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Summary: What happens when Tokiya stumbles upon he's best friend's diary? How will Fuuko react when she finds that the guy she likes has an online journal? Read n' Review! ToFuu fanfic!

Dear Dairy

Chapter 1

"I can't believe that I'm going to another drink-all-you-want party… That's one of the many things I don't like about that Sea Monkey!" Tokiya Mikagami mentally yelled at himself while buying 2 bottles of beer.

"But without Recca and the rest of the Hokage Team, you would still be that raging manic wanting revenge for the death of your sister!" His conscience retorted back at him. "Plus, stop calling him a Sea Monkey! Your mind is even smaller than the size of one when you're near that Fuu-!"

"Would you just shut that trap of yours?" Hecut off his mental hyper side before it could go any further. "It was nice when I didn't have a conscience yelling at me for everything I say!"

The counter he had chosen was pretty fast. His conscience was still coming up with a come back when the cashier lady had yelled at him for staring out in space while in line.

"Sir, you really need to start paying attention to the…" The girl had started, right before she looked at him. Tokiya looked down at the cashier girl because of her sudden pause.

Her face had turned a bright shade of pink, and she seemed to be blushing madly. She started to go back to her work faster than she did before, only looking at the items and not his face.

"Here's you change, and hope you had a great time here at TokyoMart." She had managed to whisper before she started on the next customer.

"Boy, I love it when girls do that to you!" His hyper mental side said after he went though the sliding doors of the supermarket.

"Heh, I'm so used to it now that I don't even notice it anymore." Tokiya responded to the laughing voice inside his head, chuckling along with it.

He had started his car, not paying any attention to it at all. His mind was on only one thing, or to be more specific, only a girl.

Fuuko Kirisawa… That was the only girl that had made an impression on him that she could really take care of herself and anyone else. The Ensui user could never get his mind completely off of this girl for some reason, he could never explain why either.

"Dude, this should be a very easy question to answer, YOU-LIKE-HER!" His conscience replied to his thoughts. "No, I just think of her because she's the person who I've gotten closer to than anyone."

"Ah Ha! You finally say that you like her!" His conscience laughs the "evil laugh".

(Example, BWAHAHAHA!)

"What do you mean? I didn't say anything like that!" The silver haired boy had replied, his temper rising to an unusually high temperature.


"Now you aren't talking!" The Ensui user's temper was something not to be messed with. But with his consciousness finally gone, he was going to take the time he had, at and least drive to Fuuko's house.

Kirisawa residence

Tokiya had walked up the stairs with the bag of beer bottles and was about to ring the door bell, when the door opened by it's self.

"Heyyy, What's sup Tokiya?" A drunken Recca had appeared on the other side of the doorway. "Hello Sea Monkey seems you started the party without me." Tokiya said boredly, actually wishing he didn't come at all.

"Yo, Recca," A familiar voice had called. After a few seconds of an odd silence, Fuuko Kirisawa came to the doorway, this time she didn't look drunk at all.

"Hey! What's up Mi-Chan?" Fuuko had asked, after pushing the drunken Recca out of the way, and onto the floor.

"Hello, monkey. Nice to see you again." The sliver haired boy had retorted right away, showing that he was not in the best mood.

"Mi-Chan" She said while putting her hands on her hips. "I'm not going to let you in if you don't say a proper greeting!"

"Great! Now I don't have to go that retarded party anymore!" He said with a small smirk on his handsome looking face.

"You wanna play it that way huh?" She said with a smirk of her own. "Then get in here!" She had managed to grab onto Tokiya's shirt collar and pulled him in.

There was a small little problem though. Tokiya didn't expect that to happen at all, and fell right onto her; face first.

Yanagi-Chan had heard a loud "thump" near the door while making a few cookies. Then the sound of bottles crashing into each other did not help her idea of what happened.

To her though, that only meant one thing, someone fell on someone else, and the talking right before that had been the biggest help in the entire world.

She did something that she had never done before at a time like this, she grabbed a camera and slowly crept towards the door.

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