Chazz stood on the dueling platform in the middle of the chanting crowd. They screamed his name and his catch phrase until they were hoarse. In front of him was a defeated Jaden who was... Laughing... He just sat there and laughing. He couldn't take Jaden just sitting there. He was supposed to be upset, angry. Something. But he wasn't. He just laughed. "Shut UP! What's so funny?"

"I assure you Chazz there is nothing FUNNY about sleeping in class."

Chazz awoke with a start and blushed when he realized he had fallen asleep. "I'm sorry ma'am."

Ms. Friarine shook her head, "Anyway, as I was saying we have a new student to our school. Many of you may know her as the teen idol Cinderella of the band Fairy Tale Complex and winner of the Miss Kaiba Corp. competition four years in a row, Miss Marie Ashputtel. She has just transferred to Duel Academy with top marks, been sent to Obelisk dorm, and I urge you to treat her with as little hostility as possible." There was a tremor of whispers that spread through the entire room that only stopped when the door opened.

A girl with shoulder length orange hair walked in the door in an Obelisk Blue uniform. She wore circular black sunglass and had a slight swagger in her walk. Chazz didn't need that walk to tell her she was hot. His mouth fell open in the most undignified manor. Luckily no one seemed to notice. She was his height once you subtracted her heels extra two inches. She pushed her sunglasses to her forehead, revealing two bright blue eyes, and looked around, "Hey, what's up?"

"Marie, we would like to welcome you to our school. It is a pleasure to have you."

"It's a pleasure to be here, ma'am." She looked around again. "Where should I sit?"

"Behind the young man in black if you would."

"Alright." She walked up the stairs and every males' head turned. The girls glared unhappily at the boys. Save Alexis who just sat smiling at her notebook as Jaden's head remained facing forward with a bored look on his face. Marie sat with a thump. And rested her chin in her hand.

Chazz turned around and smiled, "Hey."

"Grass is cheaper." She said, not looking at him but rather the board where the teacher was writing something that a minute ago might have been important.

Chazz's smile almost faltered his heart beating wildly, "Right. My name is Chazz Princeton but you can call me the Chazz."


"Yeah, but only if I can call you Angel." She looked at him for perhaps the first time, meeting his eyes , and their gazes locked. This was the moment he'd been waiting for but back then it had been with Alexis. When something between them clicked. And for a moment everyone disappeared. It was just them and he thought she might have felt it too. That tenderness rising in them, an affection that ran deep inside before they'd laid eyes on each other, and melted his insides. But she snubbed him despite that look in her eyes.

"No, Princeton, you can't." She broke their eye contact to look him up and down. "Oh, the costume shop called, they want their vampire outfit back."

"Only after you return their monster mask, sweet heart." He spat back bitterly, and surprisingly, it was hard as hell.

She laughed at his come back. Whether it was because she thought it was funny or it was pathetic was anyone's guess but it still made the corners of his mouth twitch. She had a lovely laugh. "Well with you wearing it all the time I never get the chance, Princeton my lad." She said smiling slyly.

"Do you have any idea who you're talking to?"

"A pompous fool who couldn't charm his way out of a box? Now unless you have something better to offer than your cheesy pickup lines I suggest you pay attention to the teacher." Her smile was smug, but her eyes showed a hint of something else.

"You bi-"

"Now, now! Remember you're talking to a lady, who is also Miss Kaiba Corp making her their official spokes person and talent finder." Chazz's mouth shut instinctively. And she smiled sweetly, sending his heart a mile a minute. Shit he hated this, "Now Mr. Princeton it is time for class." Reluctantly he turned around and tapped his pen, irritated. After class Chazz stomped off down the hall, heart still thumping loudly in his ears, unsure why that was or what to do about it but be angry. Despite his grumpy behavior he still found himself unusually attracted to the diva. Why? He hadn't the slightest clue. That is what bugged him the most. She was such a bitch to him. Honestly, what did he care? He had almost reached the door, the gateway to freedom, when Dr. Crowler came over the intercom.

"Will all students please report to the dueling arena for an important assembly." Chazz growled and turned around. This day was turning out to be extremely crappy. He burst through the arena doors and groaned. Marie Ashputtel stood on the platform with Crowler. He mumbled curses to himself as he sat amongst the others.

Bastian, Syrus and Abacus held up signs reading Fairy Tale Complex. Jaden and Hassleberry looked in with curiosity as their friends developed a chant which so far went like this as the trio chanted as one, "Cinderella, visit Yella, Love this fella, no THIS Fella! Stop talking about my girl like that! Your girl! Grr... I'll show you."

Hassleberry watched them break into a chorus of simultaneously shouting in perfect unison, and scratched his head, "Who in the major's name are they chantin' about, Sarge?"

"No clue." Jaden chimed equally perplexed by the behavior of his comrades. Alexis smiled into the book she was reading. Chazz hopped over the seats and sat between Jaden and Alexis.

"She a self-centered witch that's what. She thinks she so cool because she is famous and has lots of cash."

All six of them turned to stare at him, "Sound like anyone we know?" Bastian asked no one in particular. The trio began to elbow each other for the best view, turning into another brawl. Chazz ignored him as Crowler took the mic.

"Students I'd like you to welcome are newest student Marie Ashputtel. I want you to all make sure that her stay here is as pleasant as possible. While we're on the subject Marie has requested that she have and escort, a guide if you would to help her around campus. This assembly is so she may pick one of you. You will follow her schedule until she believes she knows her way. And with that, Miss Ashputtel, the mic is yours." He handed it to her and she took it, her face full of uncertainty.

"Well... Hi there. Wow, there's a lot of you... Um... I'd like to make it known that I only asked where the bathrooms were. But... I guess If you're going to let me pick a guide..." There was a lot of jumping and shouting from boys and girls alike. Chazz looked to his companions and found Jaden asleep. Hassleberry however was suddenly very interested in the assembly and gazed down at the pop princess with a look of awe. He then rose from his seat and ran down the stair to the platform, and jumped on completely forgetting the stairs. He hit one knee and bowed his head. Chazz almost laughed aloud at the idiocy he was about to witness.

"I'd gladly show you around the battlefront. The army of my heart is yours to command, General." Chazz groaned. That had to be the cheesiest thing he'd ever heard. Next to him, Marie's little fan club stopped brawling to look up. All three growled and mumbled several untrue and possibly illegal things about Hassleberry's mother, an acorn and four porcupines.

"And what qualifies you for the position?"

"I'm a veteran here at Duel Academy, your ladyship. And though I do not carry myself with the air of intelligence and grace as you do, I will be forever loyal and will serve you 'til the end. With your consent, of course."

"I acquiescent your offer." She said slightly bewildered. "Glad to have you in the ranks...Um..."

"Sergeant Hassleberry, ma'am."

"Hassleberry..." She said thoughtfully as he stood. Looking him over, she smiled flirtatiously, "Well, can a big strong soldier like you show the commanding officer where the latrine is?"

"Ma'am, yes, ma'am." Chazz's heart sank through the floor. Did he just see what he thought he saw?

"Well guys that was fast... Now if you'll excuse me I have some stuff I gotta do. Thanks for suffering through this with me..." Hassleberry offered her his arm, and she took it delicately walking close to him. They were quite the pair, her and Hassleberry. Chazz did his best to cover the anger growing inside him. They couldn't get any closer if he carried her. Hassleberry was slow and short fused. She would repel him in no time... Right?

But as days went by the two became closer, off laughing together in some forgotten corner or walking to class. And as a reaction so did everyone else. She and Alexis could be seen giggling on their way to class. Her and Jaden having tabletop duels, with Syrus, Bastian, and Abacus drooling on the side lines. It was Friday, the weekend was coming and she was everybody's pal. However, she'd give him nothing more than a few witty comments and her charming smile, then return her attention to the others. It infuriated him to no end that she wouldn't give him the time of day. He was every bit as good as that pea-brained dinosaur. It just made him want to hit something. These days the sun was to bright, the nights were to long and he'd pray for the sun only to wish it was dusk when it came. He couldn't think straight if you drew him a line. He stomped into the Slifer dining room and groaned in frustration. There at one of the tables sat Hassleberry and Marie, laughing together in their own little world, and suddenly he had the urge to move in then kick Hassleberry out. Then she'd be his and only his. But instead Marie saw him and waved at him. Marie's hair was the sheerest of blondes today. How many times did she dye her hair in a week? Three? Four? No matter what color hair she had those pretty blue eyes were a lovely constant in the chaos that was Marie. They pierced his heart every time. No, the Chazz didn't let anybody effect his cool. "Hey Chazz, quit moping around and join us!" Chazz's stomach did a somersault into his lungs, suddenly unable to breath. Maybe he was developing asthma. Despite the fact that he was developing lung problems he was tempted to take her up on that offer. To start on the path to winning her heart right that second. It's not like she was Hassleberry's girlfriend... Not yet.

But he caught sight of the disappointed look on Hassleberry's face. He wasn't going to ruin it for the guy who had true and obvious affection for her. Something in him just couldn't do that to his friend (yeah, his friend. Some part of the Chazz actually considered him that). That something with this strange knew sense of comradery and loyalty, a line that couldn't be crossed. And that made the rest of him lash out angrily, "Not thanks, I'm sure you to lovebirds don't need me around! Later Hassleberry, Ms. Ashputtel." He then turned, ignoring the hurt look on Marie's face, and walked out.

Chazz flopped on the bed in his newly renovated dorm with a sigh.

Don't worry boss! He's got nothing on you! A green one-eyed monster said floating next to his head, as two others, a yellow and black one, appeared.

"Leave me alone!" He said swatting the monster spirits away but the three creatures just wouldn't leave.

Yeah boss! The Yellow one said encouragingly, You can take him! Impress her with your sensitive side! Write her a poem! A gushy love poem!

"Who said anything about impressing her? She insulted the Chazz! I want nothing to do with her."

Black crossed his arms, Nothing my red swimsuit.

Chazz rolled over. "I'm going to bed. Later losers." Then he closed his eyes.

Yellow shook his head, He's in denial. I don't know why he just won't listen to my suggestions! She'd adore a poem.

"Stop it! I'm not jealous of that... That muscle head, I'm not trying to impress her, I'm not in denial, and I'm most defiantly NOT writing a poem! GOT THAT?"

The trio huddled together in the corner, Boss... You're scaring us.

He sighed and turned onto his back. Then he took a deep breath to calm himself, before starting again this time centered and gently, "I'm sorry, guys, but I'm just not in the mood to talk right now. Could we please just drop it, for my sanity's sake?"

The trio didn't move, Boss could you yell at us some more. It scares us a LOT less. Chazz didn't react, instead he shut his eyes and within a few minutes fell totally asleep.