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Dear Diary

Chapter 3

"What the…" Tokiya started to mumble to himself, "seems like she was writing in this book." He was flipping through a book that had the Hokage Team picture for the cover. "I wonder what she would be writing, and seems to be a lot…" He thought as he was beginning to read a random page.

Dear Diary,

Were the first two words he had read from the book. The next few words came up in his head after a moment of thinking. "Fuck! This is Fuuko's diary!" he mentally yelled at himself.

Tokiya turned around, scanning the room just in case Fuuko had opened her door without him noticing. He sighed after scanning the room for the hundredth time and not seeing any sign of Fuuko.

"MI-CHAN!!! OPEN THIS DOOR!" yelled someone pissed off outside the room. "At least she doesn't know that I found her diary, or I really would've been beaten up to a pulp." He chucked to himself.

"TOKIYA! WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING ABOUT?" The tomboy girl screamed at him though her bedroom door. "Nothing much, but mostly because you sound like a monkey gone wild." the Ensui user retorted while looking back to the page he was starting to read.

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU WHEN YOU COME OUT!" She kicked at her door for the last time before she headed downstairs. "Now that she said that, I just might as well not get out her of room. So I guess I'll just read her diary for the fun of it."

The silver haired bishounen sat on lavender colored bed and started to read from where he stopped.

Today is the 15th of July, and it's burning hot! (A/N I'm not sure what day or month it was when won the UBS, and I'm still not sure if this is placing after SODOM either! Please say what time this should take place in the reviews!!!) I finally got home from Urabutosatsujin! I've been so tired that I'm about to fall asleep while writing this! XD Everyone seems so happy, but I'm not too sure about Mi-Chan though. I know that he feels different now, now that he knows that his faithful master that he had thought that had killed his sister, was his grandfather.

I've seen him stare out in space when no one looks, and he's been a little more quiet that usual. I've asked Yanagi-Chan if she had noticed, but I guess she's been spending so much time with Recca that she doesn't really pay attention.

There's something new that I've been feeling whenever I take small glance at him, I've only felt this way once. That's when I'm with Raiha-kun, but I haven't talked to him in such a while.

I remember that he said that he would visit me after Urabutosatsujin, but I'm thinking that he might not be able to find me. Though he's smart, he does act like a fool at times!

I'm still not sure what this feeling is though, I'm thinking of a few ideas, but there's one that just doesn't leave my mind.

I sadly think that this feeling that I have, is ….HOLY SHIT! My little sis Ganko is walking towards my room! G2g for the moment! I have to get ready for a drink-all-you-want party. And the worst thing, IT'S AT MY HOUSE!

He was speechless, he had no idea that she wrote like this, pouring out her feeling into a book. She wouldn't look like a tomboy if she spoke like this in a crowd. There's something that had caught his eye, she wrote that she had this odd feeling whenever she was near him.

He hadn't even noticed that she was paying attention to him at some moments! Does this mean that she's a stalker? "You really think that she's a stalker? Man, you are dense!" replied the annoying voice that hadn't talked in a while.

"Great, you're back huh?" the cold-blooded boy answered. He closed the book at put it back on the book shelf where he saw another picture, but there were only two people in. This surprised him a bit more when he noticed who they were.

It was him and Fuuko, but they had never taken a picture alone. "I guess she cropped it from some other group pics." He mumbled. He picked up the picture frame and stared at it for a while. Why had she cropped only her and him? Was it that she actually felt something important about him?

"I can't believe that you're still stuck on that idea!" his conscience yelled at him. "You should have already noticed that the girl kinda-…" But his conscience was cut off from the sound to soft footsteps. There was something odd though; the steps weren't in a pattern. It was like a person kept skipping a step, and steps on the next step twice. If that was Fuuko, she was doing a bad job coming up the stairs without him noticing.

"Um…. Mikagami-Senpai?" Asked a voice in a whisper that he had almost not heard her. "Yanagi-Chan?" He asked as he opened the door to Fuuko's bedroom. There was something that had jumped on him the moment he had opened the door. It was now literally beating him up, not leaving a single patch of skin untouched.

"You asshole!" Yelled the thing that just happened to be on top of him. "You went through my stuff and found my diary did you?" The bishounen had now come back to his senses and grabbed both of the flailing arms of the girl who had jumped on him. "Fuuko-Chan! I don't think that you had to jump on Mikagami-Senpai!" Wailed a brunette haired girl.

"Hime!!!" Yelled a loud hyperactive boy from the lower ground, "I need your help to cook this pizza!" The healing girl looked at the two people on the ground, sighed, and then slowly headed down the stairs. The Ensui user looked down to see a purple-headed girl staring directly at him with her bright eyes. They were filled to the brim with hatred, but there was something hidden, he just couldn't tell.

"Kirisawa! Would you just get a grip on yourself?" He asked in annoyed tone, but as usual the Fujjun user did nothing to pay attention to his comment. "You Iceberg! Let go of my arms!" She screamed with much of her might, but still the silver-haired bishounen held his grip. Then something hit him, "How did she know that I had found her diary?" The thought had come up in his head before, but it never occurred to him that she would be able to know.

"The door was closed during the whole entire time, so how had she found out? Is she actually smarter than I am?" Questions were now forming in his head that he couldn't even figure out why. Then his cold sarcastic side came into play. "Wait, you're talking about her? The stupid monkey girl that couldn't even figure out what 1 + 1 is?" it responded back to him. "You really must be losing your mind! I can't believe a guy like you, who sometimes even surpasses the teachers, thinks that idiot like girl is smarter than you?" it retorted.

"But don't you have a certain feeling for that girl?" Asked a voice that he had never head in such a calming tone. "How could I feel anything for her? The only thing I know that I should feel about her is stupidy." He simply answered his conscience, which now seemed to try and change his mind to something different more than "humorous" jokes. "You're the idiot! Just because you've had most of your life only for revenge, you can't seem to think that you can't love someone else!" To hear this coming from his conscience, it shocked him more than you think. He couldn't think of anything to say back, which rarely happens, but new things happen every day.

He closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on what his conscience had told him. "Is it possible that I can love someone else more than my dead sister?" Today was only getting more confusing by the second, and for him, that's pretty bad. Tokiya was so caught up with his thoughts that he had forgotten that the girl he was making retorts of, was still on him.

She was still waiting for a reply to her scream as well, but it seems as though, to her, he had closed his eyes, and he seemed to by trying to clam himself down. "Umm, Mi-Chan?" The tomboy-ish girl asked the silent form still holding her arms. She tried to wriggle her arms from his grasp, and surprisingly, he let go. "Why is he acting so weird today?" Fuuko slowly sat up from her previous position and stared at the boy she was attacking before.

For just a while, she stared at the man below her, just looking at his face, studying everything she could about him. She couldn't tell what this feeling she has whenever she's close to him, but she never had been this close to him! "He just seems so calm all of a sudden, and it seems as though he didn't even hear my scream." She thinks while looking deeply into his face's features. Until now, she hadn't noticed how handsome her best friend was. She never paid attention to his looks, always thinking that he looks like any other boy and that he's perverted. "I just guess that I'm wrong about him." She silently thinking to herself.

Her face was slowly coming closer to his, admiring how just looking at him calms her down. Her hands were on side of his shoulders shaking slightly, but was holding her body steady "So this is a kind of feeling that the other girls won't feel. They just run after him because of his looks, I think that I'm interested of him by his personality. He always tries to be alone though, plus having all of those ice walls around him; it's hard to get near him without being pushed away.

The biggest surprise of her life then happened, Tokiya's eyes opened at looked directly into hers, locked from the feeling of shock, but that just seemed to hide another feeling from showing in his eyes. She hadn't noticed that she was only a few inches away from his face, from being too involved in your head can sometimes get you in trouble, and this time it caught her.

All of a sudden, she felt her neck lowering slowly closer to Tokiya, her heart beating so loudly she thought he could hear it. "What am I doing?" She mentally yells at her body. "I can't seem to control myself! What are going to do if someone finds us like this??? What am I going to do when I kiss him?" But her thoughts are too late; she's too close to him now to pull away. His breathing was somewhat calm, with a few differences in between here and there, but otherwise it seemed like he had this feeling before. Did he have experience or something? I've never done this before and my breathing is erratic! I just can't do this!!!

Just as Fuuko was about to pull away, there was a heavy banging at the front door. Both Tokiya's and Fuuko's eyes followed to where the sound was made. It seems as though someone wanted to destroy the door just to get in. "Recca-Kun, GET THE DOOR!" Yanagi's voice yelled, and yes, she yelled. And that happened to scare the crap out of Fuuko and she toppled onto Tokiya.

"Oh, my, God…"

(Fuuko's Pov)

I'm not sure how I lived; I just remember a few things…

When I had fallen onto Tokiya, I could hear loud, thundering, steps coming towards my bed room. After that it was all like a blur, I remember someone yelling their head off. All of a sudden, it felt like someone had picked me up. I'm not sure why, but I kept my eyes closed, afraid of looking at who was carrying me away from the war site in my room. After that though, I don't remember…

I slowly open my eyes, then shutting them again after seeing that the lights in the room are bright. "Where am I?" I ask out in the open, not caring if someone had answered me. "Fuuko-Chan! You should sleep." I hear a familiar voice tell me. I look around and I see my best friend Yanagi sitting beside me with a worried expression on her face. "Yanagi, what happened? I don't remember much of anything after I-…" I trailed off. "Don't tell her! If you say anything about what had happened between you and Mi-Chan, who knows what she'll ask!" My mind yells at me.

"Fuuko-Chan," Yanagi starts to say, then stares off. "When I had left you with Mikagami-Senpai, not much time had passed and Domon-Kun came here, and he rushed up to your room to say hello to you." She looked back at me, with her eyes looking at me with the coldest feeling I've ever seen. "He had found you with Mikagami-Senpai on the floor…" "Shit… Well, now I don't have to tell her!" "But Fuuko-Chan," I look back at her, surprised that her eyes changed to a warm feeling.

"If you like Mikagami-Senpai, you should tell him!" She exclamed in a joyful happy voice. "Yanagi-Chan," I say while trying to get up. "I don't like him." I try and say in my most convincing tone. "Fuuko-Chan, I know that you have feeling for Raiha-Kun too, but you've got to choose who you love more." She said in the most motherly voice, that I almost confused her as my mother for a second. "I can't! I'm torn in two... and I'm not sure what to do!" I cried. "Now I can act like one of those drama actors, but this time I won't be acting!" I scold myself.

"Well," The brunette had started to say. "First, I think that you should at least say thank you to Mikagami-Senpai!" "Why?" I asked. "Why should I? It's not like he did anything for me! Did he? "Silly, didn't you wonder how you got on the couch in the living room and not still laying on floor in your room?" She giggled happly. "Huh?" I was too tired to notice that I wasn't in my room, and that I was actully in the living room like Yanagi-Chan had stated. "I guess I could say thanks, but where is Mi-Chan?" I mumble as I start to mull over what he might respond after I say my thanks.

"Oh, I forgot!" She stood up and I stare at her with the most confusing look I've ever had. "Mikagami-Senpai said he was going home because lugging you down the stairs with his leg hurting had him tired." "Oi Mi-Chan! I'm going to beat you to a pulp for saying that I was a heavy luggage!" I mentally yell, yet also making a mental note at the same time. "So, what do I do?" I question her, praying that she wasn't going to answer what I feared she would. "Well, Why don't you go over to his house?" She questioned back at me.

"Great... Excatly what I didn't want to hear from her! What do I say? WHAT DO I SAY???" I had actully started to smack myself with my hand, which I had sadly did not noticed until Yanagi grabbed my wrist. "Fuuko-Chan, all you have to do is just walk a few blocks! I'll even go with you!" She pulled me up and started to drag me out the door, and before I knew it, we were walking towards Tokiya's house. "What in the world did I get myself into?" I ask myself in an annoyed voice.

We walked in silence, Yanagi-Chan seemed so pleased with herself of the plan she's made, and I'm surprising scared of what could possibly happen. "It's not like you're going to ask him out or anything! Come on girl, Get your act together!" I try and somehow get tomboy-ish side up. "Here we are!" Yanagi rings the doorbell once. No answer. She rings it again, still no one comes. She rings it again, but not just once, she pushed the doorbell button so hard I thought it'd break.

"Yanagi, let's go. he might be asleep." I mumble as I start to drag her away. "Hmm, I guess not..." She said. "I do wonder where he is though..." I start to think as we start to head back to my house.

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