep thought.)

Yuka slumped down, and mumbled her deep thanks to Kouta and Kaede, while Kouta poured her some tea.

That night in her bed, Kaede looked over at the small hill of Kouta in his bed, and decided that she had a good life now; she looked forward to each new day.

Kouta was constantly turning over and rolling around in his sleep.

With a knowing smile Kaede slipped into his bed to keep him company.

She knew Kouta was the one she'd spend the rest of her days with, that she'd do all in her power to ensure Nana and Mayu's lives were what she always wanted for herself.

She cuddled up closer to Kouta, and also decided than despite her appearance and vectors, she really was, human after all.

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